November 14, 2019
  • 1:52 pm Hong Kong protests: university becomes battleground between protesters, police
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Nabela Qoser: I would like to ask the Chief Executive and the Commissioner of Police. Firstly to Madam Chief Executive. In a civilized society, what happened in Yuen Long last night could be described as a terrorist attack. Previously, when the Legislative Council Complex was “stormed” (on 1st July) you would meet the citizens (Note: should be the press) even at 4 am. Where did you go the entire night last night? The other thing is that as you repeatedly pointed out, violence would trigger more violence Was this a fiasco brought forward by the Government, the Police and the Triads together to fulfill that statement? Mr Commissioner, you have pointed out there was a problem of manpower last night but you have not mentioned the specific arrangement of manpower last night. Where happened to your intelligence work? When there were cases that you have caught in advance and make prior announcements on,
[TL: e.g. alleged bombmaking by pro-indepedence activist, reported by police on the 20th] and even ordinary citizens could already feel something like this could happen last night. has the police intelligence work fallen flat this time? Last night, if you could have described an incident as a riot within a split second where did you really go last night? and I ask that, Commissioner et al., since you lot have disappeared for so long, could you please hold another press conference to let us reporters know more about various things in detail? Thank you. Chief Executive: You may rest assured that… Nabela: There was bloodshed everywhere, did you not see? Carrie: Ok. I’ve answered your question. Nabela:
why do you only know [what happened] by this morning? Could you sleep last night? Can you answer this first? Police Commissioner: Erm… I… Nabela: Sorry, [the Chief Executive] has not yet answered my question. The people have waited for too long. Many could not sleep last night. Would the Chief Executive please finish answering the questions? Chief Executive: Thank you, that will be all. [General uproar] Nabela:
You haven’t answered my second question! I asked you: you kept saying, violence begets more violence– was this arranged by the police and the gangs together? To make your claim into reality? You did not answer. Please answer directly. MC: The police commissioner.
Nabela: Excuse me, the Chief Executive needs to finish answering the question! Can you stop [evading]?

Robin Kshlerin