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During live streams people broadcast a live
transmission of an event over the Internet, normally people do gaming live streams but
others just talk During them you never know what can happen,
Maybe someone sets the house on fire, maybe someone gets swatted, Welcome to 5 craziest
occurrences during live streams Cat Scratches Girls Eye
This occurred on september 5th 2014, While streaming on twitch, Gamer sarakate
was playing Call Of Duty Black Ops II when her cat by the name of olive almost blinded
her. SaraKate is a 21 year old women who streams
on live streaming platform twitch. While waiting in a game lobby she decided
to comfort her cat who was sitting behind her head, on top of her chair.
This is when the cat swatted at her and cut her eye open, from the clip you can tell that
it must of been very painful. Blood is then visible in which is dripping
down her cheek from her eye. She made a full recovery a continues to stream
today. The original stream can be found in the description below. House fire
This happened in october 2015, A man from japan was streaming himself playing
minecraft, During it he seems to be attempting to fill
a lighter with fluid, while his hand were drenched in lighter fluid
he decided to play with a box of matches, he then ends up setting the entire box on
fire. clearly panicking he drops the box and throws
the match into a plastic bag full of paper and garbage,
He tries to put the blaze out with water but fails, he then moves the plastic bag to the corner of his room and in contact with more flammable objects.
by the end the room is filled with smoke and you can only see the glow of the fire.
Luckily the man escape and him and his family are fine UK Swat
A Gamer by the name of gross gore from the UK likes to stream himself on twitch as he
plays PC game League Of Legends, During a stream in august of 2015 he accidentally
revealed his address on camera, over the next few days people sent
cabs to his house and also sent fast food delivery services.
One person went too far and sent the police to his house.
During the stream he hears a knock on his door but initially decides not to answer,
hearing the knocks get louder he goes and checks it out.
He then finds out that its the police and lets them in, they ask him the basic questions
then tell him that they were sent out because somebody had phoned in claiming that he had killed his entire family inside his house. The streamer then assures them that he didn’t,
the police have a quick look around to make sure.
the police then ask him what he is doing and he explains the whole situation,
Luckily this wasn’t as bad as an american swat as they are allowed to run in with guns.
Swatting is quite a common thing with twitch players and has happened to several, hackers
are mainly the cause of it but sometimes its by an accidental address leak. Girl is Robbed at gunpoint
Nikki is a twitch player who likes to stream games such as dota 2 and counterstrike.
in june of 2014 during a live stream she was robbed at gunpoint when intruders broke into
her home. During the stream she hears loud bangs and
if baffled to what’s causing them. she then takes her headphones off to investigate this
is when you hear them break in the robbers start shouting at her for her to get on the floor, they then make their way around the house and look for items.
The victims friend called the police and sent them to her home, the police managed to catch
one of the suspects but the second escaped, after a short
man hunt he was detained. Nikki posted on facebook after the attack
thanking everyone for the support she said she is fine but it was a very scary situation. USA Swat
Kootra of the creature hub is an popular gamer who streams on twitch. In august of 2014 while streaming from his office an entire swat team showed up and raided the
place. In the video you can see that he can hear
a commotion occurring throughout the building, he then claims that he thinks the office
is being swatted, he was right. Officers storm in with their guns raised and
tell him to raise his hands and get on the ground, they then handcuff him and place him
in his chair.
He said he knew it was someone playing a prank but it was still a scary experience he said
he was terrified and really didn’t know what was going
through his head. It turns out someone had phoned the police
and claimed that the streamer had killed two of his co-workers and were holding more at
gun point. He thanked everyone on twitter for the support given after the event. thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed
the video then be sure to give it a big thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe to keep
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Robin Kshlerin