November 13, 2019
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No no no Listen to me Tell Rajeev Masand that if he gives another bad review I’ll enter his home, deep fry his pubic hair and make him eat it Tell me? Three bags full Then why don’t we have even one good promotion idea? “Gilli Gilli Akka” is releasing in 2 weeks and here, the marketing team is drinking tea What were y’all doing all these days? Has anybody seen Bang Bang? Nope No? But everybody knows about the Bang Bang Challenge? Yes Nope But everybody remembers Beat Pe Booty Challenge? Y’all must have seen Als at least? Yeah We’ll ask Arjun to dance and he’ll tag Shraddha and Alia to make it look like Bollywood is full of bffs What is this? Sir, Arjun isn’t free Alia’s dates are booked too Her movie is coming out? Sir, she’s doing Sonam’s challenge Sir, she’s doing Farhan’s challenge Sir, he’s doing Sonakshi’s challenge Let’s do one thing Just get Fawad Khan He definitely went to JNU Call Akshay He’s busy, sir Climbing Mt. Everest to open a bottle with polar bear’s ass He doesn’t have a gym outside his house? Sir, Ranveer is in prison Prison? Yeah, at 2AM he was shouting in front of an orphange “I have a mother, what do you have?” What challenge was this? Not a challenge Then why? Just because Ranveer… What we need is a hit song Sir, if you add an urban slang in Hindi sentences the song turns out to be a hit Like Baby ko Bass Yeah and Tell me more Ghazal’s G-spot Twerk of the words Amazing I just asked for a good song And I got 15 FIRs and this I am your Spock And you are my Kirk Baby come let’s do A twerk of the words Please let’s do something else Let’s get a hot heroine to do something feminist Sir, but these female actresses don’t want to be associated with feminism The moment you mention feminism Sir, you know what sells more than actresses? Actresses with penis Basically hero But we’ll add a challenge to this I remember in the west there was this “Free the nipple” movement Show your boobs Hastag, so everybody will do it Horrible idea F***** idea Have received 6 death threats since morning Sir, I don’t want to die I am still young Why do we do this job? Because who else will hire without a college degree? Wrong We do this job

Robin Kshlerin