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Algodones Dentists | Call for a phone quote 619-818-1303

okay so you need Algodones Dentists maybe it’s a root canal a bridge or
crown you know what’s going to hurt your wallet in the u_s_ root canals can cost
somewhere between eight and fifteen hundred dollars then if you need a root
canal you just can’t put it off can be very dangerous to your help you also need to have the cost of a
crown which in most cases is an additional eight to twelve hundred
dollars typical cost without insurance is about
two thousand her too now this cost can be reduced with
insurance by thirty sixty percent but it still means out-of-pocket expense of
eight to fourteen hundred dollars well if you need an implant very expensive basic implants ron twelve fifty to three
thousand dollars each but that costs can escalate up to
fifteen thousand dollars depending on location complexity and the need for
bone or gum restoration work don’t worry we have the answer without robbing a
bank let me tell you a quick story with a patient needing a complete mouth
restoration he got two quotes from dennis in his
hometown one for forty four thousand one for fifty one thousand we completely restored twenty seventy
with bridges crowns and included two root canals since he had plenty of people at the
anchor the bridges there were no implants necessary his total costat Algodones Dentists less than fifty two hundred dollars about four months later his friend needed similar work and got a
quote from an implant specialist who spoke for a full mouth restoration and fix the implants was a hundred and
five thousand dollars it turned out this gentleman only needed three
implants and his total restoration cost was less than seven thousand dollars you can see before after pictures of
both of these gentleman on our website let me tell you a little bit about our
dental practice we’re located just across the mexican
border from yuma arizona in los alga donors well sell good notices a small dental
optical and pharmaceutical business district located right across the u_s_ border although there are a few small shops in
a couple restaurants is purely a business area and it’s completely safe the head of dentistry prayer clinic as
dr gabriella bus stops she specializes emily has advanced
training in cosmetic restaurant an implant dentistry never been delayed it’s located between san diego in
phoenix on u_s_ highway eight it hasn’t been easy access with an
international airport hewlett it’s fun it has some of the best
weather in the country during the winter there’s great historical sightseeing golf several casinos it you’ll need extensive dental work you can save thousands if not tens of
thousands of dollars by coming to our clinic were open seven days a week for your
convenience and we assist our patients with travel accommodations and local
knowledge to make your stay and treatment as pleasant as possible we want our patients to be the after
photo because there’s smiles are the first
things that people see it’s not necessary to bankrupt your
retirement to have a nice smile let us know for more information operation quote or
to schedule an appointment call us today or visit our website Algodones Dentists dot com for testimonials and credentials of
doctor bus stops

Robin Kshlerin