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Amazing Miracle in the Quran Surah النَّحْلِ An-Nah Bees, Honey l EP05

today is the age of science and
technology so let us analyze with the glorious quran is compatible or
incompatible with modern science how much you have America about the bees should I go there
look you see this is what we need to understand is that the Quran is not a
book of science it’s a book of signs differences insulating the hell chap
number 16 verse number 16 in 69 let us investigate chapter 16 of the quran
surat and nile which is the chapter of bees now there are three types of bees
you have of course the Queen which is a female the second type are the drones
who are male and their only job is to impregnate the Queen and the third type
are the worker bees who are all females they collect the nectar and pollen and
take care of the hive previously we thought it was the male bee which was
the worker bee today we have come to know that it is not the male bee it is
the female bee which is the worker bee and the gender used in the Quran in
surah al chapter number 16 verse number 60 and 69 is first rookie and coolie
meaning a female bee meaning a female bee meaning a female bee you’re Arab
speaker I want you to read it now take it out and go up in the chronic gateway
I want you to read it and see how they would look at this word itself so a very
simple website is called corpus Quran you know people can go to it and hear in
that particular passage which is 1668 the word is the bee and Nile in Arabic
here’s what he said it’s a noun obviously we know that genitive
masculine noun the Koran chapter 16 and Nile or an ally is a plural genitive
masculine noun so according to the Quran all these are male drones but wait a
second what about the queen and the worker bees who are both female the
Quran or let’s say the writer of the Quran has no idea so here we found a
huge mistake and the gender used in the Quran in
surah al chapter number 16 verse number 16 69 is first looking and coolly
meaning a female bee meaning a female bee let us see how many stupid mistake
here in this false miracle let us write down for the word eat coolly is for
females cool is for male the Quran use the world coolly for females okay we get
this one continue for the word flow a path this Lukie it’s for female us look
for a male the quran use is looking for females okay we got it for the word it
is beliefs butoon aha it is for females between him is for males the quran use
the word butoon AHA for females okay how could an illiterate man who
live 1,400 years ago have known that those honey makes beasts of are from
females meaning a female be amazed in the stupidity Abdul for whoever donkey
is listening in Arabic we have only one word for bees which is a female world
you get your donkey meaning a female bee most of the insect in Arabic they come
as a female regardless of their gender you idiot who
the Muslim and tell me what is the name of the bees other than the word Nally
anyone meaning a female bee you see how they lie to you
they say he’s speaking about females this is a word use it’s a generic word
for all bees regardless if it is male or female the word itself is a female but
it’s not about the gender the same as the end when we speak about one
individual and we say NAMBLA when we speak about one individual bees we say
gnarley’ it doesn’t matter what it is meaning a female bee stupid liars to
show you mistake number two if we go to the Quran we can read the following the
Quran says is from the hell chap number 16 was from 69 from the belly of the
beef we give you a drink of varying colors in which there is healing for
humankind URI Zhu min petunia sha’ban translation then comes their fourth out
of their bellies a drink to understand what this drink is we can go to the
tafseer of a bank a–there for the same chapter is 68 69 we can read what this
drink is there comes forth from their bellies a drink of varying colors
wherein is healing for men so this drink is for men meaning honey to prove it
even more for you we can go to a second deaf seer or commentary of al-jalal aim
for the same chapter same ayah is 69 there comes forth from their bellies a
drink namely honey as you see the Quran each up to 69 69 claims that honey comes
from the bellies of beings from the belly of the beef we give you a drink of
varying colours we know that beings collect
and pollen to produce the final product which is honey here’s why we have a
second mistake because the 1 million dollar question is is honey made in the
belly of bees or does honey come forth from the bellies of bees let us
investigate that how do these make honey no idea to make honey the word girl
honey bee sucks nectar from flowers and stores it in its honey stomach once the
worker bee returns to the hive it vomits the nectar into a processor honey bees
mouth Oh in the processor bees mouth and stomach an enzyme called invertase is
added to the nectar invertase break some nectar into simple sugars like glucose
and fructose huh then it vomits the partially converted nectar into another
processor bees mouth who also adds more invertase helping break down more nectar
this process goes on until most of the nectar is converted into simple sugars
then the mixture of simple sugars is stored in the honeycomb at this point
the mixture is still watery hence the bees flapped their wings which
evaporates water and thickens the mixture to eventually form honey return
to the hive the forager beat will vomit the nectar into the mouth of another
worker and that be able vomited into another bees mouth and so on this game
of regurgitation telephone is an important part of the honey making
process since each bee adds more digestive enzymes to turn long chains of
complex sugars in the raw nectar into simple monosaccharides like fructose and
glucose now at this point the nectar is still pretty watery so the bees beat
their wings and create an air current inside the hive to evaporate and thicken
the nectar finally capping the cell would be Zwack so the enzyme rich bee
barf can complete its transformation into
yet the Quran claims that honey comes forth or comes out of the bellies of
bees in chapter 16 is 69 as you saw so the final conclusion is Quran for the
second time is false and we can conclude that Muhammad is a false prophet
now just one mistake in the Quran destroys entire Islam and proves that
Muhammad is a false prophet I became so curious because I like honey and the
reason I like honey because Muhammad he has 13 wives
none of them his she said to him honey look like he was not honey at all making me know that were for one got to
know him better when you entered the plot plot plot plot plot plot thanks to
his idea oh my honey bunny I’m your pumpkin Pia
I wanna bring greedy

Robin Kshlerin



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