November 22, 2019
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Yes Today I prefer to speak Italian first of all Because I want to send a message to my players I want my message to be VERY clear. I don’t want to make mistake with my English I have to say that I’m extremely angry, very angry indeed because this defeat was due to our mentality more than anything else, our mental approach because we played against a team which mentally, was far more determined than we were and this is something which I cannot except we had a similar issue in the league game at Tottenham We spoke a great deal about that particular loss and our approach at the time. I spoke to the players and I thought we managed to overcome this issue. but it seems to me that we have this issue. Having a sufficient amount of indetermination, being mentally solid, without determination. So I’m not happy, I’m not happy at all, because I prefer to come into training Into the press room and indeed in the changing room Speak to the players, speak to you now as well and talk about the tactics. And why we perhaps lost from a tactical or a strategic point of view. But the fact of the matter is that What appears to be is that this group of players are extremely difficult to motivate. Are you saying that this is completely the fault of the players? Well, I think that when you see this kind of game, in which one team is by obviously more determined than the other. We can’t rally talk about tactics, I think from a technical point of view, both teams were pretty much on the same level I would say. But as I said, they were determined than us and our tactics Don’t even come into it. It seemed to me that, their higher level of determination was pretty obvious Throughout the game, I would say particularly in both penalty areas, if you just think about their determination How clinical they were when they scored their goal and yet we in defence, perhaps we stood up a lot, we weren’t as determined we weren’t strong enough in defence, particularly the first goal that we conceded. We could have lost that game anyway, but we could have lost it for tactical reasons and technical reasons, but I think we lost it because of our determination But yeah of course, I couldn’t possibly say, I’m not responsible as well. In part for at least, the mental approach, and you know I think that’s something we have to share. Maurizio, you said that this group of players, is extremely difficult to motivate, why is that? Well, it’s a difficult question to answer I think. It seems to be that as a group of players, they are not particularly aggressive from a mental point of view. They don’t have that kind of ferocity in their mentality. And that’s the type thing I think to the type of players they are, their characteristics. And it’s something which is difficult to change, because you have try to influence their mentality and it’s something which could take, quite a long time by the same token, it could change by a new player coming in, or perhaps one of the old heads in the team, assuming responsibility and driving the rest of the team forward. Certainly it’s difficult to give a clear cut answer to that kind of question. Well, I don’t think a player, playing at this level can afford to be afraid of facing up to their own responsibilities. I mean to talk to the coach as well, about mistakes which have been made or issues which might arise. I think if any player was afraid of that, then they wouldn’t be playing at this level in the first place. I think the best thing that can happen is that the players and I talk very openly. You know we have to talk openly about what’s happening. I’m the person who is responsible for the team of course. So that means that we need to discuss the matters, we need to talk about issues And it’s important for me that my players have the attitude that I’m asking them to have and if they can’t have that attitude, they really shouldn’t be playing at this level. Yeah absolutely, I’m very well aware of the fact that is is going to be a team that’s going to be known for its battling and fighting qualities, because from a technical point of view, those aren’t the characteristics that we have. But what we need to become is a team that is capable of adapting. So a team, that perhaps surf for a 10-15 minutes, join the game But then play our own football, and today we didn’t play our own football. And I think that we didn’t play our own football in the sense that, for example our defending ended up with us running backwards, rather than going and pressing higher up the pitch, We’re a team that should be playing one or two touches, instead, we’re playing at some stage with 7, 8 touches. This isn’t something that we want to happen, this is something that we don’t want to happen. We want to be able to play our own football and this is something that we are going to have to try to change.

Robin Kshlerin