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BEST OF THE SUPER Jr. 25 : Press Conference (May 17)

Thank you all for taking the time
to be here with us today. And thank to those watching the online stream. This is press conference for the BEST
OF SUPER Jr. 25 presented by Fire Pro Wrestling. I, Shigeki Kiyono, will be your host today. The month of May is dedicated to the
Juniors of pro-wrestling. The annual SUPER Jr. tournament begins in 2 days,
celebrating its 25th anniversary. This press conference is an opportunity
for the wrestlers to express their thoughts. Before we bring out the wrestlers,
let me share a few things… First… All of the tournament matches will be available
on NEW JAPAN WORLD. So, we hope you won’t miss any. And second… One of the wrestlers, Marty Scurll, most likely
won’t make it today, due to a flight delay. Sorry to disappoint any of you. He will be wrestling tomorrow, as scheduled. And now we can move on. We are ready to begin.
We will bring all the wrestlers out here. First, making his 3rd appearance,
the 2016 winner… The IWGP Heavyweight Champion,
the Aerial Assassin, Will Ospreay. Next, in his 17th appearance… The 2004 and 2005 winner… The 4th generation, Tiger Mask. In his second straight year,
the Midnight Cannonball, ACH. Next, making his tournament debut… ALL IN, Flip Gordon. Feel free to applaud the wrestlers as they enter. Next, in his second straight year… The IWGP Junior Tag Champion,
The Heel Master, Kanemaru Yoshinobu. Next… Its’ been three years,
this will be his second appearance… The High and Mighty, YOH. Next. Three years straight, sixth time overall,
the Jet Black Death Mask, BUSHI. Next, it’s been 8 years, his second appearance… Bone Soldier, Ishimori Taiji. Next… In his 9th straight year… The 2015 and 2017 winner… The Time Splitter, KUSHIDA. 13 years straight, 15 times total… The 2012 winner… The Funky Weapon. Taguchi Ryusuke. Next, in his first ever appearance… Hail Sabin, Chris Sabin. In his second appearance in 2 years… The Runaway Muscle Car, Dragon Lee. In his second straight year, three times total… The Rogue Luchador, El Desperado. Next…
His first time ever, High Voltage, SHO. And finally… in his second straight year,
four times total… The Time Bomb, Takahashi Hiromu. That is everyone, except Marty Scurll. We will have opening remarks on
the BEST OF SUPER Jr. Starting with A Block. Will Ospreay, please step to the podium. Marty Scurll has just arrived.
He came straight from the airport. Now we will move on.
Tiger Mask, please. I have no idea what is going on. Before coming up here I was thinking… First, I want to mention that this will be
my 17th straight year… I want to show my gratitude for being able
to compete, I know how fortunate I am. About the competitors… Every year we get the
best wrestlers from all over the world. I will give 100%, to whoever I face. I don’t want rely on my past glory. I will take
each match seriously, I want to win this. Thank you. ACH, please. Maybe his super pose will become a
big hit during the SUPER Jr. tournament. For the first time, Gordon, please. Thank you. Kanemaru, please. I keep hearing people talk about who’s going
to be in the final or who they want to see… But I’ll be the one to dash their hopes. Everyone here is talking a lot…
‘I’m going to win’… whatever… But I’ll catch you guys off guard.
So, keep your eyes open. Thank you. YOH, please. I’m YOH from Roppongi3k This will be my first SUPER Jr.
since I became YOH. I’m only looking for one thing… And I’m already seeing what’s ahead… These SUPER Jr.’s competitors are all
intense, fierce, and a bit odd. There are guys with cool masks, super flippy
guys, guys who spit green mist or whiskey… And here stands the one who
looks like a new school teacher. We’re all over the place,
and that’s what makes this special. I’m going to enjoy this, and I’m going to shine. The winds are at my back. Thank you. BUSHI, please. Throughout this tournament,
all the main events will be Junior matches… And from this press conference today,
I’m convinced that the Juniors are surging now. There’s someone I want to face in the final. I want to face him on the big stage. And there’s the champion, in my block. I’m excited for this year’s SUPER Jr. EN SERIO.
MA-JI-DE. Thank you. Ishimori, please. I came to New Japan to conquer Junior division. I will smash everything. I will get to the top and be the one to
evolve the Junior division. I’m the one who’s laughing in the end. Bone Soldier, Taiji Ishimori. It’s reborn. Thank you. Now we move onto B Block.
KUSHIDA, please. I’m relieved that Ospreay and I are not
wearing the same color suit, this time. I’m glad that the Juniors will be main eventing
this year, not lower on the card. We have a lot of different competitors from
last year, winning again will be worth it. I will win, two years straight. I want people to say this was
the best one from all 25 years. And I’ll be the one who makes that happen. Thank you. Taguchi, please. Well… I’ve reached the 16th year of my career… And this will be my 15th time in the SUPER Jr… And I’m one of the oldest among the competitors… I have to keep up in these
high-speed Junior matches… So, I decided to drop, from 92kg to 87kg. I started trimming down on March 8th… And I easily got to 88kg after the first 10 days. I was hoping to lose one more kilo,
but there was always the risk of rebounding… Today I weigh 93kg… I rebounded… Excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself,
I’m the king of rebounds, Taguchi Ryusuke. Once again, I’m the king of rebounds
who used to be the Funky Weapon. I still have two days left until my first match,
so I hope I can drop more weight by then. I guess I’ve already fallen behind. But I’ll try hard, anyway. That’s life, it doesn’t go as you plan. Life is full of surprises, huh? Thank you. Please call Taguchi, the rebound king,
from now on. Sabin, please. Thank you. Dragon Lee, please. Hello, to everyone. First I want to thank New Japan
for inviting me to this tournament again. I didn’t come here to talk or yell,
or to make a big show, like Marty Scurll… I always prove myself in the ring. I have great friends here… KUSHIDA… Taguchi… But in the ring, that doesn’t matter. Today, I’m glad to see Hiromu’s face…
That rat face of his… I’ll smash it, you’ll see. There’s a lot of great talent here,
but there can only be one winner… SUPER Jr 25 belongs to Dragon Lee. Thank you. Desperado, please. While there are a lot of good competitors,
B Block is especially tough. That makes me excited for it. I humiliated KUSHIDA, last year. I was the one that made Taguchi finally lose it. I’m not going to tell you everything I’m
going to do, you’ll just have to watch. This isn’t about Suzuki-gun or whoever else… This is an opportunity for
El Desperado to take the next step. And let me tell you one thing…
I’m heavier than you are now. Thank you. SHO, please. I’m SHO, from Roppongi3k. I’m super happy to make my SUPER Jr. debut. I keep saying this but… I’m not here just to turn a few heads,
as a singles competitor… I’m looking to win this.
Winning is the only reason to do this. I’ll make every chance count. I want to make this SUPER Jr. super electrified
with these other electrifying competitors. Thank you. Takahashi Hiromu, please. First, I want to say thank you to those who
voted for me in the mobile LINE vote, I won first. And to Tanahashi,
thank you for choosing me as your pick. I hope we can have a one on one match sometime. But that’s not important right now,
so I will put that aside. I know that many are looking forward
to seeing me vs El Desperado. Hooray! Just as I expected, he never reveals what
he feels, but I hope he’s actually happy inside. I will put that aside. Everyone,
I want to ask if you guys still remember… The ‘D’ move I was using last year… I introduced Daryl who was ripped to
shreds by that demon, Bad Luck Fale. Everyone…. Hey! Go for it, Hiromu! Go! There! Go! Hey, referee, don’t miss that.
Get him off. Hiromu, are you okay? Calm down. You are okay. Go! Referee… Okay… 1…2… Damn! Wasn’t it a three count?
Referee, were you really watching? Hiromu, what’s that move? What is that?
Hey! Hey… Hooray!! That’s how I invented the ‘D’ move. But I will put that aside, too. What I’m saying is…
I’ll make it simple… I’m going to win. I’m gonna do it. I will absolutely be victorious. I’m convinced. That’s my honest feeling. Let me say, very clearly… I will win. That’s all. Thank you. Marty Scurll please. Thank you. That was all of the competitors. Now we move on to questions. Please raise your hand if you have one
and state where you’re from. Go ahead. Go ahead. One more? Go ahead. Any more? Go ahead. Question for Tiger Mask. Since Liger’s absence, you are the veteran.
Your thoughts on that, as a masked man. About Liger not being here,
I’m not really bothered. Earlier Taguchi mentioned that he’s the third
oldest, but I don’t know who’s the oldest here. A masked wrestler never reveals his age.
So, I don’t know who he’s talking, the oldest… About Liger’s absence this year… I guess I used to feel some comfort,
having Liger in the tournament… But it’s not like he’s my dad, or anything…
So, it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. I don’t think it’s really my place to say
anything about these competitors. All the greatest wrestlers from around
the world are here. Anyway, I just hope to this will elevate the
Junior division. Not too concerned without Liger. Thank you. Any more? One more? Go ahead. Question for KUSHIDA, who said he’s looking
for his second straight win… Can you tell us who are you
targeting in the B Block? Who am I targeting?
Well, none of them will be easy, first of all. I want to fight each of them
as if it’s a final match. But the one I’m mostly looking forward to is SHO. Thank you. Anymore? Okay, that’s it for questions. Now we move on to the photo op.
This marks the end of the internet stream. Thank you for watching.

Robin Kshlerin



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