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Best Voice Changer App During Call For Android And iPhone

hello everyone welcome to tweak
Library. my name is mridula and I am going to tell you the best voice changer
apps during call for Android and iPhone fun phone call. fun call can be used for
both Android and iPhone with this voice changer app during the call you can
prank your friends. call anonymously with this app for free minutes and a random
number will be displayed on the receivers end. you can choose from
multiple options with added background noises such as crying baby and laughter. call voice changer intcall. This is available for iPhone. change your voice with the various options given in the app itself. change it to a men, women
helium or scary background sounds of animals and other
noises add to the effect. MagicCall available for both Android and iPhone.
This app gives you options to change voice on a call to a baby, male, female or
cartoon. The voice changer up during call lets you add background sounds like
traffic, concert, cream to create effects magic call requires you to add your
phone number to register on app. Voicy Phone With voice e phone you can make
calls to a US, UK or canada phone number now select an effect to add to the voice
during the phone call. You can make a call to any number in these three
countries then select a voice changer option from turtle, chipmunk, mobster, helium and more so which one did you like the most you can find the links for
all these apps in the link below. Hope you liked the video don’t forget to tell
us about the experience with these apps in the comment section also to subscribe
to our channel and press the bell icon to be notified for the new videos

Robin Kshlerin



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    I like magic call but it did not work to my country

  3. usama Abdullah Khan Posted on September 19, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Mam. Every app is paid.
    Can you please tell how to make a unlimited free call

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    nice…plz develop an app which can change voices like male to female or femle to male

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