April 8, 2020
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Beware Phone Scams

Beware! Telephone scams. We have
experienced an increase in phone scams. These scams include the IRS calling
about past due taxes, a local police agency with an outstanding warrant,
someone claiming to be your friend, or a report of a loved one in a Mexican jail,
you won the lottery, or similar types of calls. These people will use fake names
fake businesses and they will even alter the caller ID to make it look like they
are calling from the business they are claiming to be with. These types of calls
are scams. Victims are told that they owe money, and they usually request a
payment be made with iTunes cards, prepaid debit cards, or some other
similar form of payment. If the victim begins to question the scenario, they
will oftentimes become hostile and insulting while threatening the victim
with arrest or deportation. Do not provide any unsolicited
information including your name, date of birth, address, social security number,
credit card number. These callers will ask vague questions in an attempt to
obtain this information. Do not agree to pay for anything. Any legitimate police
agency, company, or organization will not receive payment through any type of
prepaid cards such as iTunes cards, Green Dot or vanilla prepaid cards. Legitimate police agencies, the IRS, lottery departments, or the like will not call you directly and demand immediate payment over the phone. Typically these types of situations will be handled through the mail or in person
as payments cannot be legitimately over the phone. Know that prepaidcards are not an acceptable form of payment for any type of government transaction. If in doubt hang up and do not answer if they call back. Make sure to conduct your own research before sending any money to anyone that you do not know. If you believe you have been a victim of this type of crime, call your local police agency to report the incident.

Robin Kshlerin