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Bose SoundLink Color II – Using the Speakerphone

The SoundLink Color
Bluetooth speaker II was engineered to deliver bold
sound wherever life takes you, and the Built-in
microphone allows for taking calls and
accessing your phone’s voice assistant, such as Siri or
Google Now, from your speaker. In this video, we’re
going to take a look at; How to answer a call,
How to place a call, and how the call
and media is routed. Let’s start by walking through
how to answer an incoming call. With your SoundLink Color II
paired with your smart phone, an incoming call will
automatically pause your media and announce the call. To answer, simply press
the multifunction button. If you want to
reject the call, you will press and also HOLD down
the multifunction button. While on the call, if you want
to switch to your smartphone, press and hold the
multifunction button. Or to end the call, just quickly
press the multifunction button. Want to place a call
from your speaker? Just press and also hold
the multifunction button and your smartphone’s
voice control will be activated
right from the speaker. Then just speak in to your
speaker just as you would your smartphone. If you need to mute
the call, you’ll press and hold the plus and
minus buttons simultaneously. And then to unmute, just
press and hold them again. To switch to another
call coming in, press the multifunction
button, then press it twice to
switch between calls. We’re also going to go
over how a call and media audio is routed. Since two devices can be
connected to the speaker at once, you can have media
audio playing on one device, and an incoming call on
the second device…in this scenario, media audio will
pause and a voice prompt will announce the caller. If you answer the
call on the speaker, call audio will come through. And then when the call ends,
the media audio should resume. If the call is rejected, media
audio will resume immediately. Now, if you initiate or
answer the call on your phone, the audio will come through
your phone and not the speaker. That’s it! For more help and information,
please visit our website.

Robin Kshlerin