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BT Decor 2100 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to the Telephones online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is Darren and today we are going to be having a look at the BT Decor 2100 Now this is a nice simple corded telephone for the home with a very nice design. The handset has a really nice snug fit against the ear. Which is great for having a good old chin wag!! The other features on here are that it is hearing aid compatible thanks to the built in inductive coupler. You will notice on the Decor 2100 that you have 3 buttons along the top here, which are your one touch quick dial buttons to your 3 most frequent numbers called. If i take off the handset you have a quick dial list and a quick dial button. So by storing in the numbers in locations 0-9 you can then just simply press the relevant number to dial directly. These will be two touch,for example push quick dial then the number and you can then direct dial the number stored. So that is very useful and you can make a written note of each name on the base here. It is a great little corded telephone and has other features such as a redial button mute button so if your on a call and you did not want the person that you are speaking to to hear what you are saying then just simply push the mute button. The other thing that i like is that the buttons are quite big,which stops you from making accidental button presses. The LED for the mute button there, and there is also one in the top corner to alert you that you have an incoming call. You can also adjust the ringer volume here from off,low or high. It is good having a corded phone in the house because that in the event of a power cut(this unit uses no power) you will still be able to use this to make and receive calls. In summary this is a great telephone,well designed and easy to use , available from www.telephonesonline.co.uk thanks for watching goodbye.

Robin Kshlerin