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BTS ‘Beautiful'(美친) Press Conference Part 3 [SUB : ENG]

Hello! Hello~ I have 2 questions for Jungkook. Before attending the Billboard Music Awards, you said during an interview that the next mixtape will be yours. Are you working on any songs right now? I’d appreciate it if you could tell the fans when it will be revealed. Secondly, Billboard picked the best moments of the awards, and one of them was your abs. Do you know about this, and how do you feel about it? Jungkook: I said that the next mixtape would be mine because after J-Hope’s mixtape came out, I spoke with the producer. He told me that I should be the next runner, so I’m preparing a lot for it. I can’t give you a definite date here and now, but I will do my best to bring a good output. About the best moment and the abs… I know about it. I got to know. J-Hope: It was too hot. I was surprised. Jungkook: I thought I might need to make more defined abs during this promotion. Host: You’ll let the fans know soon. yes Suga: All members are diligently working on their mixtapes. When there’s a chance, I think they will release it regardless of the order. Jungkook: I will do my best. Host: Next question, please. Reporter: I have 2 questions. Since the last album ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her” had great results, the members must have felt pressured while working on the new album. What was your greatest worry while working on the new album, and how did you cope with the pressure to appeal to the public while not taking away the musicality of the album at the same time? Next question is, the album was released on May 18 in Korea. It’s 5.18 (The May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement). I’m asking because Suga previously released a track related to 5.18. Was there a special reason for releasing the album on May 18? Suga: With ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her”, we received more love than we had expected, and we’re thankful for that. As we were working on this album, we did think about the way to not lose the popular appeal while not deviating from our musical direction. We focused on how to improve from the last album. We tried to show a different and better style, and I think as a result, many people are loving our album. About the album being released on May 18, there was no particular reason. The company planned the schedule, and it just happened to be that day. RM: Thankfully, a lot of people listen to BTS’s songs and pay attention to us. There are so many different tastes. There’s always a dilemma about how to meet the taste of so many people and keeping our original identity at the same time. We’re working on our next album right now, and that dilemma always exists. It’s been a week since the new album was released.
Compared to the last album, the tracks in the new album are more connected. In the record industry, physical albums In the record industry, physical albums don’t sell well. We focused on making the gears mesh smoothly under the concept ‘LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear” when you listen to all 11 tracks from the INTRO to OUTRO. I dare to say that we achieved that goal including the title track and the performance. Host: Next question, please. Reporter: I have 2 questions. First, when I listened to the tracks in the album, I saw differences in your vocal and rap styles. It’s attractive enough to just do well once you’re into your 6th year, but it looks like you have the desire to show a change. I’d like to hear your opinion on that. Secondly, since debut, BTS’s members have participated in their music. Is there any change in your attitude or method of work between then and now? Suga: We tried to show a different style in both singing and rapping in this album. As you said, even though we could just do what we do well and create something similar to the existing albums, I think there’s competition among us. When a member is better at something, we think, “Oh, I should try harder”, or “Oh, he came up with a new style? Then I should do something new, too.” So there’s this invisible competition among us that motivates us to make better music, which resulted in diverse styles being shown in the album. I’m sorry, but could you repeat the second question? RM: I’ll answer the question. When we debuted, and before we debuted as well, we started out with music, so we had the common desire that we want to work on a lot of music and show them. It was a simple goal: Do well, do a lot, and show them to a lot of people. Whereas back then, the picture was lacking in detail, now, thanks to the generous love, we were able to broaden our perspective in a bigger market and receive more feedback. To speak in more detail, back then we focused on one bar, one line in the lyrics. Next, we focused on one verse. Next, on one song. Then on one album. Then we focused on the overall narrative of the album and the connection. We learned that thanks to BIG HIT Entertainment and the people who supported us. Rather than thinking, “I want to rap well or I want to sing well,” we each have our own goal in detail, such as “I want to sing this way” or “I want to make this kind of music.” I think we’re a lucky team. Jimin: First, thank you for mentioning our desire to do well. We always talk about how we want to give comfort and consolation, but there had We always talk about how we want to give comfort and consolation, but there had been hardships in expressing that. We’ve had good feedback regarding that for this album, so I’m glad. We’ll continue to do our best in the future. Host: Everyone has a goal and are working towards it. It seems that you’re always dreaming of a change. Next question, please. Reporter: At the Billboard Music Awards, Kelly Clarkson introduced you as the “biggest boy band in the world.” How did you feel about that? Kelly Clarkson introduced you as a global boy band, not a K-pop band. There must be a reason for that. Could you pick out some critical reasons that made you a world-famous group? Jin: When someone we look up to said that we’re the biggest boy band, we wondered if we deserve such praise. Regarding the reason for becoming a world-famous boy band, I think thanks to the fans who always love and support us, many people get to learn about us and listen to our music. It could be that our music is nice or that we try hard on stage, but I personally think that we were able to hear the phrase that we’re the biggest boy band thanks to the support from the fans. I’d like to thank the fans once again. RM: That’s right. Wherever we go for interviews, the first question is about the ARMYs or fans. The background for receiving such big love, there could be many analysis on this but, we’re a team that began with the music that we wanted to do, and we acknowledge the fact that we’re a performance-oriented group We stick to the essence. We create albums, music, and performance of the highest quality to the best of our ability. We try to communicate with as many people through social media as idols and celebrities. And facing the 2018 age of new media, I think a big part is owed to the fact that Korean is translated to other languages and is transmitted through YouTube and others easily. Host: The communication with the fans is a strength in addition to the skills. Next question, please. Reporter: I enjoyed your comeback performance at the Billboard Music Awards. While you were performing ‘FAKE LOVE’, you changed the lyrics saying “I” and “you”. It must have been a consideration for the global fans. Please tell us in detail. Also, you gave up going to the after-party. Tell us about that, too. RM: It was our first world premiere, and there must have been a lot of people who heard our song for the first time, and “I” and “You” in Korean sounds a lot like, or almost the same as, the “n word” in English. In order to prevent that, we modified the lyrics and memorized them again. I’m sorry that J-Hope and Suga had a hard time. And the after-party… J-Hope: There’s a lot we had to do after the performance. We had to do a live stream event for the fans because communicating with the fans is better than going to an after-party. And it was nice to celebrate among us with a bottle of champagne after everything was over. But in the end, everyone was tired. Suga: The jet leg. J-Hope: Sleep is important. Jimin: We think that we were nominated to the Top Social Artist Award all thanks to the fans. egardless of whether we win the award or not, the members said that we should go straight to the fans after the ceremony because we had many people waiting for us. J-Hope: That was our after-party. Jimin: That’s right.

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