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CAAP Holds Press Conference in Houston on Texas Bathroom Bill

two different versions of the bathroom bill make their way through the Texas Legislature people for and against continue to speak out across the state channel two sophia beausoleil is live now with how these two groups each took a stand here in Houston today Sophia hi Dominique well the LGBTQ community believes that Senate bill six is discriminatory when it comes to transgendered people now there’s a group of pastors who say otherwise and then they want to see lawmakers make the bill a reality Tuesday morning members of the coalition of african-american pastors made it known they want Senate bill six also known as a bathroom bill to pass the House as it makes sense it protects women it protects our little girls in the most intimate settings the bill would stop transgendered people from going to public and government building Russians that they identify with when it comes to gender meaning you could only go to the bathroom that matches your biological sex one thing that we really want to emphasize here today is that Senate bill six is a horrible bill students at the University of Houston joined other college students across the state to rally against not only Senate bill six but 24 other bills they say would have a negative impact on the LGBTQ community but passage with the african-american coalition don’t believe this is a civil rights issue we are angry that our rights is black people who suffered so much have been hijacked for the homosexual agenda something this U of a student who says she’s a lesbian and a Christian disagrees with we shouldn’t be comparing any civil rights of it to another civil rights we because each movement is important right and so to compare one to another to invalidate the rights of these different communities the pastors think Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is playing politics and delaying the vote and have strong words for him I would love to meet with you and talk to you in debate decision but at this point in my book you are one of the biggest cowards in the state of Texas so last night last month the Senate approved the bill the next step work for it would be to go to the house now at this point when it comes to House speaker Straus he has said he is not for the bill because he doesn’t think it’s a priority at this time when it comes to the legislature the next step would be for him to put it towards a committee and then would be closer to the House floor reporting live from Houston Sofia both like KPRC channel 2 news Thank You Sofia

Robin Kshlerin



  1. nobleite Posted on April 26, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Thank you, Rev. Owen, for standing up for the 160 million American females. Our women should not have their well established rights to liberty, privacy, security and modesty destroyed by a minuscule group with mental aberrations that their fantasies trump reality. The mentally ill get NO special rights. None for psychotics, manic depressives, schizophrenics, transgenders, anorexics or phobics.