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Can I make paging announcements from a telephone to a PA system?

Welcome back to HowToAV.tv; today we’re talking
Public Address and getting tips from our System Design Engineer Andy Short on integrating
a standard telephone system into your PA system… Thanks for joining us, Andy.
The vast majority of PA systems today use dedicated microphones such as a desktop paging
or zone microphone like this for making voice paging announcements. They are very reliable
and will give you years of service if maintained and looked after properly.
So Andy, perhaps you could explain to us why we might consider making paging announcements from a telephone system rather than a dedicated microphone? Well, Lauren, there are a number of benefits and applications for using your telephone
system instead of microphones on your PA system… Any location that has a telephone has the
ability to make a paging announcement. This eliminates the need for additional microphones
and possibly an expensive cable installation. This also simplifies any additions or alterations
to staff positions or room reconfiguration. It is possible to make announcements from
places that were previously difficult or impossible to install a microphone such as building-to-building,
site-to-site or even remotely from another town or country.
Telephone interface devices have the ability to either make the paging announcement “live”
or in “store and forward” mode. The “store and forward” mode can help eliminate audio
feedback and gives the person making the announcement the ability to preview the paging call before
deciding to send or re-record the message before broadcast. Most microphones only have
the ability to make a “live” announcement. There are a number of techniques and technologies
for connecting a telephone system into your paging system. Which way you do it will depend
on the telephone system you have and the facilities you need.
The most cost effective way is to utilise the “paging port” output on your telephone
switch if available. This output is normally an audio line level signal that can be wired
into an audio input on the PA amplifier via a low cost barrier interface unit a little
bit like this one. The barrier interface provides electrical
isolation of the two systems so an electrical fault on one system won’t cause any damage to the other. The user would simply pick up the telephone
handset, dial a facility code on the system – normally a *(STAR) command. A paging announcement can then be made “live”. The PA call is ended by hanging up. The next method of interfacing your telephone system to a PA system would be to use a telephone
paging extension interface. This is a device that you plug into a telephone
extension and then connect to a public address system. The user simply dials the extension
number designated for the paging interface, waits for the call to be picked up by the
device and then makes the announcement. A benefit of using this type of system over
a paging port output is that paging announcements can either go out “live” or can be sent in
a “store and forward” mode. It is also possible to route the call to different paging zones
by using the keypad on the telephone to tell the system which zones should be paged. And finally, another option to consider is when using a digital or IP based telephone system and an IP paging system… An IP based public address system (also known
as ‘Audio-over-IP’) has the ability to connect directly to a digital telephone system using
no more than an ethernet cable. The IP PA system software will directly “talk”
to the IP telephone system meaning no additional interface boxes or cabling is required.
The user simply dials the extension number assigned to the PA system and the paging call
is made. With this type of system it is possible to create more PA zoning options than you
can with a telephone paging extension interface. There are a wide range of professional products
and options available on the market to enable telephone paging and PA system integration.
If you would like more information and assistance with your system design, the HowToAV team
would love to hear from you. Leave you questions in the Comments section below, or call the team directly on the number shown on the screen now. And don’t forget to ‘Subscribe’ to the HowToAV YouTube channel to ensure you don’t miss out
on more great tips and advice from the team. Thanks for watching.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Netanel Motai Posted on January 24, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Hi HowToAv! plz tell me is there a product for announcments to a PA system from cell phone or wirelessly (and proffessionaly) by devices like walkie talkie but dedicated?
    thank you

  2. Jean Fernandes Posted on February 4, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    What devices you suggest to interface SIP-Analog to power a speaker, and about Audio IP system to use with SIP system ?

  3. Abdelhalim Gibril Posted on May 25, 2018 at 1:53 pm