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Celine Dion – French Press Conference w/ English Subtitles (Montreal, July 31st 2016)

-Good evening, Celine -Good Evening -Thanks for this wonderful evening here I’m looking at you right now and it seems that you’re in your thirties Do you feel this way yourself? How does the song say?… At the age of 30 women are beautiful… After it depends on them Well, mostly I think that it’s true Because it’s true, I feel fine The choices I’ve made in the past… I’m proud of them And the choices I make now, day by day I fully assume them I have enough luggage for the rest of my life I do what I do now because I love it And obviously I loved it before, but I always had to prove something to myself, to the industry Is that song right or not?… Why the USA?… I still feel that very early in my career there was a lot of pressure, necessity to prove something to my family, my friends, myself Now I’m not forced to do anything anymore and I’m glad I’m not obliged to do something And since I’m not under the pressure, I’m willing to do it more than ever And since I’m willing to do it withput any pressure, I’m happy that I can make mistakes Today I have cut my veil during the concert And you have to take it easy and not worry about it My stylist went like “aaarg” But that wasn’t a hole on my dress, there was no need to change And I told him “Listen, I have trousers under the veil, it’s gonna be OK, don’t worry!” I’m less nervous than I was before and that makes me happy And now I’m much more involved into my busines, I have more control If I want to sing a song or two, like in a medley tonigh, I don’t care if some songs are not very well-known We don’t make a show just for hits, but if we don’t, some people feel deceived So we have to balance the setlist with some hits, although it might seem pretentious and weird We do the songs that people love because we want them to enjoy. But we are here to enjoy mutually. We want to enjoy too. Before this tour I have relistened a lot of old songs from my repertoire to build a new show I said “Valse Adieu” and my team was like “This song was never on radio”. Well, yes, but it will be on stage! I want to please myself too, and if it’s not appreciated… Does it really hurt me that much? I can adjust tomorrow, next week, anywhen I’m much more than 30, but this helps me to come back in time and to have a lot of pleasure Next question is from Radio Canada from Michael. What were your feelings before, during and after the show? What made you happy tonight? Everything! First of all, I’m much more involved into the show than before in terms of everything: choosing songs, designing stage, deciding not to change a dress The decision to stay in one dress, whether it’s appreciated or not, I made myself. I want to spend time with my fans and not to come in and out 4 or 5 times I came back from Paris, I filled my wardrobe, somebody did the clothes shopping for me, don’t worry about this It’s not that I don’t like my different clothes, it’s about spendind as much time with you as possible. I didn’t come here to show my new clothes, I came here to say I’m happy to be here with you I don’t want to waste 20 minutes of the show changing my clothes. That’s a decision my team had to deal with. If people don’t like it, well, it happens and we will change something, but at least I did what I believed in Of course my involvement into the process made me a little bit nervous for each show. But when no nervousity stays there, my business will be dead, it’ll have no value I want to feel affected, to feel the vibration inside And yes, I was nervous tonight I hoped to be recieved warmly here, and it’s not pretentiousness The last time I was there it was winter, it was very cold and I was affected by an undescribable loss And coming back to Quebec now… It’s sunshine, the trees are green… My smaller children can finally open up, they go fishing, they bring me frogs, little apples Well, nobody can eat them, but I do it anyway I’m so happy to see them happy And I was nervous tonight, I hoped to be welcomed with a lot of warmth. I did a lot of shows here in Quebec, that’s where I started… But I have never expected to have an audience like I had tonight It’s not that I hoped to receive less from the people here, but it was crazy. It really was! People came here to listen to me, but they participate a lot also. When you ask them to sing with you, they do. But they always listen. I really enjoyed receiving the immense response. I was like… in love. I didn’t want that to end, I didn’t want to go anywhere. It was very beautiful. I loved it, I love you [the public] very much. I have a very special connection with this place. Thanks a lot! (video cut) Talking about Rene’s departure, I told myself I mustn’t return to this emotion over and over because I really want to be strong And I am strong. I want to have pleasure, I don’t want to cry [About crying onstage] It wasn’t for the songs that were difficult for me. And fortunately, the makeup wasn’t to dark because the veil problems, the makeup flowing… That’d be too much I had tears sometimes because you responded so strongly It was far beyond my expectations. Today I sang a song by Daniel Picard “A La Plus Haute Branche” for the first time And at the end of the song there’s a line: “Tell God that it’s Sunday and he can come and take you away”. And today is Sunday And it moved me so much… To be honest, I was moved by the public So Celine, it’s your first time in Quebec since Rene passed away. Where does your strength and confidence come from? Well, firstly, I come from a strong family. My parents struggled quite hard, they were fighters There were 14 children and still we never lacked anything We are strong, proud people, we are Quebeckers, wanting to achieve a success. And honestly, I feel that Rene is still alive inside of me, and he’ll be there for the rest of my life I can see him through the eyes of my children all day long We were always 50/50, we shared the ideas… everything. We were a team. And since he passed, I feel that he gave me his 50% so that I could become full He lives in me, he gave me a clear vision of life and emotional stability. Even despite the fact that I cry sometimes I think people who cry are blessed people so there were a lot of them tonigh It’s all about the strength that my family gave me and the things that Rene taught me My journey through the industry, making mistakes, making choices Travelling all over the world, going through the school of life, becoming a mother And the latter is about everything: from choosing their first names to telling them what is good and what is bad And as the time passes by… Everything that happens stays in the past. Of course, good memories remain, but you can do nothing about it. You have to go forward I strongly believe that nonetheless we need to have something positive. I really think that one’s 40s and 50s are a new chapter in one’s life. I personally feel an extraordinary balance inside. I have a lot of luggage with me by now. I started performing at the age of 5, was on TV since 12. I think now’s the time when it all matters, it all starts to give fruits -Celine, your last song today was “S’il Suffisait D’aimer”
-And what about “Vole”?
-Yes, yes, but anyway, don’t interrupt [laughing]
-Sorry You said that you dedicated that song to all the people who suffered from latest terror atacks all around the world Why is it so important for you to deliver this particular message? I think it must be important for all of us because we live on planet Earth We have children. Many of us know the feeling of loosing the loved one But we can’t live in fear. I’ve travelled all over the world, as well as some of you here, I guess. And I hope that this beautiful place [I guess, she means Quebec] will stay as beautiful as it is now And actually since my arrival with my kids here I feel much safer Is it because I come from here or because it’s really true? We mustn’t live in fear, but we should be all aware that evil exists and still pray and meditate for the better, we have to believe in the better We shouldn’t reproduce the feeling of fear we might have to the children. We can’t lie to them either, but we have to live anyway So it’s a message telling that we must insist that all the humans touch each other, thank each other, call their parents, do different things without waiting for tomorrow to come. The world can scare us, but our dreams still exist, we have to believe in them [Can’t translate word-by-word, but the question seems to be about Celine 1) singing much more French songs than she’s ever done before 2) turning her focus to the not so very well known songs of her 3) planning to continue to amaze the public with such unexpected choices instead of singing hits only] [Not word-by-word again] Celine says that she can adjust anywhen and that she chose “Valse Adieu” and “Ne Bouge Pas” despite the fact that many people might have never heard these songs. She always enjoys singing songs in French and she always does it. Regarding the show, she dismissed the idea that a show needs to build up to a climax and follow the rhythm ‘hit-a normal song-a hit-costume change’ She also mentioned that she may be wrong but that the reactions of the audiences seemed to have proved her right. For Celine going throug a show is like climbing a ladder to higher and higher floors. A show is a journey she goes through with her fans She wanted to create one emotion/mood with 2-3 songs, then move on to a different emotion, then increase the energy. During my career I’ve been told a lot of times that I was at the top of my career And I used to shiver every time I heard it I understood the question’s meaning of course, but I had a completely opposite visualisation of my career I started my career believing in many things I had my head in the clouds, I was standing at the very top of my ladder and saw lots of people down there, under me. My head was even higher than the clouds So I dreamed a lot and probably many people thought that I didn’t have my feet on the ground Gradually, all the dreams that I lived in were becoming true and I was moving down the ladder Every step made me closer to the ground. So now I’m pretty much anchored to the ground and living like this has many, many advantages Before I had a lot of dreams… I was looking down and I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to stay as high as I was. And achieving all I wanted as the time passed by, I didn’t even notice when I finally touched the ground I think it’s my greatest achievement by now, because I don’t want to finish my life having my head in the clouds. I want to be anchored to the ground here, at home feeling the true vibrations inside of me. And then I might look up there and say “Thank you so much, it was a great trip”. Good evening, Celine! You never seem to stop surprising us and you said that movies could be the next chapter of your life. What do you think about it right now? Well, nothing is written in stone! We’ve been talking about it for almost 10 years now and I really wish to debut as a movie actress I’m sure I want to try my hand at acting… But I really think that it’s better to do it when I’m older. I honestly see myself as a good old actress Now I’m going to enjoy singing… as long as I’m able to move, to have problems with my costume onstage, to have my makeup flowing (and it doesn’t matter at all) I feel that something’s going to happen to me when I get older, probably not in terms of singing, but in terms of acting I’m sure I want to try it once, And I’m not going to compete myself, like… the singer against the actress. I don’t want to prove that I’m a better singer than actress or vice versa. By the way, singing is similar to acting in some way. You have to feel the character of the song whic’s kind of acting too. You have to live the song truly to deliver its message But I’m sure I will be a good old actress… We’re not there, the time hasn’t come yet! Celine, what step was the most emotional, the most important for you? I mean, returning to Las Vegas, the beginning of your summer tour or tonight? Well, first of all it was indeed difficult for me emotionally to return to the stage while Rene was still alive. Because I decided to spend as much of my time with him as I could. So I took a year-off. I told him: “I stay with you and care about you, we’re together”. So I took a year-off in 2014. But at a certain moment we had to appoint a comeback date And my husband, while still alive, appointed my comeback to August 27th, 2015. Rene wanted me to go there. And honestly, I think that it was what kept him alive So rene wanted this and I did it. It was tough indeed It was tough for me because… You know, the state of mind I was in. What if there was a phone call while I wasn’t at home? Even during the show? I had to live in the unknown. That’s why to come back was really difficult His departure was very difficult for sure But honestly, live’s been good to us. It happened in the best conditions possible It could have happened in a very tragical way… in front of the children It really happened very well He called me right before the show that night [January, 13th] Rene almost never phoned me the last 3 years. He had lots of problems, it was difficult for him to speak So he phoned me, it wasn’t so clear, but he said: “I just want to say I love you… And I wish you a great show.” I replied “I love you too, my love, see you soon, bye-bye”. That was the last time I heard his voice The man of my life stopped suffering It was very tough, but I thank heaven anyway There’re a lot of people there who waited for him. I was by his side. And I’m happy as a mother to be able to explain this situation to my children To avoid the unnecessary fear. I asked Rene-Charles, whether he wanted to see his dad. He prefered not to. He wanted to keep a picture of him alive. And I respect his choice. People here were extraordinary supportive So returning to Las Vegas after his passing [on February, 23rd. 2016] was… kind of starting a loop It was tough to begin, but then the energy started to grow stronger He lives inside me, I felt it and I knew that my children needed me. So I told myself that I’m super important for them right now -Thanks, Celine
-Oh, excuse me, may I finish In France people were very supportive too. I received many, many messages from all over the world I didn’t tour all the world right now, oly a few places – Antwerp in Belgium, Paris in France and Quebec I was welcomed everywhere so warmly, and here… I left Quebec as a cold, frozen land. Of course, love is powerful enough to overcome all the bad weather possible on Earth But anyway, I left a frozen land. And now after several months I came back here, to my home I know he is here. And seeing this magnificent country knowing he is here… Not under a frozen ground which was a bit tough And this is my comeback with him to thank the life, the fans, my friends, my family, you all For all the moments that you’ve been with me when I wasn’t here, and now for your presence I’m happy to be near him now when the Sun is shining, when I’m welcomed so warmly by the public… I know he’s super happy So it’s important for me now to come here and finish this loop To say to the man of my life that I have returned, I have done the shows, this loop is over and we still go on. Our today’s reportage is being directed by magnificent Francine Chaloult and my question is quite simple. What does Francine mean for you? We spoke a lot about your today’s show but what about further projects? Because you have a new French album coming and it must definitely be very emotional because of Rene’s departure It features a new collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman. It must be very important because he wrote you so many songs which really fit your character, your voice, your heart How do you feel the reunion and what shall we wait for from the new album? Well, it’s not to offend you, but the album could be in Japanese For me Rene wasn’t connected with a particular language… He was an exceptional person without a matter of language He could pass a message… he was able to say “No” in a very special manner. It’s not easy to say “No, today I can’t give you time with Celine”, but he used to add: “But the next time you’ll be given twice as much time” So he said “No”, but the person left with a good feeling anyway Rene wasn’t a French speaker or an English speaker, he was a human being For me he was really a special man and I’m so happy to have had him in my life It was difficult for me to begin working on this album To go to the studio, to sing the touching parts – it was a bit sensitive But the album is not sad. It’s pretty much like the tonight’s show. I hope you all feel that it wasn’t sad, there only were a lot of emotional moments for me. So the album is not sad. When Rene was receiving his treatment in Boston, I called Jean-Jacques Goldman I said “I Know that my label has already asked you to write some songs for my new French album” And he said: “Celine, I’ve already wrote everything for you: the storms, the autumn colors, the rain and the snow, the heat and the snow… We’ve done everything together.” So I told him: “You know that we are getting ready to turn a new page of our life. And I actually know that we’ve done almost everything we could. But I know that there’s one thing you haven’t written for me about. And I can’t find somebody to do it instead of you I’d be grateful if you considered my request to write a song about us – Rene and myself – crossing a bridge” And he couldn’t have answered to my request in a better way than he did writing a song called “Encore Un Soir”. And the song is truly not sad. Because people who leave us physically stay with us in a different way – throught the emotions, memories, etc. So on this album I worked with people who I had previously worked with – Jean-Jacque Goldman, Jacques Veneruso – and with the new ones – Grand Corps Malade, Mutine, Zaho Help me, Aldo… He’s checking… Oh, thanks a lot! Francis Cabrel, what a gift for me… Serge Lama Oh, I’m so ashamed, they are really great names in the industry, like monuments. And everyone had different emotions while we were recording it. Some of them said “We’re going to give Celine a new look” And I was like “You can’t reinvent me obviously” But I’m happy about the result. The only thing I was a bit worried about was the front cover design Rene chose that photo, but I thought that I was smiling to much in it It’s not that I want to cry or to look sad. But it was a little bitter at that moment I did the photo shooting, he looked through all the pictures and thought that the one we’ve got now was the best. And for me it was chosen. Rene haven’t heard the whole album, but he selected the cover, he heard “Encore Un Soir” And after this it all happened… This album really features different emotions. Yes, it’s the first one without him So this album will definitely stand separately for me. Thanks! Hi, Celine! your show today was absolutely stunning. It’s definitely one of the best shows of the recent times. Soon [on August 26th, 2016] you’re releasing a French album, but you’ve already mentioned your new English album which is still being prepared. You said that P!nk wrote a song for it [quotes the song “Recovering” by P!nk] What do you feel when you family members are in the audience? I’m talking mostly about your children, because Rene-Charles has attended several of your shows. Do you love it or is it a challenge? Oh yes, it’s a challenge, a very serious one. Firstly, when the children are there… I constantly think of that kind of thing. Happily, I didn’t sing “All By Myself” tonight. Rene-Charles has an incredible musical knowledge So I constantly listen to his comments. He’s not always right, but… Oh my God, I’m forgetting the words A communication between a teenager and his mom is very important for me. As long as he texts me, phones me, comes to see my show I feel that he is still with me, that he’s not gone away When my son is there, I’m eager to impress him Sometimes I tell myself that I’m neither Rihanna nor Sia… because he listens to that kind of music And sometimes I don’t know whether he thinks his mom is cool or not Of course, I’m not going to ask him “Do you think I’m cool?” He’s not forced or asked to go there, but he goes. So I guess that he’s proud anyway If it was uncomfortable for him, he wouldn’t come And I don’t even dare to change something But when my family is there… Well, they were my first public Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll go to take my morning coffee and hear my sister say “[unrecognizable]” So listening to my family members’ comments… I don’t take it for granted I have sung with them, I’ve sung for them back then. They were my first audience So basically for me it is a challenge in some way. I want to prove myself that they are proud of me. I know they are… Well, I talk too much, too much Hello, Celine and thanks for a wonderful show tonight! My question is about the stress that you’ve mentioned. You said that sometimes you feel some kind of tension. How do you manage with it? Now I try to stay as calm and quiet as possible Before I used to feel this vibration inside of me, but now I try to leave it all behind I have my hair done, do my makeup, dress, photo shooting, meet the media (mostly, on premiere nights) I had to meet a lot of people today, the day was very saturated with events I did a soundcheck this afternoon… But I don’t allow myself – and I don’t want it at all – to run and to hurry anymore And it gives me some kind of stability. I don’t begin a show singing like this [sings in a scared manner] But now it’s more like [sings in a relaxed and calm manner] It’s more of a relaxed mood. I wanted to begin a show like this. Who knows, tommorow the show might feature loud drums, fireworks or whatever, I don’t know But tonight I didn’t want to hurry, we just put ourselves there. The show will begin in time, I want to be backstage, I don’t want to rush and that helps me to enter a certain well-balanced mood And I feel my mouth’s and throat’s dryness, I breathe much more slowly and everything comes to it’s place And it helps me very much, at least now -Hello, Celine! I’ve also been near Rene-Charles today…
-How many people were there already, six? I thought there could only be two people sitting near him: one on the left and one on the right You seem very fine here. Is it possible for you to visit Quebec more often and to perform here more often? Oh, I’d love to and I hope it’s possible. My kids love being here very much, they love our country… The grass, the frogs, the air And, mostly, the family. Our family comes to our home It’s a thing of a great importance for the kids, I see it I wish to myself and my boys to have a chance to live in OUR country more often Do you consider a possibility of moving to Quebec in short or middle perspective? I’d probably better to avoid this question because Aldo is going to collapse right now Our future is not determined yer. Everything is possible. And there’re only two days you can do nothing about: yesterday and tomorrow. But today… Everything is possible. Thanks for this question! Francine Chaloult, Celine’s press attache: Thanks to everybody Oh, sorry, may I finish… Thanks to everyone for attending the show, for being here after the show I hope to return here as soon as possible. I love you all! Thanks! Goodbye!

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