November 11, 2019
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Can you just briefly touch on
the role of natural therapies and how they can play a role in healing our bodies, like
herbs or homeopathy or…? You understand of course, they are not working
at the physical level as such. Even the herbs, which obviously have some effect on the human
body at the physical realm, carry with them certain other, shall we say, components. Ones,
in most cases of herbs and plants that heal things also carry mechanisms that are not
appreciated by the parasites; the parasites dislike them more than anything. So they are
encouraged to find another donor as such. – And is the homeopathy similar?
Shall we say, the homeopathy is not working at all at the physical level, but it is part
of, shall we say, at the blueprint. So it is restructuring the old blueprints and many
other, shall we call, them alternatives. There are patterns that impress, shall we call that,
in a general sense because healing hands and so forth have been in human consciousness
for a very long time but I call them all the Reiki’s. These are patterns that interrupt
and reset shall we say the Blueprint. Let us give you a technology suggestion. If
you have, shall we say, a viral infection then you run a pattern that replaces all the
instances of that viral attack in wherever it is. In other words, replace it with what
was there originally and you eliminate the parasite. You understand of course that is
much more likely, homeopathy and the Reiki’s and some other… also patterns some, shall
we call them, psychic surgeries and so forth.

Robin Kshlerin