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CO4Pete: Phone Banking Part 3

Okay, it’s call time! So I’ve signed up
online, I’ve read through the tutorial, I have my script, I’ve logged into vpb, the
phone number and the name are up there, and I’m preparing to make my first
persuasive phone call. So let’s do that! I’m gonna put this call on speaker so
that you can listen along alright? [phone ringing] Hello, this is Jenna Hi Jenna, my name is Melinda, I’m a volunteer
with Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. How are you doing today? I’m good, how are you? Well I’m good, thanks for asking. I was wondering, have you decided who
you’re going to caucus for? Not yet, I have been thinking of going but I’m still deciding. Okay, excellent. Can I ask, is Pete Buttigieg in your top three that you’re considering? He is. Yep. And, Jenna when you’re thinking about who you’re gonna vote for and casting
that all-important vote what are the the values or the policies that are most
important to you? yeah so tell me are you familiar with with the Douglass plan I’d
love to so the deathless plan is a proposal that
Pete has when he’s looking to address the systemic inequality for black and
brown Americans and actually he so he didn’t write this by himself he had a
team of black women black Americans who helped him identify the issues that were
the most problematic for them and their lives in their communities and then
taking some real tangible steps in in resolving them yeah and you know you can
get more information because he can speak to it much more eloquently than I
can but you can go to Pete for america.com
if you want to read over that information or if you’re interested in
videos you go to ask dot Pete for america.com and I can repeat that for
you if you need and and you can see him speaking to it directly okay absolutely
I also I wanted to let you know Jenna that Nevada is offering for the first
time an early caucus option are you familiar with this okay very cool hey
before I let you go do you have any questions about Pete his values about
his policies that I can answer for you Jenna if you will do me a favor while
you’re there check out a new call to service as well that’s that’s the plan
that speaks to my heart and that’s the one that I feel you know
and it’s connected to education and it’s connected to climate and it’s connected
to community and camaraderie and and it’s just a really important policy
piece for me that if you have a minute or two take a look at it yeah all right
Jenny you have a great night thank you thank you for your time okay so I’m
gonna tell you that every call is different um some people are really
happy you called and they have questions they’ve been thinking about it and and
sometimes I can’t answer those questions and so I’m gonna say you know I’m still
learning and then Pete’s got a lot of policy proposals and they’re really
detailed I love that but because I am still learning I may not be able to
answer every question and I’m gonna direct them to Pete for america.com
perhaps their minds already made up and they’re like I’m voting Andrea I’ve made
up my mind and I’m gonna thank them for being civically engaged
I’m gonna tell them to have a great weekend um perhaps I’ve caught them in a
bad time and I hear it in their voice I just hear that like something’s
happening in the background and they were sounding a little annoyed and I’m
I’m gonna say hey it sounds like I probably caught you at a bad time like
I’m gonna try you back later and then I’m gonna indicate that on V TV rules of
the road rules of the road rules of the road right um so I don’t know I’ve
survived every call that I’ve made I’ve had some incredible conversations I know
it’s made a difference so I hope that you will get out there and make your
first phone call or ten phone calls today

Robin Kshlerin