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Conference Call Tutorial

[Music] in this tutorial we’re going to explain how to make conference calls using the communicator application it does not matter what kind of phone you are using it could be a Polycom grande stream Yale Inc or Cisco the communicator application works the same on all brands and models there are two kinds of conferences that you can engage in while on your phone the first is conferencing in a co-worker within the office the second is conferencing in an external party say on a cell phone first we will demonstrate conferencing in a co-worker while on a call I’m going to place a call from my desk phone to an external party once they are on the line we will conference in a co-worker to choose the co-worker click on your directory from here all you need to do is drag the person to the area that says drag contacts here you will then see their phone ringing when they answer you can see they are on the call this is important as it gives you positive feedback as to when they actually answer the call once they are on the call you can mute them by simply clicking on the three dots and clicking mute please be aware that this does not prevent them from hearing the conversation but merely mutes their phone in case they have unwanted background noise you can also kick any participant by clicking the kick feature when they are kicked from the conference they are completely disconnected in the second example we’re going to add an external party to the conference if you need to add someone to the conference via cell phone or at any external number simply click the small person icon with the plus sign next to it that will open the following box now you simply type in the number you wish to call if it’s a local number you can type in seven digits if not then type in all ten did it is not necessary to dial 1 once you type in the number press Enter or click OK to place the call again if you watch this box you can tell when the call is answered once they are on the call everything is the same as explained before at this point you can add more parties both internal and external if you wish to end the conference then simply click hang up I hope this tutorial has been beneficial to you I encourage you to practice a couple of times amongst yourselves so you are comfortable conferencing when you need it without anxiety please keep a watch out for more videos in our communicator how-to series also you can save the link to our YouTube channel so that you can reference these videos at any time this concludes this tutorial and remember we want you to love your phones thank you you [Music]

Robin Kshlerin