April 5, 2020
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#CPAdvice: Telephone Interviews

I think you should always make sure that you’re
ready for it at least 15 minutes before, make sure you’re in a good area, you speak really well
and you sound really clear and confident. One thing I was always taught is to make sure you
get up, get yourself presented and actually get yourself dressed in work attire and feel like
you’re actually going for a formal interview because it helps change your state of mind for
the call. Research the company beforehand, don’t research
while you’re on the phone. Have your CV in front of you. Be as confident as possible. Always set time, don’t ever take a telephone call
if you’re out shopping – always make sure that you’re in a quiet place where you can
converse well – away from any possible interruptions. Speak clearly, speak slowly, and make sure you
don’t talk over the other person. Speak clearly, make sure that you’ve got good signal
and you’re in a nice quiet area that you can hear the person that’s interviewing you
and they can hear you. Just keep smiling, the interviewer can always hear
a smile through the phone, so just keep smiling and be confident and keep selling yourself.

Robin Kshlerin