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D4002 SleuthGear Digital Phone Recorder

Okay here’s what comes with the SleuthGear D4002 digital phone recorder. Instruction Manual, it comes with 2 AAA batteries there’s also a USB calbe if you want to connect it to your computer. Now here’s the phone recorder. And on the front there’s the start buttons and some other buttons so you can navigate through the on screen menu. On the top of it is a microphone jack, an earphone jack; on the corner there’s a built in microphone you can just use it for doing dictation. Now here is a slot where you can put an SD card in. That’s a great feature to have because what you can do is record phone calls directly to the SD card. Then when you’re done, you remove the SD card, pop it into your computer, and listen to the phone recording files directly on your computer. Because it records in standard MP3 format. So, to record phone calls you take this cable and put one end in the microphone jack. Then you put the other end into this telephone recording adapter. And on here there’s two holes for phone line. One, is you take a phone line and stick in there and put the other end into the wall jack. Now you’re all set to record phone calls. This slot is optional. If you want to have a phone to use at this location, you can plug that in here. But, you don’t need to have phone plugged in here in order to record phone calls. Okay, now there are some other accessories that come with this phone recorder. This is an external microphone. So that you can do body-worn recording. You plug that into the microphone jack. And on this microphone there is a clip there so you clip it onto your shirt. Or wherever it is that you want to clip it. And on the top is the microphone where it picks up all of your in-person conversations. Next, is the cell phone adapter. Again, you put this in the microphone jack; and this side is an earbud. What you do is you place the earbud into your ear, and then you hold your cell phone up to that same ear, on top of the earbud. And you have your conversation as you normally would. It doesn’t plug into the phone at all. That’s how it’s compatible with all brands of cell phones. There’s a microphone on the back of the earbud here, that picks up both sides of the conversation. That’s how you record cell phone calls. Now… That’s how you record cell phone calls. Now, when you’re done doing your phone recording, and you want to listen to the recordings, you can just press the play button and listen to them directly from the recorder, because there’s a built-in speaker right there. Or if you want to listen to them in private, it also does include some headphones. You just plug this into the earphone jack and this is a standard set of earbud headphones. Or, of course, if you’ve recorded to the SD card, you can pop the SD card and listen to them from your computer. Now there are some optional accessories that we do included for free. There are other places that charge for these accessories, but we include them. First of all we include a 2GB SD card that fits in the recorder. The other thing that we include is an AC adapter. If you’re going to use this in the same place, then it’s great to be able to have an AD adapter. And that’s what comes with the SleuthGear D4002 digital phone recorder.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Telephone Call Recorder Posted on September 15, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    @JesusIsTheWaydotinfo In LP mode, it can record approximately 130 hours of phone recording onto the 2 GB SD card.