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Hello, I’m Adam Rosè and this is FNN. Coming up later, we have a Hillary supporter who’s finally seen the light and is boarding the Trump Train. okay – hi. But first, our main story… Our country’s staring down the barrel of a scandal bigger than WMDs… bigger than Watergate… even bigger than Bill Clinton’s semen on Monica’s blue dress. That’s right… I’m talking about… Espionage. At the highest levels. You might think this is about Michael Flynn’s resignation and “so-called” duplicitous phone calls… or Russia loving Paul Manafort, or EVEN the President’s pee pee party at a Russian hotel. Some might even wrongly suggest that this is about about several trump officials contacting russia “contantly” during the campaign… or Trump’s inability to even remotely criticize Putin OR Rex Tillerson being awarded the medal of friendship by you guessed it… Putin. Well, you’d be WRONG. THESE THINGS NEITHER TELL A STORY NOR SHOULD THEY BE THE FOCUS OF OUR ATTENTION! The REAL issue is how did this all get out? LEAKS from within our intelligence agencies are the greatest national security threat facing our nation. That’s right… LEAKGATE. This is about THE LEAKS. And I should know because I follow the president on twitter. and he said it at his press conference…. MANY TIMES. Trump: The leaks are absoultely real. The news is fake. So the question we should be asking is how do we stop these leaks from informing the American people? Is it really a good idea to for us to know that our leaders are completely compromised by our greatest adversaries? To help his answer this burning question, we’ve got… a plumber. Mr. Volkov, thank you for joining us. Da. Nice to join your fake news. You consider yourself an expert on taking care of leaks. Correct. We have many leaks in Russia, but I plug them. Big business here. I’m sure it is. So, what’s the advice you give to the current administration about all these various leaks springing up in the White House. From my experience, leaks not taken care of… bad. One leak leads to another… you have leak here… leak there… before you know… feces everywhere. So, what you’re saying is the White House is one big toilet and we’re basically swimming in it? Da. Many people must be plugged. You mean leaks? Da, I mean leaks. Most important, you must use proper tools… wrenches, concrete… chemicals… a bit of polonium does the trick to makes leak go away… FOREVER. Well, maybe there’s a way to.. take what you do on these pipes… and apply it to fixing these darn leaks in the white-house. I hope so. (phone rings) Hold please… Yes… okay. Address? Michael. Got it. Apologies comrade, there is urgent job i need to flynnish, ee – finish. Well thank you Mr. Karlov. The comment of the week comes from Friday L who says “True, Carousels are delightful but sometimes they make you puke.” Well, Friday if you’re gonna make outrageous claims you’re gonna need to back it up with some proof. That’s what I call FakeNews. And I should know. I’m Adam Rose and this is the Fake News Network where you know it’s true, because it’s on the internet. Coming up next, the burning question on everyone’s minds… Is Nordstrom secretly owned by North Korea? Our panel discusses. Stay tuned for CROSS-SHOUT. (SHOUTING) -to SHUT HER FU*KING MOUTH?!

Robin Kshlerin



  1. The Big L Posted on February 18, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Like the greatest thing ever!

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    The Hillary Supporter who changed her mind clip is very accurate

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