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Dental office phone scripts – Do they work?

Hi, welcome back to another video for Front Office Rocks. I’m Laura Hatch on YouTube, I’m glad you’re listening in here. I want
to talk about a subject that I talk about all the time when I’m speaking and
online and that is, scripts don’t work. I have said this for years and years and
years, when you are teaching your front office team members or when your front
office team members are answering the phone, scripts don’t work, and I still
believe that scripts don’t work. Now, let me put this in perspective. Think about
outside of dental, let’s think about when you’re calling another business, your
cell phone company, your bank, whatever and you’re trying to fix the problem and
somebody’s reading off of a script, you know when they’re reading a script right.
You can tell that they’re reading verbatim what’s on there, they’re
probably not interested in what they’re saying, they’re not really listening to
you and your response, their next question doesn’t even match what you
just said. People don’t like to talk to people who are reading a script, however,
one of the things that I want to make sure is clear is that you should have
guidelines and outlines and expected answers that your team should know for
all the questions for your practice. Therefore it’s not a script as much as
it’s an outline, a guideline, here’s the way we answer or should address
questions that come into the practice. Now what needs to happen is you take
this outline and this guideline, maybe it looks like a script in the beginning but
you take it then your team members have to actually internalize it, they have to
make it theirs, they have to make it real and they have to say it from their own
their own point of view from their own heart. So the way to do this is to take
the script, the guideline, the outline, and then teach the team members the why
behind it, why do we answer the questions this way, why do we handle these issues
this way and then have them practice have them, roleplay, have them say it in
their own words until they’re comfortable with it because the patients
can tell if your team members are really listening, if they care, if they feel
confident, if they know the answers to things and so we want to make sure that
we take your guidelines, rules, scripts and we help our team members
take it on for themselves, which means they need to know why we say what we say.
They need to know why we do what we do and then be able to say it in a way that
they’re comfortable with, that the patient can understand, so that’s the
– I don’t believe in scripts – to how we handle our patient issues and the phones,
you have to take this and you have to work your team through it until each one
of them is super comfortable with the issues and the questions that come up
and then we have to continually train because there are new things that will
rise there are new questions that will come up and we need to go back to the
beginning and say okay for this new issue how are we going to handle it? How
are we going to answer it? What are some of the ways we suggest and if you don’t
know reach out to Front Office Rocks that’s what I’m here for and I will help
you figure out how to answer these questions or address them, then give the
guidelines to your team, let them understand why we’ve decided to do it
that way, let them practice saying it until they understand so that they can
tell the patient and work with the patient and help the patient. So, that’s
my thoughts on scripts. I’m not saying that scripts are bad when it comes to
training, I am saying that scripts are bad when it comes to answering the
phones or talking directly to the patient. You need to take that and you
need to let the employee get good at it so they can get confident and really
care for our patients. So there’s my two cents on scripts don’t work. I still
believe that but now you guys understand why. So thank you for taking a couple
minutes to listen to me and my thoughts behind it. If you have other
questions, please write them down below. You can also make comments about this
here, I would love to hear what you have to say and again, thank you! Make sure you
subscribe for it so you can get updates for new videos that come out. I’m trying
to add new stuff that are focused on dental issues and dental office issues
all the time. So, thank you guys, have an amazing day. Go take your scripts, work
with your team, role play, and then get out there and help your patients!

Robin Kshlerin