November 13, 2019
  • 12:51 pm Teyana Taylor – Issues/Hold On
  • 11:50 am @TorontoPolice Homicide News Conference | Friday, Jan. 26th, 2018
  • 11:50 am Jürgen Klopp’s pre-Manchester United press conference | Mane, Lovren, Dalglish
  • 8:52 am Will Muschamp Weekly News Conference — 11/5/19
  • 8:52 am G2 press conference, post DAMWON match – 2019 Worlds quarterfinals

Sorry to bother you, Mr Perkins, but I
figure that you would want to see this! – What?
– Ha! (MACHINE GUN WHIRRING) (EXCLAIMING) – Well done, Gru, rather impressive!
– (SQUEAKING) Now the rest of the plan is simple. I fly to the moon. I shrink the moon.
I grab the moon. I sit on the toilet with… What? (GIRLS LAUGHING) Sorry? Sorry! If you’ll… excuse me for a sec. I told you! I told you!
I told you a thousand times! – Hey! Can we order pizza?
– Pizza? You just had lunch! Not now, for dinner. Dinner?! Just fine, fine, fine.
Just get back in there! Oh. Can we get stuffed crust? ALL: (EXCLAIMING) Stuffed crust. – I’ll stuff you all in the crust!
– (GIGGLING) You’re funny. – Just don’t come out of that room again!
– (SLAM) Ah! All right! Sorry about that. Ah! Where were we? – You were sitting on the toilet.
– No, no, no, no, no, no. No. I’m sorry. It was little tempted over.
I know how much you like to laugh. – Inside there now, I was saying…
– (CREAKING) You don’t seem terribly focused, Gru. Believe me, I am completely focused, I… – Hello! Whoa! That guy is huge.
– What? – What are you, children?!
– Are we on TV? What are you doing?
I told you to stay out of here!! – (GIRLS LAUGHING)
– (GRU EXCLAIMING) Oh! No, no, no, no, no! FREEZE RAY!! Mr Gru. (GRU YELLING & GRUNTING) – Okay. (GRUNTS) As I was saying…
– No need to continue, I’ve seen quite enough. – But my plan…
– …is a great plan. I love everything about your plan,
except for one thing.

Robin Kshlerin