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DHS Roll Call Video on U Visa Certification and T Visa Endorsement by Law Enforcement (Part 1)

The Department of Homeland Security
launched its Blue Campaign in 2010 to
combat human trafficking. Law enforcement training is a critical component of our efforts. This video will provide you with information about possible immigration relief available to immigrant victims of human trafficking and other ctimes. Most importantly, we will focus on how knowing about this immigration relief may benefit you in your job. That was tough. It’s hard to believe people are treated like that.
She seemed so scared. Yeah, I know. The neighbor told me that she
never left the house. I also noticed the door to her room was
padlocked from the outside. That was a good catch. She might the victim of human trafficking. So what happens now? going to interview her since she’s
stable go from there we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us I know it hasn’t been easy talking about
your experiences do you have any questions for us I don’t want to leave you deport me boss a I speak meet officer I goal I’m stand those are your concerns look
we’re not immigration officers but we’ll make sure you can talk to
someone who can answer those questions for you d well today we’re talking about
immigration laws for victims up crime we’re focusing on human
trafficking we have a panel that experts today from
federal law enforcement and state and a local law enforcement
thanks for being here let’s start right off with human trafficking what exactly
is that will be focusing on human trafficking and slavery its
compelled servitude in which victim is induced to perform
commercial sacks labor other services and they’re really
being controlled by their trafficker through a variety at means of force
fraud or coercion also any individual who is a minor under
the age of 18 engage in prostitution in the United
States is a victim of trafficking under our laws where the red flags or
what is what is law enforcement have to try to keep their eyes open for
individuals who don’t appear to be in possession at their legal documents for their identity
documents victims to present as being very afraid submissive
disoriented I know whereof where they are their
situation very similar to domestic violence cases
victim to appear to be heavily coached on what to say if
you have a victim of trafficking who’s a minor
they may have been coached by their 10 are trafficker to say that now I’m
actually 21 years old or victim who is encountered and a factory or domestic servitude to be coach to say know they actually
want to be there they’re being paid while they’re happy in their work
environment and their living situation what a police officers need to know
before they go into that room what are they trying to learn and where they’re trying to offer the
victims to get the the best supporting the best help for these people we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel
week we interview people on a daily basis what we need to know is that we’re gonna
be face to face with with a unique crime victim that’s going to have some additional
fears and berries in place they can to keep them from feel uncomfortable share information with us so I think
it’s again really important for us to recognize our role in get our role out
there in the open early on in this in this process and
this interaction with the victim that we’re not here to worry about your your status we’re not here to check your
papers we’re here because we’re investigating a crime am sure a lot of these people too afraid
they’re just gonna be sent back you know they’re not be able to stay in
this country what kinda a immigration relief may be available
for somebody who’s a undocumented in their victim victim is identified as three basic
forms of relief that they cannot requester file for in order to do assist
law enforcement and investigation or prosecution is taking place are one
of them would be continued presence another is the TV’s and the others the U
visa continued presence is the first former
immigration relief that’s available to evict trafficking whose not otherwise admissible to the
United States someone who’s here and as an act undocumented and it’s essentially just like it sounds
and allows a victim of trafficking to continue to remain present in the United
States provided that there victim and their
potential witnessing an investigation ads it is designed to be a tool for law
enforcement to keep someone who is a victim of
trafficking that also potential witness in their case around
in the United States when the they may not otherwise be able to stay
here legally in addition once they have continued presence you
have not only that short term for me immigration
relieved that you have it connected to other services that serve to support and
stabilize that Victor so what you eat up continued presence
any mention the TVs and the UV so what’s what r what’s the TVs in the UV so how
they differ from the continued presence the TVs is a longer term for me
integration relief that’s initially good for up to four years and the criteria that like continued presence victim has to be
a victim of trafficking victims also need to be cooperating with
law enforcement requests for assistance in the investigation and they also need to be physically
present in the United States due to the trafficking or due to the
subsequent investigation into the trafficking activity where the U visa differs from the TVs at
the U visa does include human trafficking is on the qualifying crimes
however the U visa also has many other qualifying crimes where
someone could be a victim of those crimes and potentially be eligible for
the U visa okay mister a place you can find a list
the crimes that qualify for this other is there’s actually the DHS you’ve
is a resource guide on which other Department of Homeland
Security put out I has a list has the list of the crimes and it also
is a great resource for our for any law enforcement agency are we
have frequently asked questions that are in there on the certification process are the list of crimes what law
enforcement agencies are doing this and the certification what they’re not doing of their rights roles responsibilities
all that’s included in that a law enforcement certification 2 Y’s important for officers to have the
knowledge love human trafficking and the immigration
relief that’s out there to help these cases why’s that knowledge so critical it’s so important for us because we’re
missing the boat across the country with this week we don’t have this knowledge
and we’re not identify and these underserved crime victims were not
identifying these very dangerous perpetrators are out there in our
community and and we’re about community safe to worry about victim safety and we wanna go home to
our families at night and so so the realization comes in real fast
we start to see the perpetrators the committee’s kinda crimes that these are dangerous offenders and
and if you look at the law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty
merited light duty across this country every year you can make a connection to a lot of
the crimes that this kind of relief coming so it’s a big benefit to us to keep us
safe out there industry as well I think we also can’t overstate how
critical crime victims are to the outcome in successive a criminal
investigations and subsequent prosecutions victims of trafficking and other types
is violent crime have so many vulnerabilities and one
other vulnerabilities we tend to overlook is this lack have legal immigration
status if we can address at least in the short
term and the immigration status issues weekend get a little bit closer
to a victim who feels safe and secure so that they can embark
on a journey to be calming ultimately a women s in the investigation who can be credible
and reliable and support case there’s no better feeling when when you
stop the process and identify wanna what are these crime victims and identify and apprehend when these
perpetrators and then you work together with the a federal law enforcement
counterparts and in the end sometimes you uncover other victims that
weren’t initially identified it that case and you take you
know one or more these violent criminals off the street
as a team effort that’s what it’s all about it all but the collaboration between state local or foreign offices a
federal law enforcement counterparts that a they’re there to help us do our job I
thank you so much for all the information that you share today for the
officers who are watching if you have any more questions if you need to know about more resources
you can go to the Department of Homeland Security’s blue campaign in in

Robin Kshlerin