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DOMINION 6.9 in OSAKA-JO HALL : Press Conference (JUN 7)

Thank you for joining us. Welcome to the signing ceremony for
DOMINION 6.9, presented by Hoken Minaoshi Honpo. We have contract signings for the
IWGP Junior and Heavyweight Championship matches. Before we begin,
I’d like to announce ticket availability… Thanks to your enthusiasm, the show is sold out. There will be additional
walk-up tickets available. For those not attending,
please join us on NEW JAPAN WORLD. Now we will start the signing ceremony,
first, the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Shall we begin? Sugabayashi, the chairman,
will be the witness today. We will now have the competitors. Now that we have both competitors,
we ask for your thoughts on the match. First, the challenger, Takahashi Hiromu. Objection! Yes? What spot will this match be on the card? When will this match take place… It will be on seventh. The latter two are billed as a double main event,
is that right? Does that makes our match the semi-final? I guess you can say that. Okay then, what about… How about we make it a triple main event? What do you think, sir? Everything has been set already. Understood. But, it’s okay that it’s on seventh, right? Was that all, Takahashi? Was what all? Your thoughts on this match. Whoa whoa whoa…
Wait… Let me speak… Can I? I… Now that I am the best of Juniors,
after conquering the BEST OF THE SUPER Jr… And Ospreay is the champion… So he’s the best in the world. I said this after the final,
but which of us is really the best? Let’s figure it out. That’s what I think. 君も最強だけど、 俺も最強だ。 Ospreay, your comments, please. Thank you. We will now accept questions,
please raise your hand if you have any. Yes? Can I? I’ve said this before, why only show the
past heavyweight champions before matches? Why don’t you do the same for us Juniors,
as well? It’s just a thought. Come on guys, please. Okay? Please. The video? Yes. The one that goes… Can you, please?
That will bring things up a notch. I always liked watching it.
That’s all. Sir, what do you think? We’ll consider it. Thank you for taking it into consideration,
really. He’ll think it over for now. Please do so. Please make it happen. Anything else? Besides the video? It was February when you two
last faced each other, So, I want to ask each of you, Hiromu, first,
you have a new finishing hold, called ‘D’, Also, Osprey has a new move, ‘Stormbreaker’, Knowing that, how will you be cautious of him? I’ll be careful. Anything specifically? I just have to be careful. If I receive the move, it’s all over.
So, all I can do is just be careful. I get that it’s important to avoid,
but I can’t reveal my strategy here. So all I can say here is that I’ll be careful. I will. Okay. Same question for Ospreay, this time. Ospreay,
how will you prepare for Hiromu’s Time Bomb and D? Oh… I had no idea. I didn’t know that! That’s a serious issue. Can you please ask him if it’s a big problem? Should I change the name? That’s…. I had no idea. I guess I should call it ‘D, Working Title’ ‘Working Title’ So, all people from England know it that way? Oh, I don’t like that. I see. People all around the world
might take it that way… Right. Right. Sorry, but this is not a joke. Why are you laughing?
I’m very serious here. ‘D’… Now my mind can’t get off of it. Damn. Anything else? Earlier, Hiromu claimed that this should be
a triple main event, So does that mean you’re preoccupied with
the latter two matches, also? Not really, it was just a joke.
I wasn’t being serious, at all. I don’t like calling it double a main event,
anyway, might as well call it a triple instead. How many matches are there? 9? 10? 11? Each match is a big deal,
shouldn’t we just call them all main events? That’s just how I saw it. What about match order, compared to last year?
Do you care? Of course. But that’s nothing new. Us, Juniors, want to be
the main event, some day. Same question for Ospreay, please. Tell him that we are the most prestigious title,
not the Heavyweight. Anything else? Go ahead. Hiromu, You have had some losses this year, but after
winning the SUPER Jr., how do you go forward? It has nothing to do with winning the SUPER Jr,
I just can’t lose a title match, as always. But I agree with you,
I’ve been losing in singles and tag matches. And I feel it’s on me,
it’s all because I’m not strong enough. And I finally won the SUPER Jr.,
I really persevered. I don’t like using the SUPER Jr.
as a stepping stone to challenge for the title, Honestly speaking, I’m selfish. I want the belt,
because that means you’re the best. So, I am going to win. Absolutely. I will. It looks like the trophy is still broken… After I had a talk with Mr. Trophy,
he admitted that he’s frustrated. But we’re just going to let it go. He said that? Yes, we came to that conclusion. The both of you? That first night we had a serious, long talk… At first it started really ugly,
but then he said, ‘just forget it.’ ‘You tried to fix me with bunch of scotch tape,
but that didn’t work, so, just let it go,’ ‘Just leave me this way.’
That’s what he told me. Did he say anything about Naito? He keeps saying, ‘That son of a bitch!’ Even now, still…
He’s saying, ‘I will never forgive that bastard.’ But he’s letting it go. He’s cool now. ‘I will never forgive that bastard,
but it’s okay now.’ Anything else? Any other questions? Is that it?
Now we move on to the signing. The challenger, Takahashi Hiromu, first I have my own pen. My own pen. So, I won’t use this one. I’ll just use mine. It had a cover, it’s brand new. It’s new. Never mind. The champion, Ospreay, next. My pen was red. The color red is kind of bad luck. And the witness, Mr. Sugabayashi. Red pen. Now we move on to the photo op. Some shots with the contracts
then some with just the competitors. First with contract, featured in the middle. Look this way, please. Eyes this way, please. One more. That concludes the photo op. They will exit from here, thank you. That concludes the IWGP Junior
Heavyweight Championship signing ceremony. We will continue with the signing for the
IWGP Heavyweight Championship match. And now, the competitors. Now, comments from both,
the challenger and the champion. Your thoughts on the upcoming match in 2 days. We will begin with the challenger,
Kenny Omega, please. Thank you very much. And now, comments from the champion,
Okada, who named the challenger and stipulation. It’s been a while. Last year we ended in a draw after 60 minutes. And I lost to him in the G1, later that year. Now we are finally able to continue
what we started. I can’t wait. After 12 successful defenses, I want to showcase
what an ultimate champion looks like. I have to defend decisively,
there will be no time limit this time. So, I don’t have to worry about that,
I’ll just enjoy the 2 out of 3 falls. After my victory, everyone will undoubtedly
see what kind of champion I am. Thank you, very much. Now we will take questions, if you have any. Go ahead. This question is for both men, Since this is 2 out of 3 falls, no time limit,
everyone is wondering how long the match will be. If we look back at the longest match
in New Japan history, In October of 1987,
when Antonio Inoki faced Maso Saito, It lasted 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 14 seconds. How long do you both think this match will last? Same question to you Okada. Any estimation? No, none at all. The reason why I asked for no time limit
is because I don’t want to end in a draw again. So, that’s why I chose that. But I also think the most important thing
is to take the first fall. If it takes 60 minutes to get the first win… Looking at last year, you know we’ll be spent,
making the other 2 falls that much harder. Getting the first fall early is key,
and I’ll have the strategy to do that. Anything else? Go ahead. For Kenny… In an interview,
you talked about improving your physique, Looking at you now, you seemed to have
cut weight, tell us about that? Okada, noting Kennys condition, did you do
anything specifically to train for this match? My condition is great. During the SUPER Jr., for the first time
in a while, I had time to fully focus on training. My condition, throughout my 12 defenses… I feel like I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
Sorry, Kenny. Now I’ve truly became the
Okada Kazuchika that nobody can beat. But actually, I wasn’t sure what kind of training
is the most suitable for this match. I did weight training, I did cardio, also. And I watched many of Kenny’s matches
with other wrestlers, too. But I wasn’t sure what was the right way
to prepare for this. But I suppose I’ve done everything I could. Are there any more questions? Go ahead. For Okada… Osaka is the stage… It’s been 2 years since you took the title
back from Naito, And if you defeat Omega this time,
it will be a complete 2 years as champion, Does that mean a lot to you? That’s not the goal I’m reaching for,
I’ll just keep going straight ahead. I don’t have any specific feelings
on holding the title for 2 straight years. But after I reached 12 defenses,
I want to showcase something new. I will show the true champion,
Okada Kazuchika, starting now. However, was it significant beating
Tanahashi to reach 12 defenses? In a way, yes, because I made history.
11 was the record, until now. This is why I have to display
a new kind of champion. I can’t slow down here. Any others? Yes, go ahead. Okada, 13 defenses is uncharted territory, Also, no time limit, 2 out of 3 falls is a
completely new idea. Was that part of your plan? My goal is simpler than that, I just want to
prove that the IWGP Heavyweight title is the best. And I want to be the leader who spreads
what’s great about New Japan to the world. I’m not looking to do something new,
I just don’t like having that draw on my record. I want revenge, I want to hold my head high
because I’m the champion. That’s why I chose Kenny. I requested
no time limit, and he wanted 2 out of 3 falls. It won’t be like this every time. For Kenny… It will be 10 years since you came to Japan,
what does this elusive title mean to you? Thank you, very much. Any further questions? That’s all? Thank you. This concludes the questions portion. We will have the contract signing,
beginning with Kenny Omega, please. And now the champion, Okada, please. And finally, chairman Sugabayashi, please. The signing is now done. And now for the photo op featuring all 3 men. First, with the 3 of them. Now, just the competitors, please. This concludes the signing ceremony. Thank you all, for joining us.

Robin Kshlerin



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