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Eli Jaxon-Bear, July Webcast: Freedom and Skillful Means: Living a Life of Love and Service

Welcome. Is it possible that even as your eyes open
from this sitting, your mind can remain still…quiet. Discover and see. Is it possible that even as you hear these
words, you don’t have to think about them, you don’t have to talk to yourself about them,
you don’t have to comment or judge right or wrong. But actually, your mind can be still and open. These words will land where they will. So the very fact that you’re here in this
circle that spreads around the world–people here from Australia, Europe, Canada, the United
States, Japan–all over the world, we’re all gathered together in this sacred circle and
what brings us together is the same true Heart. Each one of us–no matter where you are or
what your circumstances– already know that you want a world of peace, you want a world
of truth, you want a world of love. You want to be able to just get along with
each other. You want to be fulfilled. Quite naturally. Not everyone has these desires. That you’re attracted and you’re here means
that something’s called you at that level. Welcome. I’m so glad we get to meet…at least in this
way. So this is a different kind of talk than I’ve
been doing in these last several weeks, several months. This is called ‘Freedom and Skillful Means:
Living a Life of Love and Service.’ And that’s quite different because Freedom
and skillful means are two very different realms. And when I first met my Teacher, Papaji, I’d
been training therapists, working as a therapist–and everything stopped. My world stopped. And he asked me to carry this transmission
to the west. For the last 25 years, I’ve been bringing
Papaji’s transmission, to the best possible way that I can. To everybody that I meet… that’s interested. And the questions arose, that people have
asked me lately: How come you’ve re-started the school? Why did you re-start this Leela School for
training therapists after 25 years of having Satsang and meeting with people? And the answer starts with Freedom and then
we’ll go to skillful means. Freedom: First you have to know that you’re
not free. Most people don’t know that. Most people believe they have free choice,
free will, and they’re free to do what they like. And if you’re caught in that ignorance, you’ll
never discover the possibility of Freedom. So let’s talk about Freedom. And it’s not really talking about–it’s really
what is Freedom? Freedom is waking up to the Truth of Who You
Are. Until that happens, it’s impossible to be
free. Until you wake up, everything is conditioned:
your life, your choices, your circumstances–everything will be conditioned based on your body, your
genetics and your environment, your culture, your time. So it may seem like free will that I choose
to do this or I choose to do that, but it’s actually mechanical. It’s all done in a trance of ignorance. So to be free is to wake up to Who You really
Are. And the paradox is that Freedom is absolutely
the simplest and the most challenging of a lifetime. And because it’s so simple, it gets misused
and overlooked and misunderstood. So many people work on being free: they do
dharma practice, they do sitting meditations, they do…there’s all, a whole world of practice–it
doesn’t lead to Freedom. Whatever you practice, you will get better
at. If you practice meditating every day, you’ll
become a better meditator. If you practice mantras every day, you’ll
become better at mantras. But finally, ultimately, it does not lead
to Freedom because Freedom is causeless. You can’t have a cause for Freedom or Freedom
would be limited. And Freedom is not limited. Therefore, It has no cause. This is paradoxical. So Freedom has cause–so how do I get it? Well, first you have to realize that there’s
an identity crisis. That you believe you are a somebody and this
somebody is limited. And in that, you’re not free. That’s the first place to start to notice. The possibility for Freedom is to start to
recognize that any identification as a somebody, you can’t be free. So traditionally in the Hindu tradition, there’s
certain requirements before you go to a Teacher for Freedom. And those requirements classically are laid
out that first you have to have the burning desire for Freedom; in other words, it can’t
be casual, it’s not a hobby. It’s not something you do on weekends or when
you go to retreat or half an hour of sitting in the morning–it has to be your hair on
fire. An urgency. I must be free! I must know the Truth. Maybe you don’t call it Freedom. maybe you say, I must know the Truth! I must know who I am! Anyway you phrase it, any way you frame it,
there has to be a burning desire. For something that is transcendent of your
own self, as you know it. That’s the first requirement. The second requirement is the ability to tell
the real from the unreal. Now that could seem pretty obvious but it’s
not. People are lost in a trance within a trance
within a trance. Dreams within dreams. And are willing to follow anything as reality. To find what’s real, you have to be willing
to turn away from what’s not real. And what’s not real is everything that appears. Everything that appears–if you could turn
away from it, you’ll find what’s real, what’s unchanging. Cause if it appears, it also disappears. And appearances can be…can fool us. Like if you look at a sunset over the ocean,
it looks like, it appears that the sun is sinking into the ocean. It appears that we are stable and stationary
and the sun revolves around us. And we believed that for countless lifetimes
because it appeared that way. We cannot trust appearances. We cannot trust ‘seems like.’ If you turn your back on everything that appears
or seems like or feels like, you’ll find what’s unchanging. That’s the direction of your Self. That’s the direction of Truth. That’s the direction of Freedom. That’s what we all want. But it’s not a technique or a practice. And it’s not a quick fix. In our time and our culture, everyone is searching
for a quick fix. And billions of dollars have been made selling
remedies for a quick fix: How to create your reality, how to create abundance, how to change
your life, how to do this, how to do that. There are so many quick fixes: How to overcome
your fears, how to be empowered, how to have more, how to have better. Those are all quick fixes. Freedom is not that. Freedom is much more simple, much more elegant
and life-changing. Quick fixes believe that my life is reality
and I just want it better. Sometime in the future I want to stop this
and start that. I wanna stop my smoking or stop my overeating
or stop my neurosis or stop my self-hatred or stop my…and then I will have… That’s quick fixes. This is not that. This is much more radical. Freedom requires your whole life because what
you’re given back is beyond your life. What you’re given back is True Life. Out of the larval stage. It’s like if a caterpillar were to say, Well,
you know, I kind of like chewing on leaves and I’m not sure if I really want to do this
whole larval thing, cocoon thing. Maybe I’ll just do it a little bit or I’ll
just do it partway or I’ll leave some feet out, I’ve got so many legs, maybe I’ll just
leave a few of them out of the cocoon in case I wanna go back. It doesn’t work that way. You give yourself, body and soul. And then the cocoon happens of its own nature. And when you give yourself, body and soul,
you have no idea how you can fly as a butterfly–there’s no concept–it’s impossible. A caterpillar cannot fly. A caterpillar doesn’t have wings. It can’t conceive what will happen after it
goes into this dark hole of hibernation inside a cocoon–to emerge transformed. This is what Freedom requires. Your whole body and soul to be given to realize
your Self. Fully. Without doubt. Without question. We were in Copenhagen last month or a couple
of weeks ago and Gangaji and I were…somebody came up on the stage and asked us, ‘Well,
do you still have doubts?’ We didn’t know what she was talking about
and Gangaji said, ‘Well, sure, I have doubts. I have doubts about whether the plane’s gonna
be on time, I have doubts about the quality of the food, I could have doubts about everything.’ They said, ‘But do you have doubts about your
Self?’ Of course not. If we had doubts about our Selves, we wouldn’t
be speaking. We’d still be exploring and finding. So that’s what is available for you. To have no doubt. And no belief. Because usually, often, people will substitute
a strong belief about who they are, that they can believe without doubt. And it’s not that. This isn’t a belief in yourself–this is a
knowledge of your Self that is certain, not as information, not as data in your mind,
but as a certainty beyond doubt, beyond belief, beyond data. To know Who You Are. And once you know Who You Are and you stay
true to that realization, your whole life changes. It may not change on the outside–but your
relationship to what appears changes. Your relationship to yourself changes. Instead of hating yourself or blaming yourself
or doubting yourself or trying to fix yourself or trying to make yourself more successful
or more lovable or more anything at all–all that’s over. That’s just a dream that you wake up from. And you’re left in the depths of the Truth
of Peace and Love. That’s what we all hunger for. And that’s what my life is given to. But once this happens and you realize your
Self, then what? Then this inner Self expresses Itself through
the bodymind that It appears in. And It can be very different in Its expression. Ramana Maharshi for years did not speak. And when he finally did speak, he never left
his holy mountain. He became a hermit. And so people had to come to his mountain
to come to him. And mainly he still didn’t speak. He sat in Silence. This was his Teaching: Transmission of Silence. Very few actually got it and woke up. And then people would ask him other kinds
of questions and he would give them other kinds of answers to satisfy them: Where is
the Heart located? Where is the Self located? What about this, what about that? He was sweet and he wanted to be…he wanted
to help, whatever way, so he would answer limited questions with limited answers. But ultimately and finally he sat in Silence. And that was his Teaching. It was a Teaching of a Sage. A Teaching of a hermit. But this Teaching presupposes a network of
people who will not wake up and go to the mountain. It presupposes that there’ll be farmers to
grow the food, there’ll still be people to bring the food, there’ll be people who’ll
take care of them. There’s a whole social safety network set
up for people who wake up in India. They’re supported in a certain way. That’s the social milieu. Then you have the Buddha. Very completely different. Buddha wakes up, Gautama wakes up and he starts
to preach and teach, goes around trying to help others. It’s beautiful. How many actually woke up? We only know of one: Ashoka, a disciple, who,
when the Buddha holds up a flower, Ashoka gets it and wakes up. Nothing verbal. And so the Eightfold Path that as a Buddhist–I
have been a Zen Buddhist, I’ve been a Tibetan Buddhist, I’ve done the practices, I’ve done
the work–and it’s all about the Eightfold Path of the Buddha. And the Eightfold Path: There’s Right Speech,
Right Livelihood, Right Food, Right Thoughts, Right Speech…there’s a whole variety, this
Eightfold Path. What my Teacher said, this Eightfold Path
does not lead to awakening–it comes from awakening. So after you’re awake, quite naturally, you’ll
have good thoughts and good speech, good diet, maybe. Because then it’s possible that doesn’t happen. But it doesn’t lead to awakening. You can practice the Eightfold Path your whole
life–it’s not what brings you to awakening. Cause you can’t practice waking up. And then there’s the example of Nichyananda:
In the early 70s, when Swami Muktenanda first came to this country, I was brought to see
him. And I’d never experienced a shower of shakti–the
power of his energy–in anything besides LSD. And his energy, to me, was like an LSD trip. And his guru, Nichyananda, an awakened Self-Realized
Being, would sit in a tree and throw rocks at people when they came by. That was his expression. He was free, he was liberated, and he didn’t
want to be around people and he threw rocks at them. Although he also said, gave signs that could
interpret the Bombay Stock Market. And if you could follow his signs, you could
make a lot of money and they would give him a cut. So those are three very different styles of
what happens in this awakening process. All those styles assume that not everybody’s
going to wake up. Cause if everybody woke up and became hermits,
or they all sat in trees, or they all went around teaching, there’d be nobody to grow
the food, there’d be nobody to make the clothes–society would stop and we’d all starve to death. So the presupposition there is that it’s only
for a few and the rest will continue working and supporting. In our time, there’s a different model. A different possibility. That you can wake up and be in the world but
not of it. This is really what Papaji brought to us. To be completely liberated, awake and free–and
be a participant in the dream of this lifetime. So now we’re going towards: What is skillful
means? You can have skillful means without being
awake. And you can be awake without having skillful
means. And skillful means are not necessary for awakening. And skillful means are useful, whether you’re
awake or not. One of my teachers, Milton Erickson, classic
hypnotherapist who’s not awake, didn’t… never heard of it. But a master at entering rapport with other
peoples’ reality and assisting. He was brilliant. He was a genius. And so that’s skillful means. If you…I used to read Lao Tzu a lot, I love
the ‘I Ching’ and the ‘I Ching’ is a formula for skillful means. If you read the ‘I Ching’ or even throw those
coins or do the arrow stalks, you know, all it’s doing is teaching you skillful means. Not about being awake, not about being free–but
how to function skillfully in the world. And the reason that’s useful now, in my…the
way I see it, is that we can’t all go to the mountain. We have to be able to function in the day-to-day
world. Skillfully. So that whether you’re awake or not, you can
have a life of Love, a life of Peace. You can be in service of your brothers and
sisters, of fellow humanity. When I met Papaji and he knew I was training
therapists at that time–I was working at Esalen Institute and two months a year doing
the certification program in Clinical Hypnosis and working in Vienna a month a year, we were
doing the same certification program–he said, ‘Let both client and therapist wake up.’ It was brilliant. ‘Let both client and therapist wake up.’ And that’s my mission. And that’s why I’ve re-started the Leela School. Because I see the benefit. After 25 years of Satsang, I see that Satsang
is for awakening but it doesn’t necessarily help you with your personal relationships,
it doesn’t necessarily help you with skillfully meeting what appears in front of you. It certainly doesn’t help you with being a
therapist, or being a coach, or being a guide, or being a healer. Papaji was a Master at transmitting Freedom–he
was a Master at entering your reality and popping you awake in it. But when it came to psychological issues,
he had no background; he had no insight into the structure of ego, into the nature of emotions,
and so he would send people to me. There was one time when I was in Lucknow where
he would set me up in a flat, and send everyone to me who wasn’t getting it. And then he’d send people to me who had sexual
abuse issues because he didn’t know how to deal with sexual abuse issues–he was there
for you to wake up. But some people couldn’t wake up because they
were still burdened by the issues going on inside of them. They weren’t whole enough. To wake up, you have to have a healthy ego. You have to have it–your ego has to be just
in its basic duality of the doer and the judge of the doer. That’s the basic ego split. The basic dual nature. And when the doer and the judge of the doer
are united in the desire for Freedom, nothing can stop you. But if you have other parts of you that are
not unified, that are still suffering, still grieving, still fighting wars, still going
on, then you’re not present enough to fully embrace the possibility, then it’s possible
to have help. Papaji would send some to me and he gave me
a full practice just when I was in Lucknow. One day… this is his mastery: One day he
said to me, ‘So, a lot of people are telling me they’re waking up with you.’ That…immediately there was this inflation
of Yeah, yay, yes, he hears it, he knows it! And as soon as he saw that, he said, ‘But
I don’t understand something, tell me, do you call yourself Isaac?’ And when he said that, I immediately went,
‘No, No!’ And I got it and he laughed and I laughed–and
it popped. That was his mastery. That was his genius. Just pushing me where he knew it would just
pop. So that’s the brilliance of the possibility
of the transmission of awakening. And skillful means is something else. Skillful means is the possibility of relating
with each other. And serving each other. Being a true friend for each other. And so the Leela School is set up: the basis
is being a true friend. Discovering what it means to be a true friend. Cause to be a true friend means to have an
open heart, quiet mind and to not take anything personally. So right now you, in this moment, if you’re
willing to be a true friend to yourself and the world, to have a quiet mind, an open heart
and not taking anything personally–that’s enough. Then Enlightenment, non-Enlightenment, that
will take care of itself. Freedom, not Freedom, will take care of itself. You just be the quiet mind, open heart and
not take anything personally. And then there’s skillful means. That’s the basis. Then how to intervene? When someone asks for help, how to give them
help and not advice? Cause mainly what you see in the world, everybody’s
giving each other advice. ‘Well, when that happens, what you should
do is’ or ‘the next time, what should happen’ or ‘what you need to do in order to get what
you want is…’ Advice is useless; advice is not help. It’s a kind of preaching. It’s an ‘I know and you don’t know’ and ‘I’m
gonna give you something that you don’t have.’ That’s the old model. That’s old school. That’s religion. That’s old-time religion. That’s not good enough for me. So to truly serve is not to give advice, not
to preach. Not to tell someone, ‘Oh, you’re already free,
you’re already enlightened. It doesn’t matter. It’s only a story.’ That doesn’t help anybody–it just spreads
more concepts. And so that’s been my mission. My mission’s been a mission for Freedom. For most of my life. I pass it on to you. Let it be your mission. Let your life revolve around Freedom and Love. And you’ll discover, beyond belief, the world–the
world changes from hell to heaven. It doesn’t mean you ignore the suffering in
this world ’cause the suffering, of course it’s a nightmare, it’s painful, it’s heartbreaking–you
let it break your heart. The tragedy, the waste, human madness–it’s
heartbreaking. But don’t jump into the negativity with it;
that’s the tendency is to then be at war with it. Then you’re adding negativity. To blame it, you’re adding negativity. Instead of blaming, instead of going to war
with, Be Love. Be the alternative. Be the possibility. Be your Self. And then you’re the living example that sets
us all free. Good. Hope that was clear. Sorry for all the technical difficulties while
we were sitting. I don’t know if you got it but I got it: an
operator telling about my line being busy…that was a great test. I wonder if you heard that; I hope you did. While we were sitting, this operator came
on about an automated call, something. The tendency would be to get irritated with
it, to wish it would go away, to feel like it ruined something. That’s our tendency, that’s the reactive negative
tendency of mind. And I don’t know if you had that or not, I
don’t know if you even heard it, but if you did hear it and you didn’t move– there’s
a bliss in hearing what seems like a disturbance and not moving with it, there’s a bliss in
knowing, a bliss in knowing your Self, a bliss in being tested–that’s what it is, a bliss
of being tested. So all of life is a test. If you react to it, go negative with it, you’re
part of the problem. So I’m inviting you to be the solution. I hope this is clear. And I’m open to any questions or reports or
anything you have to say. So, Valerie’s the first person up. Hi, Valerie. Hi, Eli. I’m really grateful to see you. It’s been many years since I was in the 3-year
group and in the Leela Program. Yes. I would love to be in the Leela School this
August but unfortunately my school work schedule conflicts so I can’t do that. My question is: I have come across some skillful
means and I find myself resistant to moving in the direction of them. I have a…[unclear]… Valerie, for some reason I’m not getting what
you’re saying very clearly, I’ve…I heard you say resistant to something and I’m sorry,
could you repeat it? I don’t know why I’m not hearing it clearly. Yes, I’m having resistance to incredible skillful
means teaching that has been placed in my lap by my Tibetan Buddhist chi-gong Master
and I don’t know what to do. It breaks my heart but I…he’s my root guru. You have to stay true to your Self. Whatever that means. I don’t know what resistance means, really,
you know. People would tell me they have resistance
and I never had that so I didn’t know what it was. And then when I…when I had this cancer thing,
when I was being treated for my cancer with super heavy duty chemo–and I was good with
that, it was all going along fine–but then they were going to do this stem cell transplant
and to do the stem cell transplant, they have to kill off your immune system and it would
be very easy to die from secondary disease. And for some reason, that scared me more than
dying of the cancer or dying from the chemotherapy. And so the thought of doing the stem cell
treatment a couple weeks or a week ahead, I had a mental resistance to it. And that’s what gave me the clue. I said: Oh, this is what resistance is! I’m projecting something into the future and
then I’m afraid of it or I’m angry about it. So I don’t know how that relates to you but
that’s what I found for resistance. I don’t know what resistance means for you. But there has to be some future projection
about it. Ahhh. Well, I don’t know if I’m afraid of losing
my identity in the process of doing this chi-gong. I don’t know if it’s so…if I’m touching
on the edge of this deeper Awareness and that scares me. I think that’s what it is, actually. I think maybe my self-image wants to stay
small, I don’t know. Yeah. That all sounds right. That’s the natural human condition. Fear of losing identity. Wanting to stay safe by staying small, as
an identity. Fear of the Unknown. Good, well I’m glad your Teacher brought you
to that edge. Now it’s up to you. No one jumps but you. Ohhh. Is it just a matter of jumping? Willingness to lose everything. There’s really nowhere to jump. You’ve already…this is really nothing…if
you look down, you’ll see you’re not standing on any firm ground anyway. Your whole identity that you’re trying to
protect is just a little soap bubble: it has no weight, it has no meaning, it has no depth–it’s
just a soap bubble that you’re terrified that if you lose, if it pops, you’ll be out in
the open, you know. You can keep it together, if you want, if
that serves you. So how do I, how do I proceed with developing
skillful means without being a doer but yet also being… literally setting up a program to work for
myself, like a routine? You were speaking of stepping out into the
Unknown and losing your identity. That’s a completely different realm. First, yeah, so most people will divert from
that into getting busy doing something. Then that becomes an avoidance and whatever
you do will be suffering because you’ll be using it to avoid your Self, to stay safe
and small. So…so then when I think about doing the
process, what–how do I lose the identity and then…I guess I have to let go of everything,
but then…but then, but then…but then if I don’t do anything, it reconfirms the staying
small. How do you know? See, you have an idea of what doing nothing
means and that means staying small. No, staying small takes a lot of work. Takes a lot of effort. You have to talk a certain way, you have to
act a certain way, you have to have a certain posture. Staying small takes work. Doing nothing is the greatest challenge of
a lifetime. It’s not about being stupid–it’s about being
intelligent. It’s not about being lazy–it’s about being
open. And the only way you’ll be willing to lose
everything–your identity, your smallness, your safety, your comfort zone–is if you
have a burning desire for something more important. And if you do, you’ll stay true to your Self. If you don’t, you’ll deflect into some practice
or activity that will keep you occupied. And if you do, well, that’s fine, do it well. Do it 100% and be a Master at it. Give up the struggle one way or another. Know what I mean? I think I do, I… You think you do doesn’t count, see, that’s
just your head talking to yourself. In your Heart, do you know what I mean? I…I don’t know…I’ve experienced that but
around this chi gong practice I don’t. Well, I have no idea what your chi gong practice
is. I don’t know how real it is. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know anything about it. I’m just talking to you. Yeah. And what I said to you had nothing to do with
your chi gong practice. So all that is still deflection from hearing
what I said. Cause you do know what I mean. And it scares you. Right? Probably, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Ohhh! Yes. You have to… Yeah. Yeah. It’s confronting yourself. It’s being ruthless with yourself. Ruthlessly honest with yourself. To stop talking to yourself. To stop staying small and safe. Takes courage. People think courage…people think courage
means the fear goes away. There’s no fear, there’s no courage. Yeah. Ahhh. All right, Valerie, it’s good. Good. It’s a life and death situation you’re in. It’s very rare and lucky that you have this
moment where you’re confronted with the smallness and terror of your ego and the possibility
of losing your identity. Most people never have that choice. Never even know it’s possible. You’re so lucky you’ve been brought to this
precipice. Be grateful for it. Be grateful and make good use of it. Thank you, Eli. And could you please consider offering your
program in July, so people who work in schools could come? Well, you know what, dear? I would, but I’m teaching In Europe in July. And so, you know, it’s like, it has to fit. I mean, my schedule, I’m on the road like
5 months a year and so these are the times that it fits into the…into my work schedule. So, you know, everything is possible, it’s
possible that it would change but…I think August, August isn’t the same as July, is
that summertime? No, I work in school and I start back in August
so I would so love to deepen in the Leela School… Yes, well, love for you to be here sometime. Thank you. Thank you, Valerie, it’s good to hear from
you again. Take care. Bye. So when Valerie’s speaking, she’s speaking
for all of us. We’re all attached to our identity as a somebody. For some, like Donald Trump, it’s a megalomaniacal
perversity of specialness, arrogance, pride. For others, like Valerie, it’s about being
small and safe and secure and harmless so that you won’t hurt me, you won’t see me,
I won’t stand out, I won’t be a target. Those are the two extremes. Donald Trump, he’s fine being a target ’cause
he knows he’s gonna whatever. So either way, ego inflation or ego deflation
are the two basic stances that we move between in our lives. Sometimes the lights are shining on me; other
times I can barely see. Like that. So we go from inflations of success to deflations
of defeat. And that little bubble that inflates and deflates
is called ‘myself.’ And if you’re willing for that bubble to examine,
to just examine to see: Is it real? Is there really anything separating your idea
of yourself from yourself? Is there anything really separating you from
the outside? Let the bubbles pop. On the other hand, I’ve seen people totally
misuse this Teaching in so many ways. I’ve met some people in Europe this time who…they
realize, they recognize that there is no…there’s nothing but Freedom. They already are free and they can be who
they wanna be and be like they wanna be and it doesn’t matter. And they were so arrogant, so full of themselves. So rude in taking this precious Teaching,
this precious precious sacred Teaching and turning it into an ego trip. And then there were others…that’s the ego
inflation. And then there are others who stayed ego-deflated
by ‘I’m not sure if I know who I am, and I’m, I need to work on who am I, who am I?’ Burden themselves with practices and doubts
to stay small, stay safe. If you don’t take either of those positions,
if you’re not inflated and not deflated, if you’re not someone special, if in this moment
you allow yourself to be nobody at all. Make believe. Let’s make-believe in this moment that you
are nobody at all. Not a man, not a woman, not a body, with no
past and no future. Just in this moment. What’s your experience? What are you then? Now I suspect that most of you have at least
a taste from this but this taste won’t last because it was just a passing fancy. But if you give yourself to it fully, if you
surrender everything to what you taste, you won’t move. And this immovability–you’re then in alignment
with your Self because your Self is immovable. So when the wandering mind becomes immovable,
you’re in alignment. And then the depths shine through the surface. When you’re out of alignment, the Light Is
still shining, but It doesn’t make it to the surface because It gets deflected by the ways
that you move, the zigs and the zags, the inflations and deflations. Hope this is clear. You must be clear because there are no other
questions. Oh, there is a question. Voker. Voker from Australia. Hi, Voker. Hello, good to hear you. Good to hear you, too. Hey, you know, those calendars you gave me,
I gave them away and people love them. Sorry, Eli, what did I give you? Didn’t you give me calendars? Calendars, no. Oh, sorry, it was a different Voker! That was German Voker. You’re German Voker in Australia. Yeah, just to confuse the matters, I’m in
Germany right now. There you go. So…I’m lost. Oh, sure. I’m not. Good. I prefer it that way. Yes, me too. A little report. Yes. Please. Ve gaytz. Zayer gut. And it’s funny now, with this inflation, deflation,
but in the last few days, I walk past the mirror a few times and I liked what I saw. A certain warmth. I went, Ahh, hello! And I don’t think it has to do something with
inflation or deflation or something with… comfort. Yes, you saw what’s deeper. Beautiful. Yes. That’s so beautiful. Thank you. Yeah, I think so, too. It’s very beautiful. There’s also what I see and I think it’s beautiful
that that is that. What I can see. Yes. I’m very happy. Yes. When the heart shines through, then everything
is beauty. Then you see yourself and you can love yourself. It’s wonderful. And thank you for your encouragement in the
phone call and also for taking off pressure, you know, this…there can be in this desire
to wake up, you know, at least I can put a lot of pressure on myself but it all has its
own course and its own timing. Yes. And I can only do as much as I can do and
I can see the genuinity and sweetness and desire and eagerness, all of which is beautiful–but
I cannot go faster than life itself. That’s right, that’s it. What I can do, have to be happy with that. That’s right. Really what it is is: you put your head on
the chopping block–and then it’s over. You’ve done your job. When the chop comes is not your business. You don’t chop–you just put your head on
the block. Then the chop may come at the most inconvenient
time. So many times people say, Oh my god, I was
so close, I was scared, too soon, too much, not now–but it doesn’t matter. Your head’s on the block so whenever the time
is, that’s your time. Yeah. That’s beautiful. I’m so glad. I’m glad, too, and thank you for making yourself
available on the phone calls. Thank you really so much for the clarity and
the integrity. There’s so many possibilities to get lost
in this life, in this world. Yes. And sometimes I’m happy to get lost because
then I can tell the clarity from the confusion. But without your words, without your integrity,
I see the big capacity that I would have gotten completely lost as well. Thank you, thank you, Voker. And I’m so grateful, you know, it’s like,
when I met my Teacher, there was no Internet, there were no Satsangs, there were no Satsang
videos, there were no Satsang audios, there was no–none of this was possible. And so now it’s like, I’m so grateful that
we have this. You could be in Germany, I can be here in
Ashland, and we can be connecting, heart to heart. It’s so beautiful. I’m so grateful. Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah. Me, too. Yes. And I mean, even if we talk or I talk very
rarely, you’re with me every day–this journey’s so integral to my life. Phone conversations, like this one–and the
conversation is just one percent of what I bring to this. Yes. You’re with me so often. I would like to say all the time. Thank you for all of it, for when you’re present
without context but also when you’re present in person or online. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, Voker. We’re all connected. We’re all alive in each other’s heart because
there’s only One Heart. When Papaji died in India, I was in Stinson
Beach in California asleep in my bed in the middle of the night. I didn’t know he was in the hospital. I didn’t know he was dying. I hadn’t been in contact that way. Still there was no Internet, there was no
email. And I sat up in my bed in the middle of the
night, sat straight up–and started laughing and crying at the same time. And I knew: Papaji had died. And it was so blissful–and so painful. It was just… certainty that he’d left his
body. And that’s what we all are, connected that
way. And to the degree that you love someone, you’re
that more deeply connected limbicly. And so we’re all…have a different capacity,
different relationships. But we all have the same Love–we all are
the same Love. Same Consciousness speaking these words is
hearing these words. And if you try to block it by thinking about
it or talking to yourself, somehow mysteriously it’ll still go into your Heart. Because that’s why you’re here. So that even if there’s resistance of your
mind, your Heart is calling. Your Heart is drinking the nectar. Not of these words–these words are just air–but
what these words convey–you’re a carrier wave and it’s a carrier wave that goes directly
to your Heart. Regardless of what the mind thinks or doesn’t
think. So thank you for being here. Thank you for your life. Give your life fully to your Self…without
question or doubt. Face the Unknown with full courage and total
terror. And step off–and you’re free. And don’t even step off, just don’t step forward–don’t
move. Be still and you’re free. That simple. And then simple doesn’t mean easy. The challenge of your lifetime. That’s why you’re here. That’s why we meet. Thank you for being here. May all beings be free. May all beings live in peace. May all beings love the Truth in themselves
and each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robin Kshlerin



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