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(ENG) [Full ver.] “Call” Press Conference [풀영상] 박신혜(Park Shin Hye)x전종서x김성령x이엘 영화 ‘콜’ 제작보고회 [통통TV]

Shin Hye, please say hello to the reporters. Hi, nice to meet you all. I’m Park Shin Hye and I play Seo Yeon in “Call”. Jong Seo? Hi. I’m Jeon Jong Seo and I play Young Sook in “Call”. Nice to meet you. Sung Ryung? Hi, I’m Kim Sung Ryung and I play Seo Yeon’s mother. Nice to meet you. Lee El? Hi, I’m Lee El and I play Mrs. Shin. Director? I’m Lee Choong Hyun, the director of “Call”. Hi. We have so many reporters here today. You must be grateful, excited and nervous. This is the first official press conference for “Call”. We just saw the trailer. I’m looking forward to not only the interesting setting of the past and present connected by a phone call, …but also the fierce acting skills by the four of you. Before we go further into details, we have a special video. This is the introduction video of the characters. Wow, it wasn’t just fierce but it gave me chills. I feel like I just saw four different types of charisma. The four of you truly taking over the screen. First of all, I have a question for the director. You managed to have cast these four wonderful actresses. How did you cast them and how do you feel about the cast? It was truly an honor to have worked with these four actresses. First of all, Shin Hye. When I saw all of Shin Hye’s previous works, …I knew she would do really well in hard genre films and condensed thrillers. She really led the story as the pillar of the film. And Jong Seo. When I was writing the scenario, I had watched “Burning” three times in the theater. Intuitively, I thought she would suit well with Young Sook, …although I hadn’t known her that well. She did a great job as expected. And Sung Ryung. She’s really pure in person. – And also very motherly.
– True. So she suit well with her character of Seo Yeon’s mom. And I thought Sung Ryung was the only actress in Korea who could show the twenty-year period of the past and present in an effective way. And Lee El. I was so scared that she would refuse my offer. El has this matchless aura, which was perfect for playing Mrs. Shin. I was scared that she would refuse to be in our film but fortunately, she said yes. – That’s how I ended up with the cast.
– That’s how you ended up with this cast. So as the director said, these four women were meant to be the cast of “Call”. And here they are. Shin Hye, this film must be the most intense one in your filmography. I think so, too. Out of all the films and dramas I’ve done, this one is by far the most intense and in a way… Seo Yeon pays the price for changing the fate. I got to discover something new from myself that I hadn’t even been aware of. I was really looking forward to the final version of this film while shooting on the set. Fans and moviegoers have been hyped up about this film ever since the trailer came out. What was your focus when you were playing this character, Seo Yeon? At first, I felt that she was being dragged by Young Sook mentally, since the spark of curiosity. But Seo Yeon is very active and struggles to protect her mom and everything she has, which attracted me the most. I’m sure that audiences will feel the same. The eyes that just looked at me are a perfect fit for a thriller. Shin Hye, you debuted in 2003 so this is your 17th year as an actress. – You were in middle school when I first met you.
– Right. Can we expect a queen of thrillers from you? I tried short hair for the first time. So it’s going to feel a bit different. Please stay tuned to see how the romantic-comedy queen turns into a thriller queen. Jong Seo, you’ve become a blue chip in the film world with “Burning,” which Director Lee said he watched three times. In “Call,” you play Young Sook, a crazy murderer who wants to change her horrendous future. It must’ve been emotionally difficult. How was it on the set? You probably had a lot going on in your head. Young Sook always has explosive anger. Really violent and tough. So like you said… – It must’ve been difficult.
– Right. Yes, but the long discussion I had with Director Lee about the script before shooting was helpful. So, the actual shooting went smoothly although Director and I didn’t talk much and communicated through the little gestures. Because there was this connection between you two. Jong Seo, you’re calm in person and when you ran into Sung Ryung’s arms earlier in the dressing room,. …you were almost her daughter or younger sister. But your acting is so powerful in the film. Also, I heard on the news that you will be in a Hollywood film. How do you feel about that? It’s true that I’ll be in a Hollywood film, …but I just had so much fun shooting “Call.” Yes. – You’re going all in for “Call.”
– Yes. That’s right. – You hope everything goes well with the Hollywood film as well, but “Call” is more important for now.
– Yes. Great. Sung Ryung, you play Seo Yeon’s mother and really show the power of motherhood. What did you focus on when you played your character? Well… I think it shows in the film that I love my daughter and try to protect her more than I love my sons in real life. There are some fierce acting sequences as well, right? I don’t know why but every time I play a character, I can’t talk about her or otherwise it becomes a spoiler. – You can’t say anything because it’s will be a spoiler.
– I can’t. But there are fierce action sequences, right? Rather than action sequences, per se… – Struggling to protect my daughter.
– Struggling as a mother. The struggle that shows the power of motherhood. Can’t wait to check it out. Actually, it’s your second time working with Shin Hye since “The Heirs”. – In the drama, Shin Hye, Sung Ryung was your boyfriend’s mother. You were her daughter-in-law.
– Yes. This time, you are in a mother-daughter relationship. How was it? – Actually, we were on “You’re Beautiful” as well.
– Right. “The Heirs” and this is the third one. But it’s our first time as mother and daughter. It’s not that I work with her often but Shin Hye is like a daughter to me. It’s your first son, right? In an interview and on the set, Sung Ryung would tell me, ‘My first son says he loves you’. So I have this sense of intimacy with her. On the set, she was like my mother… …She’s too young to call her “Mom”. How about mother-in-law? Are Shin Hye and Sung Ryung’s son really happening? I relied on her a lot and loved working with her. She is my daughter in the film, but I thought, ‘Is this how it feels to have a daughter? Like friends?’ She was very reliable. – More than just a daughter…Moms actually rely on their daughters a lot, right?
– Yes. I relied on her a lot and she was like a good friend of mine at the same time, so I felt really comfortable on the set. A fact check: Does your son still like Shin Hye? When she’s on TV, he goes, ‘Wow, so pretty…’ – Like that.
– He still has feelings for her. Great. And El, whom fans love for her matchless, unique charms. In this movie, you play Mrs. Shin who tries to change Young Sook’s fate. As you already saw in the video and stills, her eyes are intense. I guess it’s her character that maximizes the mysteriousness of the film. El, there must have been a lot for you to prepare for this character. First of all, I had to express in many ways that I haven’t experienced in real life, so I did a lot of research for references. I just tried to be strange. I didn’t want to look normal. At first, I told the director that I was going to exaggerate my expressions but brought them down a bit later to look less eerie. Who was your reference? Julianne Moore in “Carrie”. But our ways of expression are different. Looking forward to El’s own interpretation of Mrs. Shin. The more we talk about the film, the more excited and curious I am about it. Now that our curiosity is amplified, let’s check out this video on the production process of “Call.” The birth of “Call.” Let’s go. We just watched how “Call” was born. Along with Yang Jin Mo, the Oscar-nominated editor of “Parasite,” …Vanessa Taylor, the colorist of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “The Great Gatsby,” …and Dalparan, the music director of “Believer” and “The Wailing.” What an outstanding, talented group of people as the crew of “Call.” This is why we’re more excited about the film. Director Lee, you were showered with high praise for your short film, “Bargain.” I heard that you worked really hard to get the right props for both the past and present. Also the transition in production design and changes in color based on the characters’ emotions. You really focused on a lot of things for this film. But what did you focus on the most? As you said, …the characters’ narrative and emotions keep changing and changing that you’ll think that this film has many different stories. To be In accordance with those changes, we went full-power with the costume, design, lights, space, photography… …to make viewers wonder about the ending toward the end of the film and finally provide them with an unexpected finale. So, in order to do so, the cast and crew put all of our effort into this film. In other words, the story is intricately weaved. – By the way, you’re the same age as Shin Hye, right?
– Yes. – You guys are friends?
– Yes. The same age? Everyone, it’s finally the era of the 90s-liners for the film industry as well. How was it working together on set? Shin Hye? The story unfolds through phone calls, so most of the time we were alone when acting. Everything happens through phone calls especially between Jong Seo and me. So even when we weren’t physically in the same scene, we would visit each other to read the lines and help out. I think such process helped us make this film more dynamic and suspenseful. And Director Lee and I monitored talked a lot about my gestures and emotions… …and about how to make the scenes more suspenseful and show the changes more effectively. It’s my first time shooting a film like this and also Director Lee’s first commercial movie. So we had heated debates and discussions on the set. The workload and pressure on set must have been intense to make a very intricately well-made film. Lee El is nodding. What made you decide to do this film? Before I answer your question, let me just say that it wasn’t too intense on the set. Director Lee had the exact picture that he wanted in his head. Instead of discussing and making things together, I rather followed the director’s direction and tried to bring out what he wanted. I didn’t take that many takes so it was rather comfortable. I loved how the main cast is all women. I also liked how the messages for each other time-travel and how things change as a result. The scenario of going over the boundary between life and death. How about you, Sung Ryung? – I had chills the first time I read the script.
– You could picture the scenes in your head. When I finished reading I was so scared. I had goosebumps. I couldn’t guess how the whole story would come to an end in the midst of this whirlwind of a time. Even when I was left with only a few pages to go, I still couldn’t guess how it would end. The film is very unexpected, mysterious, powerful and fun. I could tell that by your facial expression. Jong Seo, what do you think is the most attractive about “Call”? As you saw in the video earlier, the film is really unexpected and full of suspense. Don’t you dare to guess what’s to come. Great. I’m more excited about the film now. Shin Hye, you must have something to say as well. What is most attractive about the film? I guess I can answer that question by telling you why I decided to do this film. There are scripts that give me imagination. In that case, I become curious as to how it will be the same or different when I actually act out those scenes on the set. Then my heart starts to beat faster because I want to do it so badly. When you watch this film, your heart will beat faster and almost blow up. It’ll be such a thrilling rollercoaster ride as you go deeper into the film, wondering how the intertwined fates of Seo Yeon and Young Sook come to an end. This is the movie that made Shin Hye’s heart beat faster. Now, we’ll move on to the ‘Initial Talk’ do have a deeper talk about the film. We have four keywords for each letter of ‘Call.’ First of all, let’s see what the first letter, ‘C,’ represents. ‘Change. Everything changes with one phone call.’ It’s really interesting how the past, present, and future all change with just one phone call. Director Lee, if you could change one thing from the past or the future, what would it be? – That’s a hard question.
– Yes. – There are so many things.
– Just one, please. There are so many but I’m a major homebody. When I was in my twenties…I’m now in my thirties by the way. – You’ve just turned 30.
– Yes. In my twenties, I didn’t get to travel anywhere, even backpacking. Now that I’m busy with work, I regret not going on a trip. – You would travel a lot.
– Yes, and experience new things. Traveling and experiencing new things. If you were given the chance to change one thing. Well… I’m quite satisfied with my life. – You’re happy with everything.
– Well… It’d be great if I could change something. But trading that with the life I’ve carried on is…I think I’ve lived a good life. – Because you’ve done your best all the time.
– Yes, because I’ve done my best. How about the future then? – The future?
– If you could change one thing about the future. I’d rather not ponder upon things that have not happened yet. I guess that’s one lesson you learned from this film. Jong Seo. I want to turn back time to one hour ago. To one hour ago? And take one more stress-relief pill. Also go to the bathroom one more time. You took a stress-relief pill, though, right? -Yes.
– But you only took one. – Yes.
– How down-to-earth she is to say that she is nervous and should’ve taken more of those pills. Literally, she was shaking so much. I could tell how nervous she was. This is the official press conference, so she must be very nervous. – Sung Ryung?
– Jong Seo was never nervous on set, though. She was braver than anyone else. – We’ve seen her in “Burning,” but I got to meet her in person for the first time see for this film.
– RIght. To me, she has this rebellious image. And she was a hard-working person. – And she’s so lovely.
– Yes. – I didn’t think she’d be hard-working but she was. She was hard-working… -…and did the best she could.
– She is a hard-working actress. But Sung Ryung, you’re also a very hard-working person, no? – Yes, so…
– What would you change if you had a chance? I just want to be born again. – I have so many things to change.
– What do you mean? I just want to be reborn. She’s a really hard-working person. So you mean you would work even harder if you could be born again? No, actually, it’s the opposite. – I would just go my way.
– Excellent. Lee El. I wouldn’t change anything, either. I like the way I am. All the choices I made have cumulated into who I am today. So I’d rather not change anything. Shin Hye and Lee El wouldn’t change anything. You would turn back time to one hour ago and you wish to be born again. Awesome. And Director Lee would go back to his twenties and travel more. They gave us their honest answers. Let’s move on to the second letter, ‘A.’ ‘Answer. Who told you to hang up?’ When Young Sook calls, Seo Yeon picks up. At first, this experience makes your normal everyday life more fun. But eventually, it becomes a horrifying phone call you can’t avoid. There are many scenes where you are on the phone. And Shin Hye said earlier that… …you visited to help each other by reading the lines, etc. Can I ask you why you did that? There are many scenes where you are on the phone talking to Jong Seo. The studio set stays the same but the times constantly change. We had to film on the same set, so we couldn’t shoot at the same time. So we had to change the setting and props. We shot Young Sook’s scenes which were set in 1999. It’s usually the case where actors face each other to create chemistry and harmony, but we couldn’t. I thought monitoring each other wasn’t enough. So before we started shooting, we had a discussion with the director. And it feels different when you actually see each other act on the set, so that’s why I visited Jong Seo even when I didn’t have any scheduled scenes. That must have been very helpful. Jong Seo, how was your teamwork with Shin Hye? I finished shooting most of my scenes before her. I was done with most of my scenes already. Young Sook is usually the offensive one and Seo Yeon is the defensive one. That’s what it’s like in the beginning. At first, I didn’t know how much energy I should put into my character to match with Seo Yeon. So I think I just went all the way at some point. As Shin Hye said, …we visited each other on the set to see how we act. After watching the final version of the film I thought that the energy we had was quite balanced. – So we had such great teamwork.
– Right. The fact that you visited each other to read the lines and cheer on itself means that you had great teamwork. Thank you. Let’s move on to the third letter, ‘L’. ‘Link.The irrevocable link/relationship.’ The first phone call between Seo Yeon and Young Sook changes everything. And eventually, everyone around Seo Yeon and Young Sook is linked together as well. The film stars not only the main cast here but some of your favorite actors like…. Oh Jeong Se, Park Ho San, and Lee Dong Hwi. How are these characters related to the main cast? – Let’s me start with Jeong Se who is in the middle.
– Jeong Se. He is a farmer who has a strawberry farm and lives in Seo Yeon’s neighborhood. He helps Seo Yeon by giving her all sorts of information. Ho San on the right is Seo Yeon’s father. He appears halfway into the movie and leaves a huge impact on the narrative and characters. The rest can be a spoiler so… – …You’ll find out how great the impact is when you watch the film.
– We’ll find out when we watch the film. Dong Hwi also appears halfway into the film at the right moment. He’s a police officer who helps Seo Yeon and her mom, and he’s the only one who can pose a threat to Young Sook. Awesome. Director Lee just told us about the three men. And I realized that the only one who worked with all three of them is Shin Hye. How was it? Ho San is the reason why Seo Yeon is so desperate. As her father, he is the reason why Seo Yeon had to do certain things to Young Sook. And Jeong Se is the one who helps Seo Yeon gratify her curiosity. Also, Seo Yeon becomes more curious when she stops by his strawberry farm. And Dong Hwi… Seo Yeon searches for both her mom and Young Sook. Dong Hwi give Seo Yeon little clues one at a time for her to find them. All of them are very popular in Korea these days. Please look forward to their acting and teamwork with the main cast. Last but not least, ‘L,’ the last letter in ‘call.’ ‘Live. Young Sook, I think you’re gonna die tonight.’ Revealing someone’s future is one of the most forbidden things. Director Lee, could you tell us what’s going on when that line is said? This is Seo Yeon’s line when she tells Young Sook about her future. – Like you said, it’s forbidden to do that.
– It’s forbidden. To Seo Yeon and people around her, it’s as if she opened the pandora’s box. With that line said, the whole narrative turns upside down. I haven’t watched the film but I guess the story will take off more dynamically from that moment on. “Call” is a mystery thriller about the four characters intertwined and trying to survive. The shooting itself must have been tough. Cast, do you have any memorable scenes or behind-the-scenes episodes? Shin Hye? – I ran a lot.
– You ran a lot. I ran and ran and ran and ran. I thought I was going to be one of those cartoon characters who keeps running and running. You thought you were going to be that character. – Yes, I ran a lot.
– You ran a lot. Then you must be physically stronger now. I actually worked out to be able to run a lot. I had to keep running. And the situations were all different. I ran for different reasons. I almost got sick of running. Yeah, I’m sure the details were all different. Jong Seo, what do you remember the most? It’s one of the scenes in the movie. I had to shoot this particular scene for the whole day. Director didn’t give me any direction and just said, ‘I rely on you.’ And the PD took me outside of the studio and said, ‘Cheer up!’ They trusted you. I didn’t know what to do but everything turned out okay. I later asked Director Lee why he did that… …and there was a reason why. It was all planned. He made sure that I felt free on the set so I could be more imaginative. And what I just told you is an example. Director Lee knew that having Jong Seo on the set was enough. I think he already knew that you would be able to make it work without any prior direction. What amazing energy you have. – Which reminds me of the famous saying by Martin Scorsese.
– ‘The most personal is the most creative.’ The most creative. Sung Ryung, what was most memorable for you? The scenes I shot with Jong Seo had the greatest impact. The rest were okay for me. I play Seo Yeon’s mom but most of my scenes were with young Seo Yeon. – So with Shin Hye, I communicated with her on the phone.
– On the phone. She came to the set to read the lines for me so I could act more easily as I listened to her. But I didn’t do that for her. – She’s good enough by herself.
– You trusted her. I already knew what to do because I’d seen her act. Great. Lee El? Whatis the memorable episode? I’m not in many scenes, actually. There is only a number of scenes but I can’t talk about any of them. I’d rather not say anything because it’s better when you watch the film yourself. We can’t say anything about Mrs. Shin because everything is a spoiler. Actually, that was good information as well. Thank you. Now we’ll take questions from the floor. I’m sure that you’re now more excited about the film. If you have any questions, please raise your hand, and we’ll give you a microphone. We already have somebody in the middle, right-hand side. Hello. – Hi.
– Great to meet you. I have a question for Shin Hye and Jong Seo. You and your characters must have some things in common to some extent. What did you think was similar? I also have a question for everyone. The film also takes place twenty years ago. What was the most memorable about the set or props? Thank you. Shin Hye. How are you and Seo Yeon similar? That we’re both curious about so many things. Instead of hanging up on wrong numbers, I get curious for some reason when I get calls from unknown numbers. I can’t hold my curiosity. I’m the type of person who, if there is something I’m curious about, I have to find out everything about it. That’s one thing I have in common with my character. – And…
– What she said is true. I never answer unknown numbers. – I see.
– But Shin Hye does. She picks up and goes, ‘No, you called the wrong number. I’m terribly busy right now’…you know those calls. She says all that and then hangs up. But aren’t you ever curious about those unknown numbers? All they say is to buy insurance or something. So I never answer them. You never answer those types of calls. Thank you for the information. Great. And how about you, Jong Seo? How are you similar to Young Sook? Persistence. – Persistence.
– Well… Also madness…not the same kind, though. If I get hooked on something, I’m really persistent with it for a long time. It’s the same case for Young Sook. And anxiety is one of the things that has a big share of Young Sook’s life. I tend to be anxious so that’s another similarity. – It’s just one of the feelings humans have.
– Yes. – If you put that in a good way, you’re patient.
– Yes. Thank you. The sets depicting twenty years ago. And props. Anything cool or memorable? – Lee El?
– For me… The wireless phone Young Sook uses when talking with Seo Yeon. I had the same model at home. You must have been well off. – No, not really.
– You were rich if you had a wireless phone back then. It was really nice to see the phone again. You had the exact same model? – I used the same one.
– The same one. – How about you, Sung Ryung?
– The pager. You’ll see it in the movie but everyone had a pager back then when I was young. – You would take it everywhere you go to brag about it.
– Yes. I was quite familiar with them. Jong Seo and Shin Hye might not remember. I already knew those props so well. – The pager…
– I was like, ‘Wow, that I remember from a long time ago…!’ I talked about them with everyone. – That was fun.
– Of course. Jong Seo, were you fascinated by any of the props? Instead of being fascinated… – It was memorable that there were so many teddy bears.
– Teddy bears. There are also many things related to teddy bears. They were there on purpose to show that Young Sook is a pure person. – So I remember them the most.
– The teddy bears. Shin Hye? I didn’t play a character who lives in the past. But on the set, there was this diary. Yes, you’ll see a diary in the film. Inside, there are pictures of people Young Sook is a fan of. Back then, we had stickers and bookmarks of celebrities. – Bookmarks.
– Bookmarks, yes. Those props reminded me of the old days when I was in elementary school. – Back then, we made everything by ourselves like the pencil case.
– Yes, the pencil case and… – You would hole punch papers to stick them in the diary.
– Postcards… Those props were very realistic. And the house itself. The type of closets we had a long time ago. Everything was nostalgic. I’m sure that viewers will be immersed in the film, thanks to these details. Any other questions? Let’s go with the reporter in the middle, left-hand side. Hello. Hi. BNT News. I have a question each for Jong Seo and Director Lee. Jong Seo, I think the mysteriousness of Young Sook is similar to that of Haemi in “Burning.” Director Lee, you said that you watched “Burning” multiple times. Above all, you have such charismatic eyes as we can see in the poster over there. Very intense. As a rookie though, didn’t you have any concern about being confined to one image? Were you hesitant at all to decide to do this film because of the overlap in the characteristics of the two characters? In the production footage we saw earlier, the tone of color for Seo Yeon was blue… …and that for Young Sook is red. Many films have changed the tone of color to show the differences. But for audiences, it’s something easy to miss. Is there anything else that sets the past and the present apart from each other? Director Lee, could you answer your question first? Let me tell you about the tone of color first. I thought about that a lot. It basically sets the past and the present apart from each other but I didn’t want it to be too typical. And as I said earlier, …there are many different tones within the film. I was concerned about how to express each tone differently. I thought I should put a lot of effort into color calibration. My team actually went all the way to the UK to do the DI. The colorist who worked on “Harry Potter” and “Avengers” was in charge of this. He had a great interpretation and was very creative with colors. So I was satisfied with the outcome. I thought a lot about colors not only for setting the past apart from the present but also for the flow of the narrative as well. Is there anything else that sets the present and past apart from each other, other than colors? Setting the past apart from the present? The props, costumes, and production design. It’s really different visually. – The characters look different as well.
– Right. We’ll be able to tell right off the bat when we watch the film. Jong Seo. The question was about the similarities between Haemi and Young Sook. They are different, I’m sure, but what do you think? Well, “Burning” and “Call”… I never thought that the two characters were similar. So I didn’t hesitate because of any overlap when deciding to do this film. I will be showing you a totally different side of me this time. Yes. Totally different. She said that Haemi and Young Sook are totally different. The reporter said twice that your eyes are very powerful and intense. Could you show us your intense eyes? The intense eyes. Is that it? Let’s try again later for the photo session. Any other questions? Yes. In the middle, left-hand side. – Hello.
– Hi, I have a question for Director Lee. When I was watching the trailer, I became curious about the purpose of this film and what made you do this film. Please tell us about that. Also, this is your first commercial feature film. How do you feel? Director Lee? This film is actually based on the film “The Caller (2011)”. What made me want to do this film was… …the scenario from the production company, Yong Film, not the original movie. I read the draft first. It was so unexpected the whole time in terms of genre and story. I love stories with consistent twists and turns. So I really wanted to direct this film because I thought it suited well with my style of directing. That’s how I got to do this film. And the main cast of this film is all women. This is an extremely hard, powerful and dense film led by women. We don’t have many of these kinds of films here in Korea. I wanted to show how powerful it can be. And how I feel about debuting as a feature film director… Everything was a first for me so I was nervous and awkward at first. I had a group of wonderful people helping me out. So I think I did a better job than expected. Everything was just natural. He thanks the entire cast and crew for their help. One last question. In the middle. Hello. Hi, I have a question for Sung Ryung. How do you feel about having worked with Shin Hye and Jong Seo? It’d also be great if you could tell us how it was on the set. I have a question for Lee El as well. You play Mrs. Shin and your visual is very unique, indeed. What did you focus on the most when playing your character? Sung Ryung, how was it working with Shin Hye and Jong Seo? The atmosphere on the set was great in general. I wasn’t familiar with Director Lee at first. It was his first time shooting a feature film. – There’s a huge age gap between us two as well.
– It doesn’t look like that, though. So I didn’t know how I should be around him. But at some point, I felt really comfortable around him and didn’t feel that gap anymore. It was the same with the cast. We just talked, ate and laughed, although the film was scary. When we were not shooting, we had snacks and tea, talked and laughed. – Just like old friends do.
– Right. I don’t know if I should say this but it was really nice working with only women. – It was more comfortable.
– Yes. – It must’ve been different.
– Yes. You know, there’s this thrill inside you when you work with such talented actors. You must have had that experience even though these two actresses over here are younger than you. – Yes, I really did.
– When you were shooting. Shin Hye has built such a wonderful career so far. I thought that she was very mature and I relied on her a lot. Jong Seo is unexpected…I don’t know if that’s the case because she’s a rookie. I couldn’t guess how she would act. It was a refreshing experience to have worked with someone with the new zest. She didn’t go easy even on the rehearsals for the action sequences. Usually, it’s the case where we go easy on the rehearsals and go all the way for the actual shooting. Jong Seo, however, went all the way even with the rehearsals that she ended up having bruises all over her body. I was worried and wondered why she would bang on the door so hard, for example. – But I was refreshed and inspired by her passion at the same time.
– Right. That’s what it was like. And I just had one scene together with El. When I saw her, I thought she jumped out of the script. – That’s how [charismatic she was].
– Such a charismatic visual, right, Director Lee? – I realized why Director Lee said that it had to be her as Mrs. Shin.
– You did. Yes, that’s how charismatic she was. I think she was the most charismatic one of all of us here. El, it’s your turn to speak. You’re a ‘visual buster’ with such your charismatic and fierce visual. What did you focus on when playing your character? Visual, of course. Visual. I had never seen a character like this so I didn’t know how to come up with my own interpretation. I thought the facial expressions, way of talking and acting weren’t enough. I participated in costume design. When Mrs. Shin tries to control Young Sook and all of these normal and abnormal elements are mixed up… …I wanted her to look threatening. That’s what I thought about the most. And as I said earlier, I wanted to look strange and eerie. I avoided to put on pretty make-up. Yes. But you still looked pretty. All right. Thank you all for your honest answers. Also thank you, reporters, for your wonderful questions. Now we’re only left with the photo session. Before we move on, please say goodbye to the reporters and future audiences, starting from Director Lee. We shot this film last winter on the dusty set. We put all of our effort into this movie, so I’d appreciate it if you would go watch it in theaters. Thank you. Lee El? I think this film is perfect for March when it’ll be still a bit chilly. The four of us here and Director Lee worked on this film with all our passion, so please show lots of love and support. Thank you. Sung Ryung? I hope it’ll be a huge hit. I really hope so. Please look forward to our film. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll be a lot of fun. Thank you. Jong Seo? Thank you all for coming. I’m sorry for not speaking in an organized and coherent way. Watch out for Corona19. The film is very entertaining so please go see it in theaters. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you all for coming despite the heavy snow. Like Director Lee said, we shot on the dusty set but we all worked very hard without complaining. I had so much fun on the set. I was also thankful for the opportunity to take on new challenges. I hope the excitement I had on the set will be conveyed to you all as well. It’s cold so please be careful of the cold and also show lots of love and support for our film. Thank you. Thank you. You may exit the stage and wait backstage until everything’s ready for the photo session. You can leave your microphones on your chairs. We’ll quickly clean up the stage and move straight on to the photo session. Please welcome Jeon Jong Seo to the stage. As one of the lead roles in “Burning,” she exuded her unique charms and presence. In “Call,” she plays Young Sook, who becomes an unstoppable murderer after finding out about her horrendous future. Once again, she is ready to captivate you with her presence. Please come up to the stage, Jong Seo. Please take one step back. At the center. Great. Let’s start with the left section. It is her intense eyes that make us look forward to seeing more of her. Middle section. Right section. She gave her all for “Call.” Mid-lower section. The mid-upper section as well. I’ll see you in a bit. Thank you. Please welcome Lee El to the stage. She has shown such diverse colors through both films and dramas. In “Call,” she plays Mrs. Shin who watches Young Sook 24/7. Left section. She’s holding the name tag that was on her microphone. Awesome. Middle section. Right section. Her character builds up the suspense and tension of the film. Mid-lower section. Mid-upper section as well. She looks stunning today. See you in a bit. Please welcome Kim Sung Ryung to the stage. Her excellent acting based on her years of experience has come through in films, dramas, and even plays. Left section. Middle. Right section. In this film, she does a wonderful job of playing a character both in her thirties and fifties. Mid-lower section. Director Lee said earlier that Sung Ryung is the only actress who can play a character both in her thirties and fifties. Mid-upper section. See you in a bit. Thank you. Now, please welcome Park Shin Hye to the stage. From films “Heart Blackened,” “My Annoying Brother,” “Miracle in Cell No.7,” to TV dramas “Memories of the Alhambra,” “Doctors” and many others… …Shin Hye has widened her spectrum by crossing over genres both on TV and screen. Left section. Middle. And the right section. She’s wearing beige and red today, showing how she is such a versatile actress. Mid-lower section. Mid-upper section. I’m expecting to see her fierce and intense side we’ve never seen before. Shin Hye, please stay where you are and let’s have Jong Seo back on stage. The photo session for the two actresses starts now. I feel like I’m looking at the poster right now. Left section. Middle. Right section. Looking forward to seeing their great teamwork. Mid-lower section. And the mid-upper section. They look alike and different at the same time. Let’s have Sung Ryung and El back on stage as well. All four members of the main cast are now on the stage. They were naturally drawn to their daughters. Let’s start with the left section first. The four leaders of “Call.” Middle section. Looking forward to the birth of a film that isn’t like anything else we’ve seen before. Let’s face the right section. It’s impossible not to be excited about this movie starring these four wonderful actresses. Stunning. Mid-lower section. And the mid-upper section. I’m filled with emotion right now. Director Lee, please come on up. They don’t want to stand next to him because he has such a small face. Let’s start with the left section. Middle section. Right section. Middle section, once again. Since the title of this film is “Call,” Let’s have you all pick up the phone. Who are they talking with? This is “Call.” Someone from twenty years ago is calling you. Director Lee, could you move next to El? Let’s pick up the phone one more time. This is “Call.” Hello? We can tell the genre of this film by your facial expressions. Who is calling? Could you pick up with your other hand face the other section? Please pick up the phone. Great. Hello? Let’s do the ‘fighting’ pose now. I’ll say the title of the film. “Call,” fighting! This concludes the press conference for “Call.” Thank you, Director Lee and the cast. You may exit the stage. Search TongTongTV online.

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