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[Eng Sub] The Flame’s Daughter Press Conference – Zhang Bin Bin and Dilireba

Reba: Hello everyone, I am Reba In “The Flame’s Daughter”, I play Lie Ruge Lie Ruge is a girl who is persistent in love She is strong willed Even though in the beginning she looks like she’s just a young girl that needs to be protected She’s surrounded by beautiful men But later on she becomes strong and independent MC: She gradually becomes strong Reba: Yes, she is a very tough girl MC: We welcome our lead actress Dilireba Next is Zhang Bin Bin BB: Hello everyone, I am Zhang Bin Bin In “The Flame’s Daughter”, I play Liehuo Pavilion Eldest Senior Zhan Feng Zhan Feng is someone who seems cold-blooded and aloof but inside he very much values love and friendship MC: Welcome Zhang Bin Bin Next is Liu Ruilin LRL: Hello everyone, I am Liu Ruilin In “The Flame’s Daughter”, I play Yu Zihan Liehuo Pavilion second Senior. Seventh prince. Prince Jingyuan He’s someone who is physically disabled but with strong will He grew up with his love rival and then came another love rival Thank you MC: The relationships seem complicated From the preview clips we watched and from talking with the director and main leads We can see that the relationships in the this drama are complicated From your character’s point of view, please talk about your relationship with the other 3 leads’ characters We will start from Zaizai (Vic’s nickname) Vic: Relationship with the others? I’ll just talk about my relationship with Ruge To Yin Xu, Ruge is his one true love MC: That’s your feelings for Ruge, what about the other 2… Reba: What feelings would he have for them two? MC: You could talk about if they are friends or enemies Vic: Towards them? MC: Yes Vic: I feel like I’m just watching things that happens to them at their age At the time, my character will not tell them whether it is right or wrong So I watch them do wrong things at the right time or doing right things at the wrong time MC: It seems you have a complicated relationship with the 3 of them Reba: Actually it is not that complicated To Ruge Yin Xu is…from the beginning she thought he was strange Why is he so affectionate towards me why does it seems like I’ve known him before but she is uncertain because she doesn’t remember a lot of their past So she feels this man is really strange just suddenly insisting on being with me and after he showed up a lot of things happened and he stirred up my heart So that’s how Ruge felt about Yin Xu Not until later, after they went through a lot together then she was certain of her feelings Regarding Eldest Senior Zhan Feng He is her first love, Ruge’s first love It’s like with every girl’s first love It is hard to let go because you remember it as the most beautiful but as she gets older she realizes that this may not be love It’s just nostalgia so she gradually lets go of Zhan Feng Then Yu Zihan…Yu Zihan is her Senior She sees him like her older brother Her feelings toward him is that of a sister to brother She feels like she cannot be without him It’s like you cannot just lose your brother These are Ruge’s feelings toward the 3 men MC: Okay, thank you Reba Zhan Feng, what is your response? BB: Zhan Feng and Ruge grew up together and she is his first love Regarding this person, I always disliked him What are you doing? Yes, I have always disliked him Actually…after all we are fellow brothers I think our relationship is not that bad Just on the surface we dislike each other LRL: I thought we are brothers only on the surface BB: You mean the plastic (fake) kind… About Yin Xu…in my heart I respect him he is a otherworldly powerful person Seeing his love for Ruge, it also moved me and I trust he will take care of Ruge MC: Liu Ruilin LRL: To Yu Zihan, Ruge is the first person in his life that reached out to him and gave him warmth So from then on Ruge became his everything Ruge is my whole world She liked Zhan Feng, okay so I supported him Later on Zhan Feng betrayed her then I viewed Zhan Feng as the enemy Yin Xue comes out of nowhere and also competes with me for Junior sister My junior sister starts to like him so I don’t say anything anymore Reba: Basically whoever Ruge likes, he likes MC: Next, we will ask the 3 main male leads Use a phrase to describe what type of boyfriend your character is in this drama ZaiZai, You can go first What kind of boyfriend is your character in the drama? Vic: Persistent and clingy type No matter the rejections or the obstacles even if she does not even give me a second look I will still love her and continue to pursue her MC: It’s like there is no rush, one day you will be mine Persistent and clingy type of boyfriend Vic: Yes you will be mine MC: Okay, let’s ask Zhang Bin Bin, Zhan Feng what kind of boyfriend do you think your character is in this drama? BB: Actually Zhan Feng is a bit complicated because…his fate is just too rough When he was younger, he was a positive and bright boy but he was tormented by fate a bit which led him to become…devious… Reba: A boy that wears blue earring… BB: Yes…yes…that kind of boy.. I feel Zhan Feng is a man with very strong protective instinct A man with more action than words Less words more action type. He uses action to express himself MC: Less words more action type of boyfriend…practical type boyfriend… Reba: What did he do? What did you do? Reba: What did you do? BB: I mean Zhan Feng is that type of person MC: That is how he sees himself as Reba: So it’s the person he wants to become BB: Because of family vendetta so I couldn’t do anything MC: Lastly we will ask Liu Ruilin what type of boyfriend is Yu Zihan? LRL: He’s the type that’s like if you are good then I am good The type that supports her without expecting anything in return I know she cannot return my feelings so I don’t even pursue it MC: Quietly supportive type of boyfriend LRL: Yes MC: You are so sad, I’m almost tearing up LRL: Just look at my poster then you will know Reba: How come you did not ask me? How come you did not ask me? MC: Since you are a girl MC: Okay, I’ll ask for the fans here, what type of girlfriend is Ruge? Reba: Boyfriend MC: Okay, boyfriend works too Reba: I’m the coolest type of boyfriend MC: So very good looking kind of boyfriend? Reba: All around type of boyfriend MC: All around type. Reba is a tough girl I remember in one of the press conference you lifted up someone in a game Reba: Is there such segment today? MC: No MC: We can add it. All around type of boyfriend The next question…the 3 main male characters, Yin Xue, Zhan Feng, Yu Zihan, in the drama we will see who will Ruge choose. The 3 main male leads, if you are a girl These 3 male characters who will you choose as your partner? BB: If I am a girl? MC: Yes, Zhang Bin Bin if you are a girl, out of these 3 men who would you choose? BB: I will definitely choose myself MC: You think you are the most handsome? MC: You choose yourself MC: What type of boyfriend did you say you are before? The practical type of boyfriend right? BB: Because…because…it’s not good to boast myself… Less words, more action MC: Okay, Zhang Bin Bin picked himself Let’s ask ZaiZai Vic: Liu Ruilin I like it quiet His character in this drama does not talk My other half and I can communicate using pen and paper I like it quiet Yin Xue yaps too much, I can’t stand that MC: You like the quiet type MC: Liu Ruilin, who would you choose? LRL: I will choose Yin Xue Yin Xue he is very romantic He keeps giving the girl he likes surprises I think it’s hard for a girl to resist such a handsome and romantic man You will definitely… like him MC: Okay, I think we understand our 3 actors’ preferences Reba: I think this drama does not need me anymore MC: Everyone has to watch the drama to see your choice, of course it needs you MC: Next we will have a game segment Let’s take a look at the screens in the back. As you can see, this drama has colored themes Every main character has his/her own symbolic color MC: ZaiZai, your color is white? Why do you think it’s white? Vic: White is beautiful and pure, just like me MC: Let’s ask Ruge Reba: My color is red Because red signifies love. Innocent and passionate MC: Innocent, lively and passionate MC: Let’s ask Zhang Bin Bin BB: My color is blue Because his fate led him to become melancholy and brooding but his heart is pure MC: Blue is your color Next is Liu Ruilin Your color is? LRL: Green MC: You mean Jade color LRL: Yes, Jade color, Jade color Yes this is Jade color…yes yes yes (The reason to avoid saying green is because the green color is used to refer to you’ve been cheated on) MC: Let’s all laugh for a minute MC: Liu Ruilin’s color is jade We just introduced the 4 main character’s symbolic colors Speaking of color, in the next segment, we will play a game called Color Blinding (Here the MC is just explaining the game and directing them to stand in front of their color) MC: Please stand in front of your color MC: I was mistaken, now the colors have been displayed If the word and the color does not match then you need to raise your paddle (Explaining the game) We will have 8 rounds Whichever 2 makes the most mistakes will receive punishment Ready? The 1st round…after I count down from 3, raise your paddle 1st round 3, 2, 1 Who should raise the paddle? ZaiZai Let me clarify the rules again (Explains the game) 2nd round Everyone is correct 3rd round 3, 2, 1 All correct This seems too easy for them Let’s do it faster Next round 4th round I think Zhang Bin Bin should count as a mistake He raised his paddle even though it matched Minus one point for him It was not easy to catch one mistake I tell you Next round 3, 2, 1 All correct Next round 3, 2, 1 Who made a mistake? Jade color is wrong right? Who made a mistake? Liu Ruilin made a mistake Did he really make a mistake? Yes, the audience saw it 2 more rounds Next round 3, 2, 1 Who is wrong? Liu Ruilin is wrong, right? Your color matched He raised his hand right? It counts even if he half raised it Minus another point for him Last round Last round. 3, 2, 1 Zhang Bin Bin, really can’t save you You are wrong The result is clear The final result is Liu Ruilin and Zhang Bin Bin you two lost Your punishment will be to have the other 2 leads make a Flaming cocktail for you We have all kinds of ingredients This may cause diarrhea It’s actually just juices MC: Do you two feel nervous? Do you feel nervous? LRL: Junior sister don’t be mean to me MC: The cast have good relationships, they should not do anything bad Zhang Bin Bin I feel you are a bit uneasy BB: This is our agency’s production, so it should be alright MC: Let’s see what kind of drink are you two making MC: Let me ask them MC: How does it smell? You can’t tell what color it is under these bright colorful lights MC: Cross arms? You are the directors Are you two willing? The music is kind of romantic MC: Okay, thank you both MC: Liu Ruilin, how do you feel? LRL: Mine has pulp in it There are some stuff in it, solids BB: How come mine didn’t? LRL: Do you want to try mine? Get him another one MC: Let’s take a group picture MC: Thank you. Zhang Bin Bin and Liu Ruilin please have a seat

Robin Kshlerin



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