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English Telephone Phrases Part 1

Hi guys Let’s look at some phrases that you would Need to know If you Need to talk to somebody on the phone in english I am going to assume that I am the caller and that my name is Anil and I am going to call somebody else. I’m going to show you some phrases that a caller would need to use. The first thing that happens is after the caller calls, the receiver picks up the phone and says hello and then the caller will need to proceed Some phrases that the caller can use are as follows the first phrase Goes like This hi this is anil can i speak to suresh so Hi is a Greeting, you’ll always have to say hi and The second part is “This is Anil” . “This is Anil” means that my name is anil Can I speak to Suresh? me, Anil, I want to know if i can speak to Suresh and if Suresh is there. Now there are several ways that you can say the same phrase Let’s look at what some of those are So at the first variation that you can see is we can either say hi or hello Hello is used in Formal situations like If you’re talking to your boss or if you are talking to your office colleagues and if you need to be formal Then we Use hello as a greeting We can either say “Hello this is Anil, can I speak with Suresh?” OR You can say “Hi this is Anil, can I speak to Suresh?” The word, The greeting “Hi” is used in more casual settings like If you’re talking to your friends Or if you’re talking to your relatives and if you know that you don’t need to be formal, you can use “Hi”. The next phrase is this This is, Instead of saying “Hi this is Anil”, you can say “Anil speaking” or “It’s Anil, can I speak to Suresh?” So they all mean the same thing. “Hi this is Anil can I speak to Suresh?” or “Hi, Anil speaking, can I speak to Suresh?” or “Hi, it’s Anil can I speak to Suresh?” The third form is the shortest. You can quickly say what your name is and you can go to the next topic. “Hi it’s Anil, can I speak to Suresh?” The other variation that I’d like to talk about is you can either say “Can I” or you can say “May I” Like for example you can say “Hi, this is Anil can I speak to Suresh?” or “Hi, it’s Anil may I speak to Suresh?” Technically speaking, “May I” is correct and “Can I” is wrong. The phrase “can I” is used when you ask something to yourself Like, say for example you are in the Gym and you see a really heavy dumbbell and you’re not sure if you can lift it so you ask yourself “Can I lift that really heavy weight?” So you use “Can I”, when you are asking yourself a question. When you’re talking to yourself. “May I” is used when you’re asking for permission from somebody else in order to do something for them. For example you can say “May I help you?” or you can say “May I speak to Suresh?” so, “May I?” is a way of politely asking permission if you can do something for the other person so even though “Can I” is technically wrong, It is still acceptable and a lot of people even in western countries Say “Can I?” on the phone The other phrase that I’d like to talk about is this “Hi it’s Anil am I speaking to Suresh?” So this is used when you’re not sure if the other person that you’re talking to on the phone Is already the person you want to talk to. Like, if the receiver says “Hello” and to you it sounds like Suresh But You are not sure if it is Suresh, So you ask the question – “hi this is anil am i speaking to suresh?” so sometimes When you ask for somebody Let’s Say You ask for suresh and The person and other person Says okay So try to squeeze in or thanks okay before They go before They Say yes and before They go to search for suresh Try to squeeze in the tanks is polite let’s look at This phrase This phrase Says hi it’s anil i wanted to talk to suresh Regarding The Reports are about the reports So sometimes you want to mention to the receiver who you want. To talk to and Why so in those cases We Use this phrase and you can See that you can Say i Wanted to talk to suresh regarding The reports are about the reports They’re both The same you can use either one of them so i Just Say the phrase again hi it’s anil i wanted to talk to suresh about the reports i Wanted to talk to suresh regarding The reports sometimes What Will Happen is the receiver Will Ask You for the reason Why you would like to talk to suresh and if you don’t want. To state Why you want to talk to suresh or what youR topic of conversation is with suresh A polite way to refuse Answering That question Would be to Say I’m sorry it’s confidential or you can Say I’m sorry it’s private So you have to Say I’m sorry Because you You are trying to politely Refuse The Giving out Information And You’re also giving the reason I’m sorry it’s confidential I’M sorry Is private So these are some of The phrases i wanted to show you if you like the video please Thumbs up thanks for Watching bye Bye

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