November 22, 2019
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Good evening. It was a typical first game, where we had a lot of miscommunications, a lot things that were unclear. From our side there were a lot of opportunities lost. If anyone had said that Baskonia, scoring 70 points, even with their fast breaks stopped. We had so many wide open shots, I’d be happy. It is how it is. Today was one of those games when our opponents had some very difficult shots falling. We’ve got to tip our hats off to them. We had some very good shots. And we couldn’t convert it to points. 17 turnovers hit us hard. We had accents on some of our opponents’ not too aggressive defense. Where you could use that. But we didn’t. I’m happy with a lot of things. I’m not really disappointed with anything. 17 rebounds shows our determination, fight. We could of had even more, despite playing against a bigger team. 17 rebounds under their basket is an impressive number. They punished us again, in as every year I mention, the fouls we don’t commit. 110% We didn’t commit them. And even if we did, they were already near the shot. They went on to shoot free throws. We gave up a lot of wide open threes, we had a lot of missed free throws. All that is in part logical, since it wasn’t easy to play neither for us, nor our opponents in front of this sort of fantastical atmosphere. We have to thank our fans. Any questions? You talked a bout a tall frontcourt for the opponents. How much of a problem was Fall for your defense? Fall was a factor. We have players who can pull him out further away from the basket. We don’t need very difficult basketball for that. It would be very simple if we would just have made some shots from beyond the arc. They were great shots, and I have no complaints about them. Fall would of be sat down on the bench. The whole defensive system would have been switched. As it was last year with Tavares. Sometimes basketball is simple. All you need to do is make the open shot. You said earlier that you might need to wait for the newcomers to gel. How much did you miss more organization from the guys who already know the system? We missed it. We missed it a lot. We had accents on Henry and Vildoza’s defense. Which isn’t so solid, I don’t even know how to put it… It isn’t as solid, when you have to prepare everything very well, you’ve got to lead them on to screens, guide them into spots, where they’re not great. The tipped the ball often, they took us out of out stride, position. That shouldn’t happen at a level like this. Every year there’s an accent on habits things that the new players bring. How many of them did this group bring? There’s all sorts of things. It’s all logical. Every system, every coach has their own advantages and drawbacks. Some of the players played in the national team, the national team coach had some advantages, some drawbacks, as does mine. Some other players come with their own ideas. It all makes sense. We need to go through some of these things. It’s a shame we missed such an opportunity. At moments we looked good, but there’s something that we didn’t do. Every time we came back, we could of done things to control the game. The thing I never tire of talking about, bonus, no bonus. Today… If we take the first three minutes of the third quarter, when they scored nine points… We could of avoided maybe 7 of them. At least at the initial phase. A question more about the new EuroLeague rule, when you have longer time-outs. That it counts when the players sit on the bench? Super. Super, really. Money for the clubs for advertising. More time for coaches to tell something to their players, explain more. And the referee isn’t behind your back telling you to go out quicker. One of the things that has been talked about and asked for in coaches’ meetings. One minute is too little. Thank you.

Robin Kshlerin