November 11, 2019
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The time has come. Yes, yes, yes. It was supposed to be a birthday reaction video because I had birthday two days ago… Oh, thank you, thank you. For my birthday I received the album, the album was released (on time), but we had to wait for the MV, obviously. If it’d came out when it was supposed to, then we’d made RV as planned, but…we had to wait. And because of that we had to wait more than 24 hours and it was… It is… yes. We’re on the verge of mental exhaustion, because of avoiding every possible social media and such, since spoilers are everywhere. Because who’s not gonna be talking about EXO’s comeback? Everyone’s gonna be talking about EXO. Exactly, including us. So it was basically “I see nothing, I hear nothing”, and… Yes, But the time has come. We are now starting our Easter holidays, We’ve just passed an exam, and now, as a reward, we’ll watch two videos. Because there are gonna be two, obviously. One for one of us, second for another. We can’t wait, because we were waiting for sooo long. Press play. Play! It’s funny already. Kai in Lamborghini, come on. He got his driving license, bravo, bravo. You’re looking at such a badass, and then there’s Jongin. I understand. Hi there! Need an oxygen mask? I was always making fun of people who moans on reaction videos, but… Yes, but…but…please! Ok, fine, I rest my case! Awesome choreography. We established, that if you have songs like that, your choreos must be… like THAT. Chen, I see you, you’re beautiful. Classic! Their outfits are awesome. This is great! It’s like a mix of MAMA and Overdose. And Growl. A bit, yeah. Everything together. The best out of it. Rocker Chen… Ach, Chanyeol… This choreo is great, so light. It’s amazing, and that song…! Jongin, I saw what you did there. He just has to. The best part is that there’s not much going on, really. But there IS a lot going on. A lot. A LOT. But you know what I mean, it’s simple. Don’t do that! I saw that! What is this boy doing… Like you said: there’s nothing really going on, but it is SO GOOD. Oh, please! That move to the back, so great! We’ve just reached the limits of fangirling, It’s something you never see. Aplauso not so Moderado. Not AT ALL Moderado. This is embarrassing, now I feel it. Shush, we’ve waited for so long. This is awaited, longed and awesome. It is awesome. And, like I said before- People are saying, that it doesn’t sound like EXO, or something like that- Not true. a) It does sound like EXO, b) I think they deserve to have a lighter choreography, more happy song (for the next six months they’re going to promote with this) and so do we. Yes. Definitely. And, boys… Stylization was on point. They all looked great. Every single one of them. It shown that they felt good with it. Every one of them. They were content, it suited them. And it was just… yes. Not so studied, but awesome. It suits them even too much, especially some of them.. Let’s go with chinese version! Different car color. Different shots. And different arms. He’s born for this, it couldn’t be better. Now I know why this version is slighly longer- Tao needs his time to pose on the car mask. I prefer this intro. Once again: The Crew. With those hands, he… I didn’t say anything. That passage here. Change. But D.O… damn. This time we’ll take a better look at the video. I’m done. It kinda looks like Heart Attack VCR. Yes. But I am done. It is so cool. At last they have a choreo that is not a total killer. Main points are preserved. This choreo is amazing. I am barely sitting right now. I am focused now… …if it’s possible. Playing with the camera… Earlier, in Korean version, when Chen did this, I was… Suho looks surprisingly good. With that eyeliner… I have a very obscenel look on my face right now and I am fully aware of that. Their clothes. It is so good. We were predicting something like this. Go away. Xiumin with that ponytail. Tao with… It suits him. Of course it does! The way Chen looks right here is just… the end. White t-shirts… Chanyeol, control your porn face, please. I can’t. His hair and everything… what is that… no… I still have “bwabwa” from korean version in my head. Now it’s gonna be watched and watched all over again. We’re gonna watch it so many times, that the views will reach… what is the target? One week, 25 million? Back then it was… because in “Overdose” we said somethin similar, but then it was… There was some target anyway. Yeah, but back then the video was dropped earlier… Ok, but fandom made it. Now it’s another one, and, as far as I know, after 5 hours it already got 2 million, so… EXO-L are doing their job. But this video has a potential. It’s one of these MVs that… you can stare and stare and stare… and you’ll still find something new. That’s true, and in HD… there’s gonna be an analysis of the details. Yes, there’s gonna be pausing, rewinding, staring at their face expressions- Chanyeol, I am looking at you right now- All of these small gestures… We’ll die. We’re going to watch it again. We’ll die.

Robin Kshlerin