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From Cave Paintings to Modern Smartphones

Most people don’t really appreciate how simple
it is today to stay in contact with their loved ones. All you have to do is take your smartphone
and choose one of the numerous messaging apps. But how did people keep in touch before smartphones
with face IDs and multi-megapixel cameras appeared? Around 30,000 years ago closer to the end
of the Stone Age, (I wasn’t around then), people lived in caves and knew nothing about
iPhones. But they knew how to draw on the walls. They created a system of symbols and left
these rock paintings in caves to communicate with each other. It looked like some kind of ancient MMS — the
paintings contained tons of useful information, for example, the first calendar or bits and
pieces of history. Smoke signals were a cool way of long-distance
communication. In Greece, they developed a system of alphabetical
smoke signals around 150 BCE. All Greek letters were turned into numeric
characters, and messages (SMS rather than MMS) were easily sent by two people holding
torches. Let’s not forget about runners! Greeks and Romans had some of their provinces
so far apart that no smoke signal could be seen from such distances. That’s why specially trained and lightning-fast
people ran from place to place to deliver messages. Those were super-important letters, like military
orders or laws that had to be put into action immediately. If we continue with the comparisons, they
were something like emails. Pigeons were also great at delivering messages! The pigeon post itself appeared in ancient
times, but some enthusiasts keep using it these days as well, although more for fun
than out of real necessity. The whole thing is based on the pigeons’
natural ability to find their way back home. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t just
tie your message to any pigeon you spot in the street. It has to be a specially bred homing pigeon
that knows how to navigate over long distances. In some areas, people communicated with the
help of drums. These drums were so powerful that their sound
could be heard in villages miles away. There was a special set of drum signals used
to indicate important things, and it worked not unlike… Morse code! This method of communication was invented
by Samuel Morse at the beginning of the 19th century. All letters of the alphabet were encrypted
as sets of dots and dashes. Most people think that Morse code is an acoustic
system of communication. But it can be visual as well because you can
share it as flashes of light! But let’s skip some time (ok-ok, it’s a lot
of time) and land in the middle of the 20th century. By that time, several decades had already
passed since people started using radio for communication. It was time for something new and revolutionary! I know, right now you imagine the latest product
of your favorite smartphone manufacturer. Not so fast — people could barely hold the
first cell phones in their hands! The whole process of calling someone was heavy
(and I mean it literally), uncomfortable, and terribly clumsy. The ancestor of the modern-day cell phone
appeared in Sweden in 1960. It was a far cry from your super-slim smartphone:
the device was incredibly bulky and heavy. It was actually not a one-piece phone but
a system known as Mobile Telephone System A. The thing was fully automated — meaning
that it could be moved from one place to another. But for relocating it, you needed a car because
the handset was supposed to be mounted inside. Also, this “mobile” device needed an operator
to forward the calls. So, you’ll probably agree that a massive metal
box accompanying you whenever you went somewhere by car wasn’t a perfect example of wireless
communication. The very first real cell phone call was made
in 1973. That’s when Martin Cooper, Motorola’s senior
engineer, called the rival company and told them he was talking on a cell phone. He didn’t mention, though, that the device
he used weighed 2 pounds, had an antenna, was about 9 inches long and 4 inches wide,
and had a loving nickname “the brick.” You could enjoy a 30-minute-long talk and
then had to charge the device for another 10 hours. The next model was released only 10 years
later, in 1983. It was the first commercial cell phone. If a customer was ready to pay almost $4,000,
they could get a phone with half an hour of talk-time and six hours of standby. The device could also store up to 30 phone
numbers. Whew! Unfortunately, even at such an exorbitant
price, the phone’s performance wasn’t great. As you see, in the early days of cell phones,
manufacturers had in mind businesspeople-types who drove fast cars and flew airplanes rather
than the average Joe. That’s one of the reasons why the first cell
phones were mostly for use in cars — they just didn’t fit into jean pockets! Anyway, it was 1989, and the very first portable
cell phone, Motorola MICROTAC 9800X, appeared on the market. And yes, by saying “portable,” I do mean that
it could fit into a shirt pocket (if it was big enough). The device was black, plastic, and had a flip
piece. Even though the phone was proudly called “micro,”
it still was more than 9 inches in length and weighed more than 12 ounces — which
is as heavy as a can of soup! Hmm… Probably too heavy for a shirt pocket? A super-important breakthrough happened in
1992: the first-ever text message was sent! It read “Happy Christmas!” The year 1994 — and the first smartphone
saw the light of day! Wait, when I say “smartphone,” it’s not the
same thing you have in mind. The phone, which was called IBM Simon Personal
Communicator, was more like a planner than a cell phone. Those who spent $900 to buy this gadget could
create their contact and task lists and make calls. That’s all Simon could handle, plus, its battery
lasted for only an hour. Still, customers bought more than 50,000 units! Step by step, cell phones started to become
slimmer and acquired new functions. They were also getting more affordable. Plus, in 1995, people saw the first splash
of color: Siemens S10 offered its users the whole of 4 colors! After that, the smartphone development process
started to gain speed. The end of the 90s — and the luckiest phone
users could marvel at the Internet and email on their devices! In 1997, the iconic “Snake” was launched on
Nokia 6110! This event became the start of mobile gaming. By the way, if you’ve ever lost track of time
playing the Snake, let me know in the comments below! Let’s see how many we are! In November 2000, the era of selfie obsession
officially started. Or maybe it started some time later. Because when the world’s first cell phone
with a completely integrated camera appeared, people knew nothing about selfies yet. The device called J-SH04 was launched by the
Sharp company. The phone had 110,000-pixel built-in camera
and 256-color display. Its weight was less than 3 oz (just a bit
more than a tennis ball), and it was 5 inches long — way lighter and almost twice smaller
than the first cell phones! The phone was available only in Japan. The western world got interested in camera
phones only 2 years later! In 2007, first smartphones with touchscreens
appeared on the market. By 2011, these gadgets had already become
a crucial part of our lives. 4G, voice recognition, health and fitness
apps, and tons of other cool features made smartphones irreplaceable for most people. But modern gadgets are mind-blowingly different
from the very first cell phones. The slimmest smartphones today are less than
one-fifth of an inch thick. Their displays are no thicker than a strand
of spaghetti. Even though they’re so skinny, these gadgets
are packed with useful and entertaining apps. Smartphones have also become much lighter:
the lightest devices weigh about 3 oz — it’s less than a deck of cards! Their size has decreased quite dramatically
as well: these days, you can fit the smallest smartphones in any pocket you choose because
they’re no bigger than 4 and a half inches. At the same time, not everyone wants to have
their smartphone as small as possible. The larger its display is, the more convenient
it is to watch videos and play games. That’s why lots of gadgets have large-sized
screens, being pretty light at the same time. The biggest phone displays reach 8 inches
in length — which makes them almost as long as the first cell phones! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

Robin Kshlerin



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