November 22, 2019
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Dr. Pillai:>>For many years, Pillai Center
has been celebrating Ganesha’s Birthday and every year the response from participants
has grown tremendously and people have been benefited a lot through this celebration.
What does Ganesha represent? He’s an Archetype who lives in the Infrared Realm and who is
responsible for removing obstacles. He is like a Bodhisattva in the Buddhist Tradition,
who is compassionate towards human beings who are groping in darkness about the future
and who are unable to foresee obstacles. Well ahead of time, Ganesha gives the opportunity
for everyone to understand what is an obstacle, and how his special intelligence can be employed
to remove obstacles which you cannot even conceive of because you confront obstacles
only after they occur. You don’t know how they can be stopped even before they come.
and That is a special intelligence and Ganesha has that intelligence. He is also responsible
or endowed with the ability to remove Karma, especially on his Birthday. He gives it as
a gift to people. There’s a technology behind this celebration, in the form of a ritual
making of the statue of Ganesha with mud. A mud Ganesha is being made and then all your
karma is transferred to this mud Ganesha, and then after that the mud Ganesha is immersed
in the ocean or in a river. So as the mud image of Ganesha dissolves, it takes all karma
that you have deposited on this image. So this is a ritual being done on the principle
of sympathetic magic, which works very well from my own personal experience and the experience
of others who have participated in this ritual. There is also a coconut smashing that also
helps with the removal of Karma. And this particular celebration of Ganesha’s Birthday
falls on the Hasta Star. Hasta Star is a very favorite Star of Ganesha so it enhances the
value and power of this particular Ganesha’s Birthday. So I am personally going to be doing
a webcast on this day. And then I will teach you several things. How Ganesha can be used
to remove your obstacles, remove your Karma and also how he can be useful in daily communications.
You can communicate with him. So this is a new teaching that I will be doing.
So I look forward to seeing you on Ganesha’s Birthday and this will be a new teaching that
I have several things that came to me very recently during my visit to one of the Agasthya
Ashrams. So I am going to include that teaching also during this webcast. God Bless.

Robin Kshlerin