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Ganesha Warrior Webcast – Overview

Over the past two years I have been talking
about Ganesha, the Being who is associated with a lot of supernormal powers, energies,
and activities. And once you get in touch with him, You will be able to overcome things
that you won’t be able to overcome with human intelligence.
So working with Ganas, Ganas literally means Beings who have a tremendous amount of power,
you know, they are the army of the Gods and Goddesses. And they are Beings with a tremendous
amount of intelligence, and also power as well as energy. So these intelligences or
intelligent Beings are there now, willing to help us. And Ganesha is the Lord of all
of these Beings. He’s the Chief of Army, the Divine Army of Siva. Siva selected him
because of his intelligence and also because of his mighty power.
And the most important thing about Ganesha at this point of time is that he is very much
alive and available at this point of time, He’s available for everyone regardless of
who you are provided that you call on him. I want to talk about a very particular characteristic,
attribute of Ganesha, and that is, he’s a warrior.
The warrior aspect of Ganesha has been downplayed for some reason. I don’t want to go into
that. But it is a very important thing to understand the warrior concept of Ganesha,
the warrior against ignorance, against negativity, against lethargy and against evil. These are
all very important characteristics associated with Ganesha. He is essentially a warrior.
That’s why he is, Siva appointed him as the head of his army, the Divine Army.
And if you go to the mythological stories of Ganesha, you have a lot of references where
he went and killed the demons, and very powerful demons whom nobody else could defeat or kill.
Ganesha was able to do. So one of his qualities, perhaps the most important quality of Ganesha,
is to destroy evil forces, and in that respect he’s a warrior. He’s a warrior who can
destroy evil forces or lethargy or ignorant forces.
We have a need to kill, or destroy evil forces, on a personal level, and also on a collective
level we have to do that. Now, Ganesha can do that.
Let me talk, or focus attention more on a personal level. Personally, lethargy, procrastination
and inbuilt ignorance, these are all demonic forces within us. And that leads us, you know,
to end up in failure, and being unable to do things. So Ganesha could help you with
all, with the destruction, help you to destroy these forces which are against your progress
in life.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. momagraf Posted on August 16, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    long ago I dreamed of Ganesha:)
    I started taking Bacopa, 9 days. A gentle and calm cloud seems to involve. mental and digestive function much better in spite of a few days.