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Get the Most from Your Live Stream: Chats, Analytics, and Making Money

Chat, analytics and
making money with live streams. There are lots of things to
think about when live streaming. Here are a few key tips
and suggestions for what to do after you finish. Managing your chat can be a big task. One way to get
help is assigning moderators. They can interact with the
audience and manage the chat to keep the conversation
going the way you want it. That way, you can
focus on being on camera. To make sure the
conversation stays positive and in tune with your brand, you can make sure certain
words don’t show up in your chat by adding them to the blocked
words list under ‘Community Settings.’ If your moderators are overwhelmed
or you don’t have someone to help, Slow Mode can also
make chat management easier. It slows the time between
comments, limiting the frequency if you plan to be both
on camera and monitoring chat. Now you’ve got
chat down, let’s talk about analytics. Real-time analytics gives
you valuable feedback on your stream, like the number of
viewers, likes and chat messages. Or even if the
stream is working at all. The level of reporting differs
for each type of stream you choose. Events are the most in-depth. These stats then roll over
into YouTube Analytics within 24–72 hours, depending on the stream type. After your live stream is over,
use Analytics to see how it went. To find out when the
most people were watching, check the timing of peak concurrence. For example, you can use that data
to see when people left the stream, which gives you an idea
of what segments didn’t work so well. Also use other metrics
to gauge the stream’s impact. Did you gain subscribers? How long did people watch for? Did people like the questions you asked? Did your stream attract
the type of viewers you wanted? What were the traffic sources? Use this information
to plan your next stream and make any necessary adjustments. Once you’ve hit a groove with your
streaming schedule and programming, it’s time to think about making money. If you want to make
money from streaming, first make sure your
channel has monetization enabled. Ads can serve on your stream
once it’s over, like on regular videos. You can use real-time analytics
to track how the audience responds, and adjust your monetization strategy. As your stream will be
added to your Library when it’s done, you can enable
monetization on that video too. You can also make money
from your stream without ads. Let’s talk Super Chat. This lets viewers buy
a brightly colored message that stays pinned for a set time. If Super Chat is enabled, viewers
can click the dollar sign, pay money, and have their message stand out. How do you get more Super Chats? Most importantly, reward
the people who give them to you. Get excited when you get one,
give the super fan a shout out, or even tell viewers to hashtag
the fan’s name in the comments. Some creators give preference to
Super Chats when doing Q&A streams. If you have too many
Super Chats to read them individually, thank all your super fans at once. Got all that? Thanks for watching! What prongs to you use to get
your fans to engage with your live stream? Let us know in the comments,
and don’t forget to subscribe!

Robin Kshlerin



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