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Gigaset A540A Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to the Telephones Online studio And welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews. My name is Darren and today we are going to be having a look at the Gigaset A540A A digital cordless telephone with a really nice design A good sized handset and available in white . It has some really good features on here The one that i like most is that you can you can have different colour schemes on each handset. To set that up go to menu ,then settings,then scroll to display , Then push ok ,then colour schemes push ok You can then change the screen colour, blue ,green,red and amber. the advantage of having this feature for example, You could use this in conjunction with VIP calling so if a member of the family calls They could have their own colour and ringtone. The other advantage would be allocating each room a different colour handset. The other good feature on here is the anonymous call silencing. You will need the caller display service activated on your line , Once this is done you will be able to block unwanted calls Which is a really good feature. The additional charging pods are wall mountable Also the answer machine has twenty minutes of digital recording time You can listen to messages from the base station or any of the handsets. You can also play the messages out through the speaker phone as well . It has ECO mode which basically cuts down on your power consumption the sound quality is amazing and and is available from our website www.teleohinesonline.co.uk Thank you for watching , goodbye.

Robin Kshlerin



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