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Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega Full Hindi Movie (HD) – Salman Khan – Rani Mukherjee – Preity Zinta –

‘Hi! I’m Raj!’ ‘People have always
called me a kid.’ ‘That was to suggest
that I was an orphan.’ ‘It was then Mrs. Godinho came
into my life and gave me her love.’ ‘That was a signal that I was
no longer all alone in the world.’ ‘She taught me
something very nice.’ ‘Do so much good to others
that they never lack goodness.’ ‘It was Mrs. Godinho
who taught me music… and she wanted me to become
a very big singer some day.’ ‘When I grew up,
I started dreaming of someone.’ ‘My dream-girl.’ ‘This was a signal that there was
someone, who was made only for me.’ ‘I can’t explain why,
but I think Mumbai is the city… where a career and
my dream-girl await me.’ ‘You must wonder what
‘signals’ I’m talking about… ‘According to Mrs. Godinho, God
always gives us the right signals.’ ‘And it is we who can’t see them’ ‘I’ve always been
fond of body-building.’ ‘Which is why I’ve kept
away from cigarettes and alcohol.’ ‘lf there is something I
ever drink, it’s a cup of hot tea.’ A cup of hot tea! “And my beloved to
make me drink it up” “May she be dark of skin, or fair” But someone who will embrace me “I wish I could meet her;
and every sorrow would vanish” When I leave home every morning,
after giving her a kiss And every moment
I spend then missing her When I leave home every morning,
after giving her a kiss And every moment
I spend then missing her For her, I will live and die What else have I to do? There will be happiness for me But nothing will
have meaning without her May she be fair of skin,
or even dark But she will embrace me Every sorrow would vanish,
if only I could have her She’ll open the door for me,
when I return every evening She’ll hug me tightly
and say she loves me She come to me all dressed up And relieve me of
the stress of the day She’ll be different from the others She’ll be my wife May she be fair of skin,
or even dark But she will embrace me Every sorrow would vanish,
if only I could have her A cup of hot tea And my beloved to make me drink it May she be fair-skinned or dark But someone who will care for me All my worries would vanish,
if only I could have her There it is!
The signal to go to Mumbai! Mumbai here I come. Raja!
– Aba! Hurry up, buddy! Come on! How are you?
– Delighted! At last! You’ve got the
green signal to come to Mumbai! Know what Mrs. Godinho says? In Mumbai, you will make
your life and find it too 100% Watch out! You’re going
to be a superstar in a few days! You’ll find your dream-girl too! So how’s your uncle? Don’t mention that name.
– Why not? The bloody miser! God had rather made me an orphan,
than give me an uncle like him! I thought I’d put up
with you and your uncle. He doesn’t let me live with him.
Why would he allow you? Really?
– Of course. So what do you do for a living?
And where do you stay? I work at my uncle’s
fruit-juice shop, all right! But I live in my own house.
– What? Oh yes!
– Your own house? A house in Mumbai! Do you like it? Great, isn’t it?
– What place is this, by the way? Now look; I have nothing
that God has given me. Whatever I have is what
I got from the Municipality! It’s a gift from
the city of Mumbai! Priceless stuff, I must say. All stolen. Real hard work, I say. And what do you call the place? My home.
– Home. It’s better than
living on the pavements! Excuse me. If it wasn’t for
the roof and the walls… …it’s worse than the pavements! You can’t think of bathing
without water, can you? So you mustn’t call
your house names. Life is difficult in this city. You’ll get to know very soon. That I know. This is the city where
I will find everything. Aba!
– Yes. Now tell me; what should
be my first step in the city? Simple. You must buy a bike. What has that to do with singing? This is a city of pretenses. Those with vehicles
take off before anyone else. We’d need money for that.
– Sure, we would. Let me open the Reserve
Bank’s locker. – Hurry up. Here you are! Count it!
– Not me. Do it yourself. It’s 500 bucks! How about the time deposit?
– Hold on. Here’s another 500 Rupees!
That makes it a grand! But how will we get a bike in 1000?
– Aba… We’ve just got to open an account. The same old gag, you mean?
Damn it! Yes!
– Eat and run away. You have given me these
post-dated checks, thank you. Now for the last formalities. Sign
the papers and take away the bike. Come on! Go ahead, son. Sign it. Sign. Sign! What’s biting someone?
– Not me. It’s out there! Help! It’s four guys against one! Listen, son… that isn’t unusual. Sorry. Guys who issue dud checks
get beaten up like that. Those guys are from
the financing agency. They have their own
style of recovering money. Dangerous style!
– 35 checks out of 36 were honored. But his last check bounced. Why? Such beating for one dud check?
– Sure… but you needn’t worry. Why not? – You guys
come from good families. Do we?! Forget our checks.
We even carry cash that bounces! He doesn’t, he means.
– Right! Because it’s not work.
– Sign here. That’s my pen! That’s not the way you sit?
– This is Mumbai. You never know who
does what behind your back. Get going.
I’ll handle the rear end! Let’s go!
– Then take care. Hold it! Here’s the studio! Greetings! Come, come. The guard saluted us
because we arrived on a bike. Or they wouldn’t care! This is a very big studio. There’s no one here, ma’am…
– No meetings without an appointment! Abdul! You’re empty-handed!
No fruit-juice for me? No juices. I bring a singer today.
Raju. My friend from Goa. What a singer! is Mr. Mishra in?
– Yes. Please hold this blazer.
We’ll go and see him. Punk! I don’t get to see the owner in
the ten years I do the rounds here! And you guys just walk
in and get to meet him! Hey move! Listen, bag of bones! He’d blow you away with his breath! No! Don’t breathe! Go on inside! Go inside! Don’t breathe. Go! What’s your problem?
– They’ve gone in. So will I. I won’t let you in!
– I’ll force my way in! What will you do in there? Well? What will I? Why was I here, mister?
– To ask for the whereabouts. Oh! This address, right?
– Yes. Take Bus No. 80. Get off at the last stop.
That’s where your house is. Thank you very much!
Bus No. 80… – Yes. Absent-minded man! He forgets to sing
once he’s here… and goes back home.
It’s been happening for 10 years! Fantastic! Mr. Mishra, that friend
of mine I spoke about is here. He’s a great singer. He is here. Give him a chance, sir.
It’d make his life. Fantastic. Everyone who comes here
claims he’s a great singer. Does anyone say he can’t sing?
Fantastic. When is Sonu Nigam arriving?
– Any moment now, sir. “Do you know, darling;
I’m in love with you” “Oh yeah!” “You know it, darling;
I’m in love with you” “Oh yeah!” “Do you know that I love you.” “Oh yeah!” “I’d do anything for you” So just give me chance
and I’ll do anything for you. Promise! “Oh yeah!” “Saheba!” “Saheba!” Thank you, all.
– Fantastic. Fantastic. What a singer! You’re fantastic! You’re a top singer!
Oh yes you are! I’ll be a singer, won’t I?
– Will you? Fantastic. Who made Udit Narayan
what he is? I did! And who made Kumar
Sanu’s career? I did! And Mohammad Rafi?
– Rafi, too? No! He made my career! Now quickly record your songs
and bring the cassette to me. Isn’t it the music companies
which records the songs, sir? Fantastic! I’ll explain this to you. I’ve heard you sing. But how’s the boss of my company,
Mahesh Hirwani, going to do that? I want your songs recorded
so he can listen to it. How much will it cost
us to have the songs recorded? Maybe a hundred thousand or 150,000 150,000?!
– Maybe 200,000 200,000?! You have the talent.
You’re going to make money! 200,000 bucks! That isn’t
money we can find in our pockets! My career will be
finished for 200,000 We haven’t money for 2 liters
of petrol. And he wants 200,000! I can’t push this anymore.
– Get your Uncle to pay for gas. I’ll go to him. He must be angry
I haven’t still gone to the shop. We’ll buy gas with
the money I bring from him. You… Who’s made a shop
out of this bus shelter? Hey mister…
who’s made a shop out of that? It’s still a bus-shelter, mister.
A company’s beautifying it. Still a bus stop!
– Yes. Strange! It looks like a shop! That’s a shop, Aba.
– It’s a bus stop. It’s a shop!
– A bus stop! Take a good look. That’s your uncle’s new shop. With salt. Uncle!
– Nephew! You look very happy.
Have you scored with a girl? No, uncle.
– Why are you late, bloody dog! I got held up, uncle!
But why are you eating the remains? Remains, eh? I’ll tell you. This is a sweet-lime.
The juice in it is my principal. Everything else
in it is my interest. And you know,
I never let go of my interest! You’ve earned so much in interest.
You must at least eat well, uncle. God is kind. I eat the
remains of sweet-lime and orange. I used to sell sugarcane
juice when I first came to Mumbai. For two years, I lived only
on the remains of sugarcane! I’m glad, you didn’t sell coconuts.
– Shut up! You’ve turned up after lunch-hour.
You lose half your salary! I have news, uncle. A friend of
mine from Goa is selling his shop. What’s the big deal? He isn’t
giving it away for free, is he? It’s as good as free, uncle! How much would a 20 by 10 sq.
feet space sell… for at Carter Road, Bandra? For anything between
1.5 or 2 million. He’s giving it away at 200,000! At 200,000? But why’s he giving
it away so cheap, my boy? He lives in Goa. How’d
he know of the prices in Mumbai? He’s selling it at Goa’s prices.
By Jove! I’m going to buy that shop!
I’m going to buy it! Where is this friend of yours?
– Out there… must I call him? No! Don’t call him in!
Let him remain there. I’ll get some unadulterated
juice for him. Go on… Hurry up, my boy! The miser’s fallen for it.
Do you want 20,00,000 instead? Don’t be greedy. We need 200,000.
And that’s all we’ll take. Okay, he’s coming. Strictly.
– Yes. This is Raju, uncle. And that’s my uncle.
Not worthy of any praise. Sit down… and have some juice. You’re my nephew’s friend,
after all. – Yes. My nephew told me that you’re in
trouble and want to sell your shop. Don’t worry. You will have
no problems till I’m around! – Yes. I’ll buy that shop! No sweat, uncle. There was this chap here today.
The deal’s almost through. Then give me. But the deal hasn’t been struck.
– No! We only got talking! No deal yet.
– And why not? He wanted to pay me by check. I want cash because
I’m leaving for Goa. He wants it in cash, you see.
– I see! You can never say with these guys!
You must always get paid in cash! I’ll pay it to you in cash. Just you come with me!
C’mon! Really. Uncle, you’re grate. He really doesn’t
deserve any praise! Here’s 200,000! 200,000? Or is it two watermelons? Dangerous times, you know.
I’ve got to hide my dough! I put back in the fruit what
I earn from it… open it! My word, Uncle!
If only I knew… – What. I’ll start my new shop tomorrow and
serve you the first fruit-juice! It’s made, uncle! The shop’s
got made! – He is laughing. Why’s he laughing so much?
– He’s happy, you see. He’s going to Goa
and he’s delighted. Yes. Fantastic! You’ve got the dough!
We’ll make a great cassette! And you will be the superstar! “This is the first time it
has happened in my 17 or 18 years” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “There’s someone…” “There’s someone I keep
thinking about all the time” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “There’s someone…” “There’s someone I keep
thinking about all the time” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “I dream of her, on silent nights” “Lost I am,
in things I do not know” “I dream of her, on silent nights” “Lost I am,
in things I do not know” “The breeze blows
the veil in the air” “It sets my heart racing” “Steady me, my friends” “I seem to be losing myself” “Caught up,
I always am, in these tresses” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “There’s someone…” “There’s someone I keep
thinking about all the time” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “Footsteps awaken me” “Why am I always chasing memories?” “Footsteps awaken me” “Why am I always chasing memories?” “My heart beats in loneliness” “I don’t know whom it pines for” “Tell me, someone.
I want to know…” “What’s wrong with me?” “Include my name too in
the list of the crazy lovers” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “There is someone…” “There is someone I keep
thinking about all the time” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” “This is the first time
it has happened in my lifetime” Wow! Hey! What’s up with you? Stop dreaming! You are the real star. He’s only shaking his leg. And the guys are going
ga ga over the girls! You’re going to be a big star! This
cassette… it’s worth 200,000. Once the music company
owners listens to it… he’s going to be fantastic! Come on! Let Misra make you star.
I’ll deal with my uncle later. How are you?
– Okay. Why the long face?
Where’s Misra? – Up there. Up there?
Have they built another floor? No. He’s dead. No, Misraji! You can’t leave me like this! This was no age for him to die! You wouldn’t have died had
you waited for some more days! Raju! I want to die!
Deliver me, O Lord! – Listen! Speak. Look! There’s the owner of Music
Gramophone Company… Mahesh Hirwani! Go and see if the
ambulance has arrived. Get up… hurry! It’s okay… relax. What’s all this, Maheshji! He’s dead… so what? Do you know what
he wanted most? – Sure. He wanted my company
to be at the forefront. No.
– No? All right. He wanted our company to
always find the money… right? No! No? So what did he say? What’s he saying? Mr. Mishra wanted him
to be a successful singer! What?! These bloody aspirants… Take them away… I wonder where these
guys land up from! Come. Take the madcap away! Go on. Go inside. Weeping can make you tired.
– Sure. Why are they noting
our license number? Must be a no-parking zone. But when did the traffic
cops take to dressing like that? They aren’t the cops brothers,
are they? No… I think… I think they’re those thugs! The first check
we issued has bounced! Go on…
– I’ll find a way. What’s the point
in eying the bike now? What do you mean?
– The guy who owned it is dead. What do you mean He’s dead. His body’s lying inside. We’d even get the corpse to pay us,
okay? C’mon guys! Oh God! Sit! Bye-bye. Nab them! Catch them. Thanks a million, Lord! The moment I open my shop, the
customers make a beeline for it! That’s what you get when
you have a shop on a busy road! Thanks a million, Lord! Let the queues continue! God, please send more customers. Where have they gone? They must’ve taken
my shop for a bus-shelter! It’s an earthquake! Help! Everything’s okay out there…
so why’s my shop being shaken up? Somebody stop them! Somebody stop them! Police! Police! What’s happening here?
– Stop them, Inspector! They’ve squeezed my shop! Who asked you to start
a shop at a public bus shelter? Is this a bus-shelter?! No! It can’t be true! This is a railway station!
There’ll be trains here soon! Have you gone mad?
– Sure! I’ve gone mad! I’ve gone mad! I’ve lost 200,000!
– Hey, what are you doing. Listen. My stuff is all garbage! Stop this guy!
He’s the one who has robbed me! Get down! Get down! Inspector! It was this
guy who sold me that shop! Look… your uncle.
There are cops too. Who sold the shop to you?
– Good God! He’s the one who sold it to me! He’s the one! The bloody crook! Get him, constables! Leave! Go on, mister…
he’s targeting everyone. Who is he?
– You go, man. Don’t let him go.
– Don’t shout. I said don’t let them go.
– Hold him tight. What the hell have I done? Forgive me! Many colours of youth. Which… Get him, constables!
This guy’s really gone mad! It’s my misfortune, Aba. We’ve lost 200,000. And I haven’t even
got to be a star. Neither did I find my dream-girl
nor is my dream realized. God keeps giving us those signals. But we’re fools not to notice them. Take Misra’s death, for instance. That is to suggest that
I have entered the wrong lane. Mrs. Godinho’s back there in Goa.
I think I’ll go to her. What? You have ruined my life.
And you’ll go back to Mrs. Godinho? Very well. You had to come along
and spoil things even more for me. There’s your signal…
so go to Goa! You’ve been a great support, Aba.
– And that was a mistake? I’ll give you something
before I leave. What will you give me anyway?
– The bike’s all yours. The keys belong to you. And this cassette
is for your uncle. Thank you very much.
– Welcome. Those thugs will beat
me up for the bike… and my uncle will beat
me up for this bloody cassette! Happy Diwali, fatso!
– What Diwali?! He’s only wishing you.
– I’m doomed, anyway! Now either kill me.
Or I’m going to kill myself! Right now! Do you want to kill someone? Look at this. It’s a bride.
– Bride. The train’s coming…
get out of the way! Get the hell out of there! Raju! Raju move! Don’t be crazy!
Leave the girl alone! Get out, Raju! The train’s coming! Raju run! Raju! Raju get aside. Thank God for the car
which saved her life! Take her to the operation theatre
and inform Dr. Chander. Quick! Okay. Excuse me, sir. Please sign here. Oh my, God. She is Pooja. Do you know her, sir?
– Of course. She is my friend’s daughter. Who brought her here?
– Her husband did. Okay, take it to the theatre. Hurry up. Oh! Excuse me, doctor.
– Yes. I want you to check
this man’s mental health. He started a fruit-juice
shop at a bus shelter. We want to know if he’s really
mad or whether he’s faking it. Hello! Why have you come in here?
Please go out. This is an operation theatre.
– How you come. Take him away.
– No… I won’t go out.
– Who is he? That’s the lady’s husband. Please, doctor…
– Now look, son. I respects your feelings. but you must go out. Please don’t do that, doctor. Nothing will happen to your wife.
– My wife? Oh yes! My wife! She’s lying there all-alone!
And I’ve never let her be lonely. How can I leave her like this? Please let me be here with her.
Quietly. In a corner. I… Please I pro… Doctor, this is not fair. The nurse’s given me a sleeping
pill. – An injection. Not a pill. Oh yes. May I sit down? Okay.
– Thank you. Oh God! What’s happened to my child? What’s wrong, dear? What’s wrong, dear? On the day of a festival? How’s Pooja, K. D? Don’t worry. She’ll be all right. What how did all this happened? What injuries has she received? No injuries as such. Desai will explain you detail. Desai, please explain to them. She has suffered a head injury.
Back there… at the rear end. Because of which she
had a brain hemorrhage. Because of the force of the blood,
she’s now in a coma. Oh my God! We have conducted an operation
to lessen the pressure on her mind. In medical terms,
we call this a state of coma vigil Which means, she can hear,
listen and understand. But she can’t speak. And she can’t move. Pooja will be all right, won’t she? Well hope so. Let’s pray to God. If only you had agreed to
Pooja’s marriage with Romi, sir… we wouldn’t have
had to see this day. But Pooja is already married!
– What? Yes. She was brought here
in a bridal dress. It was her husband who saved her. Romi?
– Of course. Where is he? Here is Romi. This is Romi. He is Romi. Romi has risked his
own life to save Pooja. Did you… jump before a speeding
train to save Pooja’s life? I only did my duty.
– You have saved not Pooja alone… you have saved the
whole family, son. Why only Pooja? I’d have
done it for anyone in her place. Greetings. I was wrong, son. We turned down the match,
without even meeting you. I know. We thought you weren’t good enough
for Pooja and for our family. I have nothing to do with what you
thought and what you now think, sir. That’s because…
– How were we to know, son? that you’d be the angel
to come into our lives? Thank a million, Lord,
for sending him into Pooja’s life. Now look, ma’am. I have nothing to
do with Pooja or you. Just please forgive me.
And please let me go. Don’t say such things, son. I realize I’ve made a mistake. That I should have
at least have met you! I should have tried to understand
you. Please forgive me, son. Please forgive me…
– Who are you folks? Who on earth are all of you?
Please let me go… please! My boss is asking for pardon. You
mustn’t leave Pooja in this state! I seek your pardon, sir!
I have enough tensions in life. I’ve got to sing… I mean, go!
How am I going to explain?! Boy bring the stretcher
must be heart attack. Get this straight, my good man.
I must see Mr. Oberoi. Maybe. But he’s in the ICU after
a heart attack. You can’t see him. Damn it! Is this a
hospital or is it a prison? Now look; I’m not keeping well.
I’m going to get a heart attack. Let me meet him…
– Skip the drama! Well, all right. Here you are. You’re trying to bribe me, are you? I’m not going to let you in at all! What a madcap! Make him see reason! What are you doing here?
Go to your wife. Look at him! He barged into a funeral
the other day. And he’s here today. You let those two-penny guys
in and stop rich folks like me! That chap is Mr.
Bharat Oberoi’s son-in-law. Maybe…
– Got it. What?!
– That’s right. Mr. Bharat Oberoi’s son-in-law.
He’s Pooja’s husband. Pooja even has a husband…
the jerk! Why am I always the fall guy? I’m not blaming you. But why me? I’m leaving now. Tell your folks that I’m not Romi. And yes… That you met with an accident and I
happened to be there to save you… is a signal that you
have a long life ahead of you. And make sure you
drive slowly in future. Okay. God bless you. Raju!
– What is it now? I’ve heard what you said to her. Have you? Then you must
know I’m Raj. I’m not Romi. So go and tell them!
Please! – No! I can’t tell them! My boss has had a heart attack.
I can’t tell him all that. You don’t think I’m a doctor,
do you? You know what state Pooja is in. Should I tell him
that you’re not Romi… I don’t know what’ll happen. Please stay back! I have seen hope in his
eyes since you have arrived. Please. Who are you anyway?
And what makes you so interested? I’m nothing more
than an accountant. But I’ve been with
him for 30 years. He has always treated
me like a brother. I beg for his life… Please don’t go away.
– He treats me like nothing, okay? So I beg of you for my life… I’ve taken enough in life anyway.
Give me a break. Please! See? now step aside. I’m here. Son-in-law! How are you?
– You, sir? Don’t embarrass
me by calling me sir! Son-in-law?
– You’re Pooja’s husband. Why didn’t you tell me you’re Mr.
Oberoi’s son-in-law? Fantastic!
You are Mr. Oberoi’s son-in-law! What’s fantastic about that? Hey! It’s strange. Where are you.
– Here. It’s indeed amazing, son-in-law. Honestly, when I saw you weeping
at Misra’s funeral the other day… I knew for sure that
it was a son-in-law… I’m sorry. that you have the
Goddess’s blessings. What a melodious
way of crying! Indeed! I’ve yet to see a son-in-law cry,
errr… sing, like you! You are undoubtedly
the son-in-law No. 1! And what happens to this cassette?
– To hell with this one! I’ll have a fresh one recorded
for you… just you see! I’ll give it a release
so grand that no son-in-law… …I mean, no singer has ever had! So just drop in
at my office tomorrow. The son-in-law…
my Statue of Liberty! Find Romi quickly, Goverdhan.
Brother’s been asking for him. Go ahead. I’ll find him. Romi ought to be with my brother.
That’s what the doctor says. So bring him quickly. Please. God Almighty…
where will I bring him from? And what will I tell them? Stop crying… Romi’s here. Really?
– Yes. I thought that if playing Romi
could save Bharatbhai’s life… so why not? Saving a
life is anyway a noble deed. You’re a great boy…
Let’s go. He’s asking for you. Open Sesame!
– Hey! This is her bag. Correction.
It was hers. It now belongs to us. Look! Jewellery
worth half a million. A laptop.
The stuff’s worth over a million! My life is made, Raju! I’m shedding tears of joy!
– Don’t cry. I’ll return the bag. Return it?! Whatever for?
– To steal is a sin, Aba. I see! A sin, eh? We conned my uncle into
buying a bus shelter as a shop. Wasn’t that a sin? We did that for my career.
– I see. Wasn’t it a sin to issue a check
for 30,000 when you had just 1000? That was to further my career.
– Oh great! For your career! And now that I land some dough,
it’s all wrong! Now look; I did every
wrong only for my career. And I’ve got my break. Who’s giving it to you?
– Know whose daughter she is? She’s the daughter
of Bharat Oberoi! Bharat Oberoi!
– Bharat Oberoi! She is the daughter
of Bharat Oberoi. And Mahesh Hirwani?
– What’s up? What’s up? Is he dead? He’s giving me the break! I see. He’s going to die soon. Know what Mrs. Godinho always says? We meet God at
every step in life… it’s just that we
don’t recognize him. Sure. Have you ever been
drenched in the rains? On many occasions. Has anyone offered you an umbrella? Sure.
– You didn’t recognize him I did. It was Babban!
– It wasn’t Babban… It was God!
– God? Babban? Yes! Have you ever lay there,
without anything to eat? It’s happened so many times.
– Did someone come and feed you? Sure. The milkmaid did.
– It wasn’t the milkmaid. That was God, too. I met God last night too. And God gave me a break. I see! God has given you the break! How could I forget to tell you?
I met God last night too. Who? – The one who
gave you the break… and gave me this bag!
– Hold it! I’m going to return that bag! You can’t take away what God gives! God hasn’t given you that bag, Aba.
You’ve stolen it from him. And it’s a sin to steal from God.
Give that to me, Aba. Take it! Thank you. No! Not anymore, please! How are you?
– I’m okay, no thank you. How many fingers are these?
– Five, thank you! And who am I?
– The Inspector! Where are you, at the moment?
– In a hospital, no thank you! Very good. Was that a bus-stop or
was it a fruit-juice stall? It was a bloody bus stop! Very good.
Looks like he’s all right, doctor. Are you hungry?
– I’m famished! What will you eat?
– Remains of all the fruits! Oh no! Give him some more shock, doctor.
He isn’t all right. No worry. That’s the mental ward.
Such noises are commonplace. Hi! Good morning. It’s day already… wake up. Here’s your bag.
It was with my friend. You’ll find everything intact. Except 5000 Rupees,
which my friend has spent. But I’ll return the money as
soon as you regain consciousness. I had told you that I
would never meet you again. But Mr. Goverdhan has
requested me to stay back… and play Romi till
your dad gets well. I have my interests at heart too.
I’m a singer, you know? Mahesh Hirwani is going
to release an album of mine… because he thinks I’m your husband. My life is made! Someday I will recite
a song for you. Why someday?
Let me recite it for you right now. You must give me a big
hand if you like the song, okay? Okay! And now I’m going to sing for you. It will laugh; it will cry It will find someone;
and it will lose someone In solitude, it will suffer That’s every heart in love How can I believe
that you are Romi? Give it a thought. When the accident occurred,
Pooja was at the wheels and you… Outside. How come. Oh mon… That’s Monty from America.
He’s my sister-in-law’s son. And this is Romi. I can’t believe he’s Romi. Any proof?
– I am the proof. I know he’s Romi. Oh tell. Pooja had once
introduced me to him. Really? When was that?
– Actually, when Pooja and I… went to buy a computer for her,
we had lunch together. Right? Whatever… You have spoilt her
with your indulgence. You kept her secret without
telling us anything. I thought I’d tell
you when the time came. When are we doing
the recording, sir? We’re doing it, son-in-law… it’ll be done in good time.
Just don’t worry! Don’t mention his name
as son-in-law on the album. He’s kidding! The album will have
it in bold print: Romi! Not Romi. It ought to be Raj.
– Raj? Raj.
– Raj. Raj.
– Raj. Your name is Romi!
– Right. But the album will say Raj.
– Why? Why did Yusuf Khan choose
to call himself Dilip Kumar? Why? – Because that was
a lucky name for him. Lucky!
– Exactly. I see! So Raj is a lucky
name for you! – Very lucky. So we’ll call you Raj.
What’s the big deal? When are we doing the recording?
– We’re busy this year. Look, this year is almost book. But I promise. Yours will
be the first album next year. A year? Impossible! I had told you, Raj. HMV promises
to release the album in 3 months. And what did Polygram say?
– 15 days, they promised. So let’s go!
– Hold it, guys You guys get worked up for nothing!
– No, we’re going. Wow! You’re into Moon walking!
You’re a born star! Sit down… Go on.
– What for? It’ll require at least 8 days to…
– 8 days! That’s a very long time.
– Be reasonable, guys. Oh try to understand. You know what a busy music
composer Anu Malik is, don’t you? He’s away in Europe.
You must wait for him to return. Am I right.
– Yes. Besides, Pooja’s in hospital. Would it be okay
to record it without her? It’s Pooja I’m doing all this for. Pooja will spring to her feet,
the moment she listens to my song. Mr. Goverdhan! Congratulations!
– Congratulations! All ourtensions are over!
– They’re over! We have no problems in future!
– No problems! Let’s go and tell
Bharatbhai the truth! Here’s where the problem lies.
I won’t tell Bharatbhai the truth. Why not? I don’t want to! Like you didn’t want it earlier.
– You have evil on your mind. No matter what. I won’t tell him!
– I’ll go and tell him then. This is hospital please. Quite. So I’ll tell him! This is hospital please.
– Sorry. I’ll go and tell him the truth! I’ll tell him too about the
conspiracy you had hatched! – Plan! What plan? Whose plan? Have you forgotten
what you told me? – What? The old man has millions!
He’ll die of a heart attack. That you’d strangle the girl and
we’d split the millions between us! What rubbish… are you talking! I could never imagine
you’d be such a cheapskate! I’m not a cheapskate!
You’re compelling me to be one! Go out…
I’ve got to make her change. Okay, we’re going out.
Not him. He’s her husband. You help me. Go on… please.
– Listen to me! Nurse! Please pull that sheet. Oh God! She has… She has a mole there! Disgusting! Bloody disgusting! I’ve never seen such a husband. He shut his eyes when I asked
him to change his wife’s clothes… and grabbed my skirt! What nonsense. Raju! Raju! You’re an amazing man! You aren’t as rotten
as I thought you were. And you’re a much better
man than I thought you to be. Really!
– Mr. Govardhan. You know Mahesh Hirwani, don’t you? Sure. I do know him.
What is it about? He thinks I’m really
Bharatbhai’s son-in-law. How many fingers on my hand?
– Five fingers, thank you! Who am I?
– The Inspector, no thank you! And who’s that?
– The doctor! Very good. Are you hungry?
– I’m famished, I swear! And what will you eat?
– Rice and lentil-curry. Anything! Very good! He seems
to be all right now, doctor. Now tell me; why did you start
a fruit-juice stall at a bus stop? There was this scoundrel who
claimed to own it and sold it to me! How much did you buy it for?
– 200,000! Whom did you buy it from? Speak up…
whom did you buy it from? It was that scoundrel
I bought it from! It was that scoundrel! He isn’t all right, doctor!
Give him the shock! Once the recording is over,
I’ll tell them that I’m not Romi. Know something? What would God lose
if you were the real Romi? Hello! Good morning. Are you coming or going?
I’ve been looking for you. Mr. Goverdhan!
It’s you he’s talking to! I’m sorry, sister. I couldn’t tell whether he was talking
on the phone or addressing me. I have news for you.
There was a call from Jahnvi. Really?
That’s my daughter who called. What did she say? – She’s
returning to India tomorrow. I want some important medicine from
the U.S. Could Jahnvi bring it? Of course she is carrying with her. That’s good. Okay. You ought to be happy
your daughter is returning. Jahnvi and Pooja keep no secrets.
She must surely know about Romi too. Jahnvi and Pooja
are more like sisters. Even at home, no one has
ever discriminated between them. They’ve grown up together. Should Pooja have something,
Jahnvi too got it. Whenever the bangles tinkle… Whenever the anklets tinkle… Whenever it pours… My heart calls out My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Day in and day out,
my heart calls out… My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Why is there a pounding
in my heart? Why does it pine so? What have you done to my heart,
O heartless one? My love, O my beloved My sleep vanishes; I’m restless The things that
loneliness does to me My face is flushed of its color I lower my eyes out of shyness I feel shy,
even when I look at the mirror Why have you made me pine?
Why have you taken away my peace? My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Whenever a boy meets a girl… it awakens a desire in my heart When the bridal cymbals
are played somewhere Whenever they deck
up the bridal palanquin… I go crazy at heart and yell out My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Day in and day out,
my heart calls out… My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Why is there a pounding
in my heart? Why does it pine so? What have you done to my heart,
O heartless one? My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved My love, O my beloved Govardhan!
– Yes. Good morning.
– Hi! Please come with me. I have
something to discuss with you. Room no. 1207. Okay. I’ll be back soon.
– Okay, father. Excuse me. Room 1207 please. That way. Thank you.
– Welcome. Can’t you see where you’re going? That’s Jahnvi… my daughter. Why does it always happen to me?
– What happened? Nothing really…
I thought I’d run away from here. And I ran into my life…
must I run away now? Or mustn’t I? No need to run away!
Jahnvi has never met Romi! She only spoke to
him over the phone. Care for some tea?
– No thank you. No… don’t cry, Biji.
You mustn’t cry. Make her see reason, dad… Dad.. We ought to be happy
that Pooja’s life was saved. We were saved before something
drastic could happen. And what’s so
seriously wrong anyway? I spoke to the doctor
before I arrived. This is exactly what happened
to Superman, too. – Superman. Yes! And he’s back
to his flying ways already. All Pooja now has to
do is to simply get up. Pooja, come on getup. We’ve taken enough
of your drama, okay? Remember? You had planned a dance
competition for us, on my return? You were supposed to do an lndian
dance and I’d perform a Western. I’ve even learnt new steps! All right… now tell
me how’s your married life? I’ve penned a couplet.
Want to hear it? I’ve filled up tubs with my tears,
as I remember you The uncouth man that you are;
you simply bathe in it! What a joke. What happened, dear?
– I ran into a madman out there. I went to wash the
cold-drink he spit on me. You washed it with your tears,
did you? God protect your
friendship with her. Come, Jahnvi.
Let me introduce you to Romi. That’s Romi.
– Hello. This is Jahnvi. You not Romi. He isn’t Romi. I told you so. And you said she
hadn’t ever met Romi! That’s what I thought. That she had only spoken
to him overthe telephone. Have you seen Romi?
– No. Pooja told me that he was short,
had brown eyes and curly hair. But this chap… In that case,
you’re not Jahnvi either. Excuse me.
– Yes. Pooja told me that
Jahnvi’s fat and ugly… that she’s squint-eyed
and has a bucktooth. But all that is not true.
You’re very beautiful. Getwell, Pooja. And I’ll fix you! Tell him, Biji. Son.. Yes.
– It’s Diwali today. We won’t be celebrating it… but we must have a prayer. We have to adhere to our customs. So come over to our
place this evening. Okay?
– Certainly. It’s your place too, son. Yes. My husband got this bungalow built
when my son was just 15 years old. The prasad.
– You look beautiful. Knowwhat Mrs. Godinho says? It’s fun to celebrate
Diwali with your family. Thank you. Take some prasad?
– It has 150 calories! I can’t eat that!
– Go on. It’s in the name of God. Yes.
– Please take it. All right. I’ll try some. You’re calorie-conscious,
aren’t you? -Hmm No wonder you have
such a great figure. Oh, thank you. Happy Diwali everybody! Smile please. Welcome, Master. Let me
introduce you to my son-in-law. Your son-in-law?
– Yes. He’s Pooja’s husband, Romi. I’ve met him. Forget it. I have forgotten it.
Please remind me where. He’s a singer. He’s training
Pooja in classical dance. But he has this characteristic…
he’s very absent-minded. Wow!
– Oh! So tell me where we have
met It’ll refresh my memory. Must l? In everybody’s presence?
– Sure! Go ahead. The Master and I participated
in a dance-contest. Yes.. He danced so well that
he dropped his pants. Did that really happen?
– Yes… have you forgotten it? But you mustn’t forget
that he’s Pooja’s husband, Romi. May I show Romi Pooja’s room, dad?
– Certainly. Why just the room?
The house belongs to him… go on. Come on, Romi. This is Pooja’s room.
– It’s nice. And where’s your room?
– This is the one. And which is Pooja’s room?
– This is our room. Didn’t Pooja tell you
that we share the room? She did. And I forgot. Wow, what is this? So many perfumes…
but why have two of each? That’s because Pooja likes
whatever I like… – Okay. and I also take a liking
to whatever Pooja approves of. Wow! Look at this… we even
have the same kind of cell-phones. Aren’t they nice? Mind blowing. Simply. Tell me something.. But what happens if the
two of you fall for the same guy? That’s impossible.
– Why? Because Pooja has already
approved of you, Romiji. Don’t you approve of me then?
– Well, I do. But not in the same way.
– In what way, then? I like this place already. Pooja told me that
you’re good at poetry. So tell me the first
couplet you recited for Pooja. Sit. “Everyone I come across… appears to be like you” “Looks like I’m going to go mad… for, I’m in love with you… I wait for you Wow! You’re so romantic.
– I am. No wonder Pooja loves
you so much, Romi ji. What the hell are you doing?! I didn’t know your preferences
had changed so much in six years! Oh come on! I’m pretty hung up
myself. It’s her I see every place. I find her in you, too.
– Really?… happens, I guess. Does it really?
– Of course. Lovers are like alcoholics.
They imagine the bottle everywhere. But spare me and
let me go to sleep. I was dreaming about the milkmaid. Know what…? Will we only dream about girls? Get up. Let me sleep. Hi! Hi! Hello! What’s up with you? What you doing. Hey! What you doing. Stop it! What’s up with you? I’ve got your address
with great difficulty. What’s so difficult?
This is an easy place to find. What would you like to drink?
Let me get something. Aba! Get up!
– Who’s that? Me… Jahnvi’s here.
How about some juices? Sorry! No juices! Can you believe it.
That’s my friend, Aba. Hi! Greetings! And good-bye!
– Good-bye! Romiji!
– Yes tell me. Dad says you have fulfilled
his desire for a son. How sweet.
– He has sent you this little gift. Oh yes. Small guitar indeed. What’s in the guitar anyway?
– The car-keys. Oh.. cool. What car is it?
– An Opel. An Opel.
– It’s out there. Why’s it out there?
– Because it can’t be brought in. Funny, very funny. Dad has had the left-wing
of the bungalow vacated for you. Okay.
– You will live with us. He has given me status
with all this respect. On the other hand, he belittles
me by asking me to live with them. Thank Dad on my behalf. All I want is love. Your love.
And love from everyone else. Because there is nothing
I can give you, except for my love. Know what Mrs. Godinho always says? Those who possess love
are never to be considered poor. Got it? Do you understand?
– Hmm. Do you understand.
I love your family. How about some tea and buns? Okay? Abdul! At least send
for some tea and buns! Looks like you’ve won again.
– Show. I’ve won again! You’re very lucky in cards. Yes. But Pooja is very lucky in love. Maybe you’re lucky at both. Maybe you’re beloved is very much
with you… and you don’t know it. I don’t understand.
– Let me explain. As Mrs. Godinho always says… God shows us the
signal at every place… but it is we who can’t understand. We meet so many people
in our lifetime. But then,
we come across an individual… whom we feel like
meeting time and again. We are happy in his company. We are sad, when he goes away. What is this. It’s already 10 o’clock. Please go. We’re going. That’s the signal then.
One of us will have to leave… Govardhanji.. The two of you will leave.
I will stay back here. Okay? Let Romi stay back, father.
– No, dear. He’s tired. He’s tired… Go on.
– You ought to relax, sir. The two of us will spend
the night chatting away. Okay. I don’t mind. Only one person is permitted to
stay here. Just one. – Oh. Is that. Drop her home then, okay? Go on, dear.
– That’s even better… Bye Pooja. Romi, you are very funny. It’s fun to be with you. I like it. Thank you. We’re going to
be together for life. Now tell me something. You took Pooja to the
Goddess’s temple, didn’t you? Don’t even talk about that temple! I’ve forgotten where it is! And I wondered whether… What? I was wondering if you could take
me to the temple in the morning…? But it’s all rigth. No problem. You knoe you’re right. As Mrs. Godinho always says,
Never mess with the Gods You have opened my eyes! You so sweet. 6 o’ clock in the morning,
I can pickup. – Yes. Good night.
– Okay, good night. Why’s she so formal with me?! Come on… Come. How much time will it take?
Another 15 or 20 minutes? Ifwe walk fast like this,
we’ll make it in 15 minutes. At this rate…
we’ll take 20 minutes. Ifwe walk as slowly as this,
it’ll take us 25 minutes. 30 minutes in slow motion and.. we won’t reach there
ifwe don’twalk at all! Why do I get the feeling that.. there’s something
you wish to say to me? How will I tell her?! Pooja and you are so very alike.
That’s justwhat she said to me. Why do I feel there’s something
you wish to say to me…? And what did you say to herthen? I said… I love you I cannot live without you You’re very much in love,
aren’t you? Hmm! Pooja’s very lucky
to have found you. You’re luckier than Pooja is! You will meet someone like me,
who will love you very much. You want that, don’t you? Well, Romiji… How do you.. How many more questions to go?
– This last. Okay ask me. How do you feel? How do find it without Pooja? Great! You mean my heart? How will I tell you
about what I feel? “Everyone I meet
appears to be like you” “Everyone I meet
appears to be like you” “Looks like I’m going to go mad… in love with you;
while I wait for you in love with you;
while I wait for you” Hey… are you alright?
Everything is okay? What’s okay? No one is.
Not she. Not you. Not I I don’t think anything’s okay Relax. Okay. Okay. Okay! Love is a high you
can never be free of It’s a bond between
two innocent hearts A bond, you can never break It’s truly said,
whoever has said it… You can never forget
your first love I like meeting you
and talking to you Looks like I’m going to go mad… in love with you;
while I wait for you in love with you;
while I wait for you What are you thinking about? I’ve been wondering
about what you’re thinking. I’m thinking.. I wish I could forever
rest in your dark tresses To look at you; to desire you… and to be lost in
a world of my dreams Ever since I have
set my eyes on you… I remember nothing else I even take the fairy
tales for true now I’m going mad… I think Everyone I meet
appears to be like you Looks like I’m going to go mad… in love with you;
while I wait for you in love with you;
while I wait for you Couldn’t God find
a place farther away? You mustn’t crack such jokes. Tell me something. There’s a temple near your house. So why drive for 5 hours, walk
for another 2 hours and come here? God is God,
no matter what place it is. You drove for 5 hours, walked for
2 hours and came here… what for? For my love, of course.
– Right. God puts those in love to a test. But He never lets anyone
return empty-handed. So hurry up and ask
for whatever you want. I have a problem. I’ve always been to the
Church with Mrs. Godinho. I don’t know how
to pray in a temple. Whether you do this,
this or this… …always pray with
all your heart, okay? What have you asked for?
– And what did you ask for? I’ve asked for love. And I’ve prayed to her
to breathe life into your love. Really?
– Yes. How about making a wish together? Please. You will certainly have your love.
I promise. Really! Here are the offerings. Please. It isn’t right
for a married woman.. to go without vermilion
in her parting. Will you apply the vermilion? How is my wife? What’s matter?
Why doesn’t someone tell me? How is my wife? How is my wife? Why don’t you tell
me how my wife is? No one’s saying anything. But why are you so quiet? Why don’t you say something? Why are you in bed? You must get up. For my sake. Don’t worry. I’m here. Now no one can take us apart. Rahul, what’s going on? Go to your cabin.
– Doctor, sir. Why are you taking me
away from my wife? She’s sick. She needs me! She’s going to be fine.
Go to your cabin. Take him away. I’m not going. She is not your wife. Take him away. Leave me!
– Rahul relax. Relax! What’s wrong with her? Met with an accident. Car. Yes, car. Come. Why do people make cars? Take him.
– I just… Even if they make cars, why
do people have to travel in cars? You tell me, people can walk too. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. That was Rahul.
A patient in our mental ward. Please relax. My Papa has inconvenienced you.
I apologize for him Was that your Papa?
– Yes. Ever since Mama’s
death he has been sick. Please forgive
him and pray for him. Wait a second Mr. Husband. Now… tell me this. When he was here… …how come… …you were looking so afraid? Monty, you got your
brains in the wrong place. What is wrong with you.
Have you lusted? You’re a suspicious fellow. Goverdhan has known him all along Don’t you ever say things
like that about Romi. Look Pooja is absolutely normal. I have been through
all her medical reports. Report is absolutely normal. She needs no further
treatment in this hospital. You can take her home. May God bless us
on this auspicious day May you live long May the apple of our
eyes live long and all be well You are our only hope.
Let all be well Come, come in son No son! Not the left foot. The right foot. It’s a ritual. When husband and wife step into
their home for the first time… The right foot is the best foot
to put forward. It’s a good omen. Come in. Whenever Pooja came home,
she would make the place so lively. This homecoming
isn’t quite like that. Times are changing so fast…
it gives me the jitters Govardhan. Yes? You go. Do something.
– Yes? Find a good boy and get
Jahnvi married right away. She’s your daughter.
You find the boy. As for the wedding, anytime. What’s the hurry? Let Pooja recover first. You
could look for a boy afterwards. The wedding will happen…
only after Pooja has recovered. But she can get
engaged before that. I have a suitable boy.
– Forget that one. I’m here I’ll look for a boy. After all, I too have a
responsibility towards this family. Besides,
there might be someone she likes. If that was the case,
she would’ve surely told me. How could she possibly tell you?
– Romi is right. All right, then find out whether
she likes someone. If not… I’m giving you the responsibility.
Find a good boy for her. Romi! Your Daddy has given
me a responsibility. What? To find a suitable boy for you.
Someone like me. Tell me something. Have you chosen
someone for yourself? Sure! Why do I get a feeling… that you’re going to
marry someone you like… …not someone your family wishes? No. I’m going to marry someone
whom my family prefers. Who else but you can decide
best about your own life? They are my elders.
And about my life… they’ll take a careful decision,
won’t they? Besides, do you think they will
get me married off to a nobody? This is your life. Will you spend the rest of your life
with someone whom you don’t love… with someone you don’t even know? Now you’re serious! I can’t deny my
folks their happiness. All you care for are your folks? What about my happiness? You too will be asked to opine After all,
you’re the senior son-in-law. And irrespective of whom I marry,
you are the one… who will sing at my wedding.
You will, won’t you? Tell me,
which song is it going to be? One minute. I’m waiting. “To tell you I love you” “Oh yeah.” “Do you now that I love you…” “Oh yeah!” “Oh help, why do I’m saying.” “That I love her. Forget it.” “Somebody kill me” “Somebody kill me” “Somebody kill me” “Somebody kill me” “Leave me to simmer” “What is the heart and love?” “Forget that” “Love is nothing but a game.
Kill the whole issue” “Oh yeah.” “Why do I’ve tear in my eyes.” “Why the hell should I cry.” “Why this happens to me.” “No!” ‘Just ensure that
you’re never sad.’ ‘But you always fall short! ‘ “Saheba!” “Saheba!” If this is the song you’ll sing,
the marriage party will run away. What I don’t want is happening
and what should happen isn’t! And you’re spitting away!
Try to understand me. I am so tense! Why does this always happen to me? The right things never happen! And what shouldn’t happen
do take place. Do you follow? Just as staying hungry
is not a matter of food. Similarly I don’t have
to explain to talk less. No you’re explaining to me? Sit down and I’ll explain to you! It’s a commode.
– Sit on it! Jahnvi’s problem is…
– Yes? When I tell her something… She thinks it is Romi speaking. Whereas it is me not Romi!
– You said that. When I tell her what’s in my heart,
she thinks it’s Romi. Whereas it is not Romi! It is I! Because I’m me not Romi! I am Romi but I’m not Romi. I’m me! You’re bleating like a goat.
You’ll be slaughtered like one! Reputed, frosted. Enough now. Let’s eat dinner. When I open my heart to her,
she thinks I have no character! Why and how does she think that? You know what a
character I possess! Then? Today I’ll tell her
everything clear-cut. What? I am me,
she is her and you are you! I am me.
– I’ll tell her that too! Tell her. Then what? She’ll love the real you! She will hate you! Then don’t ask me why
you only find girls in dreams! Why not in real life? Don’t ask me And what
about Mahesh Hirwani? He will cancel your recording! Then clap your hands at home.
– Why don’t you keep shut? What would you say
if you were Mrs. Godinho? Me?
– Yes. I’d be Mrs. Godinho?
– What would you say? If I were her, I’d say… ‘Raju, my son.’ Imagine it. Your first recording… The song is a sure hit.
– Yes. Your songs are playing all over.
– Yes. Your posters are put up everywhere.
– Yes… Not only kids, even.
– Fathers are dancing! Yes. You are super hit! Your pictures in the papers…
– Are being printed! Girls queue for your autograph.
– They do! Car, bungalow…
– Secretary! Secretary!
– Yes. and you’ll get your dream girl too! I will get her, isn’t it?
– Promise. Speak on my master,
my bread winner Mr. Oberoi. My finance giver.
– Romi here. Same thing, son-in-law. What’s the news?
– Has Anu Malik returned? Everything is done.
Anu Malik is here. And Sameer is here
to write the song. And the publicity
is on in full swing! Now I’ll throw 1000000
cassettes in India. And 2000000 cassettes abroad! When is the recording?
– Tomorrow. My master, it’s at 2.
Please come to the studio. Okay. Caught you! I won’t let go!
– Are you mad? Come to prison! You turned me mad! Now you don’t recognize me!
You cheated me out of 200000! Thanks to you the
world thought I’m mad. Gave me electric shocks! Have you experienced it?
The world turns dark! The body starts smoking! I won’t let you go! Pay me back! Sorry, uncle.
– Uncle? You recognize me?
Why did you do this to me? I want to know why? I had problems.
I’ll pay your 200000. Of course I’ll take the 200000!
But I also want the interest! All right.
Here is the money for the interest. This is the interest money.
When will you pay the principal? Can I fool the uncle of my friend? Trust me, uncle. Don’t cry. Okay. But I won’t spare you! I’ll go home on the motorcycle! Twerp! Get off the motorcycle! What is it nitwit?
– What does that mean? This is my motorcycle.
I’ll charge you for sitting on it! Is it yours? Is it your Pop’s? Help! You are you beating. Catch him! He’s running away!
The cheat is taking the bike! Wasn’t the bike yours? He’d given me the bike as
interest for the 200000 he owed me! Did he fool you too? He fooled, cheated and deceived me.
I am ruined! He cheated me of 200000! You thrashed me?
If all of you beat him… I’ll pay you 500 bucks! What?
– 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000! I’ll pay you a lakh!
Break his arms and legs! He has cheated me twice before. Once I lay my hands on him,
I’ll settle all scores. With intrest.
– Yes with intrest. “Go you naughty… Don’t open…” Sir! I remember. You are Raju! My name is Romi. What is it? Romi! But remind me of the time we met. You were in the ladies compartment
of the train. With no pajamas! The ticket checker caught you
and the police hit you with sticks. I bailed you out!
– Good Lord! Did this happen? Yes.
– Sir… You may leave. I wish to discuss
something important with Romi. Do you know what this is? Power of etarny. Your father has nominated me. This means henceforth your house,
your offices… Your businesses and properties…
I own all of them! I thought your father was
very smart, a good businessman. But your father turned
out to be a big fool! If I want,
I can get your family to the road! And I can make your father beg! Pooja! Pooja… speak up. Lift your arm, my child. Come on! Try my dear.
– Please. Please, Pooja. Come on, Pooja. Lift your arm, my child. Come on. Please. Which arm had she lifted? Right hand. Try Pooja.
– Yes. – Come on. Lift your arm.
– Make an effort. There’s no reason to be depressed. Infact… This is good news for us. Really!
– Yes. Because I see some moment in Pooja. And that’s a good sign. I came here to become a singer.
To earn some money! That is why I needed your support. But now you and your Daddy
will need me all your lives! You slapped me, right? Now the echo of that slap will
be heard by your family forever! I’ll bring your family to the road! And I’ll place a begging bowl in
your father’s hand and make him beg! Come on, slap me. Slap me! Hit me. Come on! Slap me, abuse me. But wake up. Look… I don’t want to be the master. I don’t…
everyone will be so happy. They were so happy
when you raised your arm. Now I can’t bear to see them sad. Please wake up. Please get up. You won’t get up? You won’t? Don’t get up! I’ll go and tell everyone
right now I’m Raj not Romi! After that whether they call
me a fraud or send me to jail… I don’t care! Because you’d be
responsible for it! I’m crazy because
of beautiful girls. Abdul. What are you doing here? Where is Raj?
– Raj! Who is Raj?
– Where is Raj? God! What now? Raj is dead! Raju is dead without dying!
– Shut up, Abdul. Look, he’s innocent. Just tell me, where is Raj? I admit whatever he did was
because he wants to be a singer. Now he’s acting as
Romi because he loves you. He loves you a lot. The truth is he wants to be
Pooja’s brother-in-law not yours. He loves you lot. Today is his first recording. Forgive him today. Tomorrow
I’ll get him there personally. What does he think? He…
– Where is Raj? He… Wow!
– “Crying…” What a voice! See that? He hasn’t sung a note
and you’re showering praise. He even clears his throat in tune. Just a minute. Sing something.
– Heart… Wow!
– Slightly lower pitch… Heart, heart…
– Fantastic! Just a minute, Mahesh. Lower
octave. Sing in a lower pitch. Try to understand. He’s the son-in-law.
I’ll go low if you wish. Now begin.
– You’re being funny. I want him to sing
in a lower pitch and… you’re sitting down for nothing. You’re being foolish.
I’m the composer. You’re being silly.
– I’m the composer. He’s the son-in-law, can’t climb
down. He’ll always remain high. You sing on.
– Heart… – Cut cut. The crazy heart.
– Cut cut cut. What’s he singing? “I tell you dear, I love you” “Oh yeah!” “The heart is crazy” “Crazy…” “Crazily in love” “Crazily” “The heart is turning crazy” “Crazily in love…” “Lost in love.” Why would I get the feeling
you want to say something to me? “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “The heart is turning crazy” “The eyes would smile
but be filled with tears” “I had everything except you.” “What else do you need?
Life is nothing without you” “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “The heart is turning crazy” “Love me so much
that I lose my senses” “I should die without you” “Not be able to bear separation” “Love abounds everywhere
that I set my glance” “My prayers have been answered” “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “Tell me what to do” “Do I live or should I die?” “The heart is crazy” “Crazily in love…” “Lost in love.” I came to ask you for my love. Today she is with me. But cure the person
who brought us together. Jahnvi’s union with me will
be the signal that you heard me. Do me another favor.
Make Pooja stand on her feet. Mrs. Godinho always says,
you get what you ask for others. Hence forth I won’t
ask you for anything. Give Pooja a new lease of life. Breathe live into Pooja. My Pooja is all right! Yes. Pooja! My Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! You are all right? You are all right! I am so happy. Son, Pooja is fine now. You’ve always been
with us in our sorrow. We’ll be together even
in this joyous moment. Come… Mom, why is she crying? She would wipe our tears
and is crying herself. She’s been holding back
her tears for so many days. Let her cry. Don’t cry, dear. Dad. Pooja. See who I’ve brought. Romi! Yes… Too much exertion isn’t good. Let her rest.
– Nothing to worry. She was sleeping for
some days Now she is awake. In a few days, Pooja will… Get up and start running. Okay. Let her rest. Listen… Where are you going? Stay with me. Yes, you stay here. That’s better. Come. Why did you save me? Why did you save me? If you can pretend to be
Romi to save my Daddy and me… Can’t I act as your
wife to save your career? You need rest. Your husband
will come and see you later. Okay. Thank you. You are the greatest. Bye. ‘The heart loves the one
who was a stranger till yesterday.’ ‘The one who gave me life,
I want to die for him.’ Both sisters got
cheated by the same man! You such a bloody liar. You are Romi! Pooja’s husband! How will I face Pooja? I swear I am Raj not Romi! Don’t touch me. You are lying! You thought Pooja
isn’t going to wake up. So let me trap Jahnvi! God! Such a deception! Thank God I don’t have
other sisters! – What? Master, leave that instrument. Do you remember who I am? I’ve met you somewhere.
Yes, I remember! Listen to him.
– You are Romi, our son-in-law. No, I met you in the music company. Yes, I remember!
– Listen… We danced together
and my drawstring broke… Sit down and play music! I done with you. I’m going! Please don’t go. You… you’re a big Romi! No, I’m a big Raj! Who loves you.
– You are Romi! Ask your Dad if you don’t trust me. What’s wrong?
– Tell her who I am. He’s Romi, our son-in-law.
Your brother-in-law. No, Jahnvi… What’s wrong?
– Jahnvi please. What’s wrong?
– Tell her who I really am. Really?
– Yes. Okay. Dear, this is Raj not Romi. What? He is Raj, he became
Romi because I asked him to. Butwhy did Pooja call you Romi? Even I didn’t understand that. My album will be released
in 2 days. To save my career. Yeah that’s right. But why are you trying
to convince her that you’re Raj? Because we love each other.
– What? What? What? What?
– We’re love each other. Now you don’t raise a problem! The problem has been solved.
– Papa, I like him very much. Please.
– Yeah I like him too. My daughter likes the one I do. What could be better than that? Leave the hand. Stay within limits. Raju! Raju! You know very well
that I’m Raju not Romi. I’m leaving. Now we won’t meet. Take care of yourself. Drive carefully. My accident and your saving
me is a signal of the fact… I have to live
a long life with you. You! Yes but how did you guess? Your perfume. Perfume.
– Yes. How did you suddenly drop in? Can’t a wife come
to see her husband? Sure. Definitely.
Hasn’t sister-in-law come? She’s making arrangements.
– What? We’re throwing a party
at home And here’s your dress. I do have clothes.
– The party dress code is fusion. Oh Indian restaurant.
– Yes. You must be there by 8.30.
– Okay. We’ll be waiting for you.
– Okay. Hi girls! Enjoying yourself. What don’t you dance. There comes Romi! Hello. You’re quite late. The dogs made me run the other way. No, you’re looking great.
– You too. Come along,
everyone is waiting for you. I’ll be back. Jahnvi! Come here. Hi! You’re looking fantastic! Nobody can take their eyes off you. Am I really looking so beautiful? He’s lying!
I didn’t ask him to buy it. Listen to what Romi is saying. What? I was saying, Mrs.
Godinho always said. One must praise what one likes. My internal feeling
is this pair is very good. Now you are lying. No, I spoke the truth both times. These are internal feelings.
The heart never lies. Mind blow feeling. Your daughter is wonderful
but your son-in-law… He’s a real gem! Yes and he’s very proud.
Pooja is now better. I think I’ll send her away
in a day or two. – Good idea. Come here. What are you doing? lf…
– lf? What will Daddy say?
What will grandma think? If Pooja sees us?
What will Ramu think? Is that it? Hmm. Why are you standing far?
Come close. Closer still. Closer… Daddy is here! Daddy is here! She’s fooling around. Come down when you
finish talking. – Yes. I want you to meet somebody. What are you doing?
What will people think? Can’t help it. Can’t control. What?? I’ll clear everything
in the morning That I’m Raj not Romi. Okay.
– That’s really good. When will you get us married? You talk tomorrow.
The marriage the day after. Why not tomorrow evening?
– Too early. Stay in control. Get a hold on. Okay. Come on, Monty. You will marry Jahnvi. Okay. No. Don’t worry, I said it won’t. You’re always on the phone! I was talking to
the GE about the flight. Oh I’m sorry.
– What you guys doing. Oh baby, Monty. I’ll find a good time in a day or
two and talk to brother and Jahnvi. Please. Yeah.
– Okay now get into mood. Come on enjoy yourself.
– Nothing will happen. “It will laugh’
It will shed tears” “It has to lose; It has to possess” “Morning and evening,
in solitude, it will sigh” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “It will laugh’
It will shed tears” “It has to lose; It has to possess” “Morning and evening,
in solitude, it will sigh” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “In every eye…
It grows like a dream” “Nobody has control over
a heart that thuds crazily” “It will stay awake;
It will have to fall asleep” “It will live It will
have to consume venom” “It will die for a handsome face” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “You give away your peace of mind” “Why do you take anxiousness?” “This is one such craziness… …that gives its’ life for love” “It will have to keep mum.
It will have to speak out” “It will have to bear
the pain of separation” “Try as others might,
it won’t get tired” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” “Every heart that falls in love” Good day.
– Caught him! He is Raju who took 200000 from me! He has sold government bus stop. And sent me to the asylum! Nab him and call the police! I was given current! Call the police!
– Stand here! You won’t say a word. Quiet!
– He’ll cheat you too. Is your name Raju not Romi? Why don’t you answer? Romi or Raju? You cheated us! You played with our feelings! Why did you do this? Why? Is this how you repay our love? Is this what Mrs.
Godinho taught you? Call her. Let us see her. Is this how one cheats? I told you another lie. There’s no Mrs. Godinho. She left me when I was six. I mean, she died. She sometimes comes to meet me,
take care of me. But since you came into my life… She never came to meet me. She must have thought
Raju has found his family. Now I’m not needed. But it doesn’t happen that way. It doesn’t. I need you. Badly. I am sorry… I said this. Raju my son. Don’t so much that
it never falls short. But it always falls short! Thank you… Thank you. No Jahnvi you have to… What’s wrong? What happened? Daddy, why did Romi leave? You knew he was Raju not Romi? Yet you supported him? I supported him because
he is a boy with a good heart. What did he do as Romi?
Think of what he could’ve done! He acted as my husband
but never took advantage of me. You knew everything yet… Daddy, you even gave
him power of attorney! He could have taken over
all your wealth if he wanted. Romi for whom I left you
all was the one greedy for wealth! It was later that I realized
he loved my money not me. I wanted to give my life for Romi. But Raju saved my life. And this is how
you treated that Raju. That wasn’t good. Not good at all.
– Dear… Do so much that
it never falls short. Yet it always falls short. Yes, it falls short. Raju! He’s my childhood friend.
– Good day. Raju… You don’t have a family. And we don’t have a son. Why do you test my love? You are my life.
Why do you take my life? Please don’t get mad
at me like you did at Pooja! Raju really loves me! He wants to marry me! If he doesn’t marry me,
he will die! Will you waste all the tears on me? Why don’t you understand?
He’s my Dad. How can I tell him that I love you? What would you say if you were me? I would say… Daddy is very nice boy. I like it. And what would Dad say? I like him too. Do you really think
Dad will say this? 100%. Then I’ll go and tell him now! Pooja! Daddy. What is this? Raju. What? Meaning you…
– Yes, Daddy. I don’t know when I
fell in love with Raju. What do you think?
Is marriage a game? What is his status compared
to our family and ours? Is this what I had said? …when you told me about Romi. But now I won’t say that. Daddy! I always want to see
happiness on your face. Pooja!
– Jahnvi. I’m very happy today!
– So am I! My news will knock your brains out! What I will tell you
will knock your brains out! Come in. Then we’ll see
who will knock out whose brains! Okay! Come on. First shut the door! First you tell me.
– No! – First you tell me! I’m in love!
– Jahnvi! What?
– I was going to tell Dad. Really. But I already told him! What? I’m also in love. No way baby!
– Yes. We both fell in love together! Of course. Our choice is the same from
childhood. So the boys too will be! No, fine if they are similar.
But shouldn’t be one boy! Or there will be
a twist in the story! Tell me.
– No. Tell me.
– No. Pooja!
– Jahnvi! He’s do cute. He’s so sweet. Tell you something? He’s handsome
but an even better human being. Oh janu! Now you tell me.
– I won’t! Pooja, dear.
– No, dear. Pooja! Tell me… I’ve lived a life but incomplete. Once I find him,
life will be complete. Oh my God! Full of shine. Tell me… No! Tell me, Pooja!
– As if you told me all! Pooja!
– What? Tell me! Okay. His name is… I won’t tell! Pooja! Okay, listen… Let’s both tell each
other without saying a word. Okay ready.
– Okay, wait. One… two… three. Raju! Monty. Oh baby. I knew you’d like Monty! Western. NRI. Isn’t it?
– But I didn’t know you’d like Raju. Oh Jahnvi! You don’t know Raju. He took me out of Goa. I was not conscious. When I regained consciousness,
I knew what true love means. Honest, I’d have died
if I hadn’t found Raju. You’re so lucky, Pooja. You like Raju, don’t you? I like him if you do. Oh baby… Calm down. Daddy.
– Yes. I’m missing mother a lot today. Look, my child…
We are very lucky. I was wondering how long
it would take to repay sir’s debt. God gave us the opportunity
in this very birth. I can give my life
for Pooja not just Raju. I always… Dad… Dad… The heart of one
daughter had to break Look, don’t you worry… I’ll fix everything. No. Pooja has just
got a new lease of life. Don’t you want Pooja to be happy? Then you won’t say a word.
Or I’ll get very angry! Do you understand? I didn’t know my
child had grown up. You listen to me!
– Please listen Raju… – Shut up! Just let me talk.
– Oh… You listen to me.
– No you listen to me. Speak up. Come on! Pooja means more to
me than a real sister. And Dad is dearer than my father. You know… Not once did they make me
feel I’m an accountant’s daughter. I’m highly obliged to them. Raju I want Pooja to be happy. Me too.
– I want her to be happy. But if she finds out about us,
she won’t take it! So please marry Pooja. What? Said your piece? Now may I speak? May I speak? Come here. You are now 19 years old.
I want you to live to a 100. Will you sacrifice your coming
81 years for those 19 years? Do you know what 81 means? Marriage, husband. Children.
Daughter-in-law, son-in-law. Their children!
Will you give this all up? If they have obliged you… Kept you home for 19 years… Call them here. I’ll keep
them for 19 years and a day! Can’t understand logic. Do you love me? Then please marry Pooja! Listen to me. I love you a lot. Marry Aba. Because he’s done me many favors. He kept me in his house
for 19 days! 19 days! I love him a lot. Will you marry him? Will you marry him? Will you? Answer me! I’m sorry. Please marry Pooja. Don’t you want to marry me? Then even I don’t
want to marry you! Marriage causes the problem.
I’ll marry neither you nor her! Are you happy now?
Why are you crying? Be happy. Come on. Go. Baba, Daddy, Pooja, Okay. Bye-bye. Goa-Mumbai.
Mumbai-Goa. Do you know what you’re doing? In any case, there’s no other way. Give it another thought. Unless I leave,
Raju will never marry Pooja. “On every branch of the tree… flowers do not necessarily bloom” “Everyone always gets
not the love he seeks” “In solitude and music” “Amongst your own
In the shadows…” “It will smile
even on thorny paths” That’s what I’m saying.
Pooja is getting married. Attention! Attention everybody. Attention! How do I look? You look good in everything. Sister you looking sweet. Thank you. Of oh! The other dress too is lovely.
Wear that and show us. Okay. Darling, it’s getting late. Hello! Oh, wow. Now tell me how
I look in this dress. Pirouette and show us. You’re looking lovely in this too. Grandma…
– She wants to show this to Raju. She wants to impress him. Did Jahnvi have to leave now? She
could tell me what suits me best. And in which dress
Raju would like me. Raju himself has come. You tell me, how do I look? You’re looking beautiful. I want to say something to you. But there’s no need to say it.
I know it. But I’d like to hear you say it. Pooja, I don’t…
– Won’t this dress look better? I don’t know.
– Pooja, wear it for him! Come on! Son…
– Yes? We were coming to meet
you for Pooja’s hand in marriage. The priest hasn’t arrived.
– I’ll check. Pooja is so happy. Pooja’s happiness
is now in your hands. May God keep both
of you happy forever. Biji, where are the coconuts?
– Coming… It has fallen short. Your existence doesn’t matter. Hello.
– Pooja? Tribhuvandas here. Your jewelry is ready.
When should I send it over? I’m Jahnvi. You’ve dialed he wrong number. I’ve dialed the right number.
– No… Maybe I’ve brought Pooja’s phone. Call on my cell and you’ll
be able to talk to Pooja. Hello. Hello. Jahnvi. What are you doing? Do you
know what Raju is going through? He’s leaving all of us
and going to Goa permanently. He says he will only marry Jahnvi. Why should I marry Pooja? And he is right. Both
of you love each other so much. Why should he marry Pooja? I don’t understand anything.
Why do you want him to marry Pooja? Today you have shown… The difference between your
own daughter and an adopted one. Why did you ask her to sacrifice? Why didn’t you ask me? Why didn’t you talk to Jahnvi? Why didn’t you convince her? And you… You’d told me, your rescuing
me was a signal of the fact… I have a long life to live. Then how did you
assume I would die? The man I like… My sister loves him. My sister finds her true love. What could make me happier? But you…
were not fair to my Jahnvi. Not fair to my Jahnvi. All of you have been unjust to her. Where is Jahnvi? I ask you, where is Jahnvi? She left for America an hour ago. Baba… Why do you like when
you’re not good at it? Which flight leaves
for America during the day? Swear by me and honestly
tell me where Jahnvi is! In order for you to marry Raju… So she is marrying Monty. I’m in a rush today.
Thrash me tomorrow. Smart Alec!
We won’t spare you today! Rascal! We’re not allowed
to eat onions by our religion. I know this today. It’s wrong to take advantage of
anyone. You run, I’ll manage them. You run away!
– Go, I say! You run away. Where are you going? I’ll tell you. Put the wedding necklace
in the bride’s neck. I tell you, my beloved, I love you Oh yeah! Just give me one chance. Jahnvi! What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Answer me!
– For you, stupid. Why? Because I love you. And I hate you. I hate you. You want to lose your
life for my happiness? I love you. I love you very much. Will you just stand
there or will you come here? Brother-in-law. Come on.
– Yes, son. Do you know, that he loves you. Oh yeah.
– Yes. Hit me as much as you want. I’ve eaten lots of interest.
Beat me here. I’m a sinner! I’ve eaten lots of interest.
Hit me here. Attention everybody. I was thinking of what the dress
code should be in Jahnvi’s reception. I think it should
be swimming costume! Pooja… There’s a lot of
love in this world. You only need to lift
your eyes to see it. Man’s coming to
this world is a signal There is somebody in this
world who is meant only for him. “Every heart that falls in love…” “It will sing a song” “Every heart that falls in love…” “It will sing a song” “The lover will be
recognized among a million” “The lover will be
recognized among a million” “Lover!”

Robin Kshlerin



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