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How to Conduct a Phone Interview: Conducting Telephone Interviews: Small Busines Hiring Tips

A question often asked by startups and small
business managers is how to conduct a phone interview. Conducting telephone interviews
can be considered an art. Everybody’s time is valuable, so this is a great way to be
efficient by deciding who will be brought in for a face-to-face meeting. Here is a list
of suggestions for good things to determine both before and during the phone screening:
1) What is their availability, full-time or part-time?
2) If it’s an hourly position, pre-qualify the job candidate’s pay expectations.
3) Determine how many phone interviews to conduct. A reasonable target is 5 to 10.
4) Does the person seem right for the type of job you are hiring for. For example, if
you are looking to fill a phone position, did the candidate have a good phone manner?
5) Never promise a live interview at the beginning of the phone call. Let the interviewee know
that you will be calling people back once a decision of who to bring in is made. At
the end of the call if you think they are a good possibility, go ahead and schedule
an interview. 6) Have several people on the phone call at
once, share questions and make sure at least one person is taking notes. This will save
everybody time. These tips should help make for a much smoother
phone interviewing process.

Robin Kshlerin