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How To do a Mobile Live Stream on YouTube

We have some exciting news
to talk about today, guys. On the mobile app, the
YouTube mobile app, you can now livestream
to your YouTube channel straight from your phone. I am going to show you guys
exactly how to do this, as well as give you a few tips to make
your livestreaming experience the best possible for
both you and your viewers. That’s coming up. Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer and
welcome to Video Creators. This channel is all about
helping you guys grow your YouTube audience so you can
spread a message that reaches people and impacts their lives. And one of the ways you
can impact their lives now is through livestreaming. How awesome is that? So I’m right here
on my phone and I’m going to actually go live and
show you guys all of the behind the scenes of how it works,
as well as give you a few tips here. The first thing
I’m going to do is I’m going to swipe
up here on my phone and I’m going to go
into airplane mode. And the reason for that is
you don’t want any phone calls or anything coming
in interrupting it. But you still do want to get
like Wi-Fi access, right? So I’m going to go into
airplane mode and enable Wi-Fi– or if you’re an
Android, just put it in do not disturb mode
or something like that. OK. So now that that’s
set, you’re not going to get any phone
calls interrupting it. What I’m going to do is
I’m going to go and open up the YouTube app. And right at the top of the
app, there is now a new option. This little record– this
little record thing at the top– you’re going to tap that. And it used to be only the
record option was there but now you can also
hit this Go Live button, as you see right there. So that’s what I’m going to tap. Now, this is only
limited to people with two creators with
10,000 subscribers or more. And the reason for
that is because YouTube wants their
livestreaming platform to get pretty good press right
when they launch it here. And so how to do that. Well, you give it to
channels that one, have a decent
audience that people will show up for a livestream. And then two, you
give it to people who have invested significantly
and they’re growing an audience on their channel. And that’s kind of
like an indication that they’re not going
to livestream copyrighted material. They’re not going
to stream things that violates the
community guidelines and things like that. So it’s a little bit
safer and gives everyone a more positive experience–
gives them more positive press, that type of thing. But it will roll
out for everyone. OK. So here’s the first thing
you’re going to come to. There’s a couple
of options here. First of all, the gear at
the top gives you– you can add a description. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can turn the
chat on and off. You can leave that. If it’s age restricted,
you can switch that. If it contains
product promotion, you can slip that on and off,
and disable monetization. That’s how I’m going to set it. I’m going to go back now. You can also switch it
from unlisted or private. Those are your two options here. I’m going to do this one
public so that it actually pings notifications
of subscribers so you can see
what the chat looks like on my end and everything. Then I’m going to
give this a title. Now, one thing I saw a few
people do that I thought was kind of cool as a way of
indicating to your viewers that this is going to go
live– as you go to the emojis, you go way over
to the end and use the red ball that kind of looks
like a record button right there. Like right there. OK. And then I’m going to go back
to ABC and I’m going to go live. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this is all ready to go. The next thing it’s
going to let me do– I’m going to hit
next and it’s going to let me take a thumbnail. So I am going to tap on retake
right here and do it again. Hold it up like– not a great one but
I’m going to go for it. OK. Now, one thing I like
to do here at this point before you actually go
live, see the Share button? Oh and by the way, you need
to pick before you actually click go live. Tap it here if you’re going
to livestream in portrait mode or in landscape
mode, so sideways. So I’m picking
landscape every time. I think that’s the natural way
to see videos on YouTube so I’m going landscape. But you can go click,
then share and this is where you can copy the link. So let’s say I wanted
to tweet this out before it gets
posted to Facebook, email it, things like that. If you want to post
it, your Patreons, you can tap that copy link right
there and it’s copied now. I could minimize this,
go to the Patreon app and post it there like,
hey, I’m going live. Or you can tweet it, do a lot
of different things, right? So I’m going to
just show you guys. I clicked on Twitter and
right before I go live here, it’s going to pop open
a little box here. And I’m just going to hit post. There it went to Twitter and
then I’m going to tap Go Live. Here we go. So it’s only going to
take a second or two. That’s going to give
me a little count. Oh look, people
are already here. I haven’t even gone live. Now it says I’m live. All right. Hey everybody,
how are you going? Oh, there’s the YT– so if you have
notifications enabled, that’s what you
would see like I do. Man, you guys are first. You guys are fast. I haven’t even like shown
up live in this yet myself and you guys were already here. So for you guys who are watching
this live, what I’m doing is I’m recording this live
right now so you’re all going to be in tomorrow’s video. They’re all going to see
you and your chat and that’s just why I’m recording this. And I’m just kind of
giving a quick overview of the app for people. So that one right there. Look, I can report that,
remove it, put these in time out, block. In, this case I’m blocking. So you can moderate
comments while you do this, which is great. And if the chat starts
going by too fast and you can’t keep up with
it, you can scroll back. See that? You can catch up
with stuff and then you can tap that
little blue arrow to go right back to
where it started. The gear icon–
VarietyGirl1, she’s here. That means that she’s a
moderator on my channel, so she has access to do lots
of moderation-type of things, of banning and just helping
keep the chat clean, everything like that. OK. So in the upper-left corner,
you can see it says live and it’s red. If your connection starts
to get weak or poor, that’ll turn to yellow or red. Or it will have a red
notification at the top if your connection
starts to get poor here. And then also in
the upper left, you can see that it shows how many
people are live here right now. Hey, everyone. Hey Creative Newborns. Hey, Toy Replay. So it said there’s 60 people and
10 people that give it a thumbs up. Now there’s 63 people. Let me give you a little
overview of what’s going on here at the bottom. So I can at the bottom left
here, flip my camera around. That’s what my
camera looks like. That’s what I’m
recording on right there. There’s my screen. It’s going to go– that’s my screen
capture right now. They’re going to flip
that back around. Right here is the chat controls,
so you can see all of the chat. You can turn off the
chat so you don’t see it. The people who are livestreaming
with you can still see it. so I can put none, right? And now it just shows me, show
chat and I can go back to that. Hey, guys. Yeah, this is fun. Glad you guys are enjoying this. And then you can
see just super chat. And so there hasn’t been
any super chats right now, otherwise they would
show up right there. But if you wanted to
see just super chats, you can filter those out. So those are the options now. Now, they have
this one feature– Hi, Shannon. They have this one
feature right here at the bottom where you
can do different filters. I’m not sure who would
want to use some of these, like the 8 millimeter one
or the documentary one. I don’t know– if you’re
really into that kind of thing. Yes, this is iOS. You can do that. I’m just going to go
back to the normal. There’s a super chat. Hey, Toy. Oh, thank you man. You’re a Patreon too. It’s good to see you. So let me show you
guys now what happens. He gave $2. If I go to super chat, you
can see– oh and Cody, also. Thank you, Cody. You guys are so awesome. Thank you for helping me
make this demonstration work. So I can see just the
super chats there, as you guys can see. I’ll go back to all
chat because I like all the people who are here. These three little
dots over here, if I want to share it
again, like retweet it, I can go back to that and
retweet it if I want to. I can mute my
microphone completely, which is a really good option
if something bad is going on or in something
or your kids come in and you’re like hold
on a second and you got to put it on mute or something. So that’s what that is. And so that’s everything
that’s going on here. And I’m going to
let you guys know because you’re watching
this live– give you guys a little bit. This is for tomorrow’s video. Oh a couple of things
I would recommend, to answer some of
your questions. You guys are asking about the
10,000, why is it limited? Already answered that so you’ll
have to watch the vlog tomorrow to get that. But a couple of other things. The revenue split. So the super chat– so
we had a few super chats here from a few people, Toy
Replay and Cody Daniels. And so the revenue split
for that in your contract when you enable super
chat, it’s a 70/30 split. It’s by default. So if it’s $1
from Cody, I got $0.70 cents, YouTube gets $0.30 cents, right? So that’s what the
revenue split is for that. And one thing that
I thought was cool, an idea that some people,
creators, have been doing is if they are getting a lot
of super chats coming in, then what they’re
doing– they’re doing a super chat
commercial break. And that’s when they’re doing
their normal livestream, they’re like, OK, now
it’s time for a super chat commercial break and
they’ll go through and they’ll just read
all the comments from all of their super chat people. I thought it was kind of
a good solution for that. Another thing to keep in
mind with these livestreams is that it takes about 10 meg
of data for every one minute of streaming that you do. OK. So if you’re going to be
livestreaming on your data plan, that’s practically
what you can expect, about 10 meg for every minute. And also along with that, you
can expect it to drain about 1% of battery life for every
minute of livestreaming, also, which I think is a lot. So if you used your livestream
for 50 minutes, that’s going to be like 50%
of your battery life is going to be gone. So make sure you
have a battery backup with you, something like that. A third thing is
typically for livestreams, I found that it’s best– gotta switch arms– sorry,
you guys, getting tired. I don’t have you
up on the tripod. That’s why it’s a
little shaky, too. It’s best to keep your
livestreams to about 20 minutes or less and to keep them
short, keep him punchy. You can go on for longer but the
reason I say 20 minutes or less is mostly for the replay value. So that when people come
and watch your livestream, it’s not like two hours. That’s great for like
gaming, but if you’re just doing a quick mobile thing,
if you wanted the replay value to be high, short,
quick, punchy. Kind of have like an
agenda in your head going into it of what you
want to do and be prepared to just kind of do that. So summary on that. Then the last
thing, number four, this is for you guys who are
watching this right now, also– all 95% of you– is to like the call to
actions that you guys want to make in your vlog. So how are your
subscribers going to get notified of these
in the first place? You guys who are
watching this, go ahead and comment with how you
guys got notified about this because I just did this
spontaneously– no warning, nothing. So the primary ways that people
are going to– tap that bell icon if you’re in the
app or on desktop– this is for you guys
that are watching this right now– although
you probably already have done that–
push notification. There. There you go. Below this video,
if you’re watching this later as the replay– and this is why I encourage
you guys to do it like– I think you should start your
livestream by saying, hey, we’re getting ready to go live. This is going to be awesome. You can hang out with me. By the way, if you’re
not already subscribed to notifications,
this is how you do it. Tap the bell icon next
to the Subscribe button and enable notifications. You can pick whether it’s email
or push notifications or both. And then go into your content. So that that’s how you do it. And that’s how
people get notified and that’s how you’re going
to get people showing up for your livestreams. Or if you want to control
your own notification system like using a text
messaging list, you can. I have one like that going on
where you can text the word VCLIVE to number 43506
and I will send you guys a text message
notification when I go live. And that is using a
service called txtsignal, T-X-T Not sponsored, just
letting you guys know that’s who I
use and I love them. They work great. To end your live stream– I’m sorry guys, I
got to demonstrate because I got to show
what happens afterwards. Sorry, I wasn’t planning
on leaving but you got it. You tap this finish button
in the upper-right corner and this is what happens. See you guys, bye. Are you sure, end. See, this is playbacks. How many people were
watching at the peak time of– peak concurrences
of how many people were watching simultaneously max. I livestreamed for nine
minutes and 50 seconds. I got no new subscribers from
this video during this time. Total watch time was 12 hours;
average watch time, people stuck around for two minutes
and 14 seconds; 333 playbacks. That’s different
than view counts. If someone refreshes
a few times, that’s considered a playback. So that’s how it works and now
it will be processing here. I can do a few things with it. If I want, I can delete it. I can edit it. I’m probably going to
edit this at this point and set it to unlisted so I
don’t need this one to go out to subscribers necessarily. Click save and
now it will be set to be unlisted for people
who still see my tweet and want to go check it out, but
not going out to subscribers. And I would love to hear from
you guys in the comments below. How are you going to use this
feature with your audience? What types of ways
are you planning on livestreaming with them? I would love to hear your
ideas and let me know how I should use this with you guys. I would love to hear
your thoughts of how this could be most valuable
for our little community here. And if this is your first
time here at Video Creators, welcome. This channel is
all about helping you guys grow your YouTube
audience so that you can reach people, impact them with the
messages that you’re spreading, and change their lives. And thank you so
much for letting me be a small part of that. Subscribe and I’ll see you
guys again next Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for
another Video Creators video. See you then. Bye.

Robin Kshlerin



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