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Hello everyone, I am Helios and welcome back in the Borderlands 3. In this quick video I’m gonna show you the easiest method to duplicate any item in the game on the PC So without any further ado, let’s jump into the video The most important thing is that you need a friend who will help you The second thing is that you have to be a server host So in the order to duplicate any item you want, first of all go to your inventory and drop this item to your friend After that tell your buddy to click escape and quit a game normally. Now, your job is to quit the game, but using ALT + F4 Alright, so after the game will close and you’re gonna see your desktop Next thing is that you must click the Borderlands 3 icon as fast as possible If you play Borderlands 3 like me using epic games launcher this window should appear on your screen now listen carefully It’s really important to click on the right box, which says ”download to machine”. Like you noticed It’s an older version of the save. After you click on that Borderlands 3 should launch Alright, so now some of you may be confused and others may understand what’s happening. It’s pretty easy guys Trust me. So our friend has our item. It’s on his save. And now after we suddenly close the game using ALT+ F4 for without saving we can actually restore the older version of the save In which we have still our item. Now just launch the game, click play, then continue Tell your friend to join and look what happened You still have your weapon but now your friend has a copy of it. Just look at it Same weapons with same stats. Now it seems pretty easy, right? I’m really curious if it works on the console for example on the ps4 I think it’s possible just after we drop a weapon Disconnect the console from a power supply and turn on the ps4 again and see if you can restore the older save Anyway, let me know in the comments if it works You can use this method to copy your whole inventory at once actually, so don’t hesitate to try it Hope you enjoyed it guys. If you did click the subscribe button below for daily Borderlands 3 videos Leave a like and see you in another tutorial

Robin Kshlerin