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Infinity War Press Conference – BEST BITS of Avengers in Los Angeles

Hello, everybody. I guess that’s my entrance music. Look at this. Look, look, look, look, look. Thank you for coming, everybody. Thank you very, very much,
so nice to see you. So nice to see you. In any case,
a big movie like this calls for a grand affair like this
for a press conference. And that’s why, I guess, I’m here in my Grand Master of
Ceremonies colours and costume, ‘cause I’m gonna facilitate
this hour-long conference, in which I hope you’ll all leave
deeply satiated. Because they’re all here,
believe it or not. And so, without further ado,
what the heck is behind our curtain? Don… wow. Wow, look at that! Kevin Feige. Look at all of them! Hi, Tom. Hi, Anthony Mackie. Hi, you guys. Oh, ah, hello. So, here’s the way this is gonna go. You’ve seen this from many gameshows. I’m going to do this. You know what they call this? I just learned it today. This is the hopper. And I’m gonna take a ping-pong ball,
and on these balls are people’s names and if you have a question
for one of those people, I will call on you,
that’s when to raise your hand, or there may be a category that will
suggest one of the people up here, for which you may have a question,
from which I’m then going to choose. Do you get the idea? Okay, watch and see if this falls
and how quickly this falls apart. Alright, let’s see. I’m now going to… I keep it like this. Oh, my gosh. My gosh, Robert Downey Jr. (Applause) Does anybody have a question
for Robert Downey Jr? Yes, yes sir. I saw your hand go up first, yes. -Are you gonna be in Avengers 4? Kevin? Wait, hold on a second. He’s nodding his head but let me see
what he whispers in my ear. Yes, we already filmed it! Which means I guess I’m… But you never know. I gotta see
in the screening tomorrow. If I die tomorrow,
I’m gonna be confused. We’ll see. Excellent question,
excellent answer, alright. Alright, okay, I’m doing it blind,
I’m not looking. This says… Oh, this is a category. So, you can ask anybody a question… who is from Wakanda. -Thank you. -My name is Maggie, I’m from Disney. -I’m also a high school math teacher
in Los Angeles. -And my question is for Letitia. (Applause) Hello. -So, I use a lot of Marvel content
in my lessons, -to keep my students engaged. -And I was wondering
how you see your role -as a really powerful and fun woman
on screen in math and science -as inspiring kids and teens
to pursue STEM fields. Wow, I think you,
kind of, covered it. Yeah, it’s something
that’s super new to me, to play this character and to have a character
who’s just interested in all of these
amazing subject matters. I wish I had a Shuri on TV
or in the movies that I could see
when I was growing up, and I would have stayed in
my maths classes a little bit longer. But I’m really happy that the film
and this character, Shuri, has allowed young kids
to feel like learning is cool, and that they can contribute
to the world with, you know, science and maths
and technology and engineering. And also young women, as well, getting pulled
into that whole movement of feeling like
it’s not just a thing for the guys, it’s also for the young women. Young women, old women,
you know, anyone, to get into
and contribute positively. So, to have that and for you
to use it in your classroom, and for many other people to use it,
too, I’m super grateful, and I just hope it continues. Yeah, it’s positive and it’s good,
and it’s a good thing. So, thank you. Very beautiful question
and a very beautiful answer. Oh, Don Cheadle. (Applause) -Hi, Mark Hughes with Forbes,
and I’m wondering, -in terms of each character’s arc
being served in Infinity War, -your character, obviously,
had somewhat of a tragic arc, -the last time we saw, in Civil War.
Can you talk about… Thanks, Vision. -Can you talk a little bit about -preparing for Infinity War
and carrying over that? -It’s something that, you know, -all the characters have
tragedies and things in their life, -but your character is dealing with -something very immediate
to have to overcome -on top of everything else
that’s being faced here. Well, what I think is really great
about having something like this, in a way, to anchor
a lot of the other things that are happening in the story, and getting to continue it forward
through both of the films, is that we always get to have these,
sort of, down notes, in a good way. And I think there’s always
a lot of eye candy and very dramatic things happening,
and big, spectacular fights, and really amazing things
that we see on screen. Then, it comes down
to these characters in their interpersonal situations
with one another and their personal journeys
that they have, and where it comes to Rhodey, I’m glad that this is something
that’s carried through and that, you know,
wasn’t just dropped. It’s a line that actually goes
through both of the films, and comes into play
in a very important way. I won’t give it away, but it’s something that factors in
all the way through, so it’s nice to have something
that’s cohesive and continues and keeps me grounded
and keeps the character grounded. Hmm… Totally blind, totally blind. Okay. Hey, so, you can ask a question if you have a question
for somebody… who wears a cape. -I have a question
for Chris Hemsworth, -‘cause I’m a big Thor fan. -What scene did you find most
challenging to film for this movie, -and why? -Was it because of the people in it?
Was it because of the director? -Or was it, you know,
just anything like that? It’s all very difficult because of the directors
and the people in it, this whole film. It’s an awful experience, so… myself, Jeff and Tom are going back
to our own movies, from now on. Well, the first day
was what you’ve seen on the trailers. It was Thor meeting the Guardians. And it felt like, kind of,
first day at school for me, you know. ‘Cause they all knew each other
and I didn’t, so I was the new kid. And they’d all been shooting,
and I hadn’t. And I had some weird
nervous butterflies floating around my body. But it was… But I squeezed them out of me,
you know, Chris Pratt gave me a big hug and all
the butterflies flew out of my ears, and we had… This whole film, for me,
I felt like a fan, and meeting a lot of these people and the characters that
I’d watched on screen and admired, and so to be on screen with them
as Thor but as Chris also was pretty damn exciting. Here we go. Hmm… Mmhmm. Ah. Kevin Feige. -If there was anything you used -to, sort of, ground these movies
in their origins -beyond just
the characters and the stories, -anything visually,
anything thematically, -that you’ve used to, sort of,
pull all this together? Well, you will not be surprised
to hear, it’s the comics. It’s the comics that we look at, usually when there is just the notion
of, ‘Let’s do an Iron Man movie,’ or, ‘Let’s have the audacity to try to do a version
of the Infinity Gauntlet.’ It starts with those comics and us beginning to rip pages out
or rip copies of pages out, put them on the walls
and start to be inspired. And in every single movie we’ve made,
up to and especially Infinity War, there are direct images, storylines, rarely but sometimes
actual lines of dialogue, that come from those pages that we’ve put up around our
development room for inspiration. And with Infinity War in particular, when there were so many characters
and so many threads of storylines from so many movies
that we could have pulled from or could have used as inspiration, and we did, we kept going back to… and I think we’ve released some
behind the scene videos and things, and you can see the giant omnibus
of the Infinity Gauntlet there, with all sorts of dog-eared pages
and Post-its in there, from moments. And after everybody sees the movie, we can talk more specifically
about what those moments were, most of them were surrounding
Mr Brolin’s Thanos portrayal, that came directly
from Jim Starlin’s work, there. So, it is always a guide point. It’s a North Star for us as we lead
these giant productions into reality, are right from those books
and where it all started. You’re to ask a question or volunteer to be considered
for being called on for a question if you… if you are green. -This is for Zoe Saldana,
because from what we heard, -the story’s told from
Thanos’ point of view, part of it, -and, obviously, I wanted to know
how that dimension, sort of, -pushed your portrayal
of Gamora forward, -because, obviously, it’s a, sort of, -very emotional,
psychological journey for her. -So, if you could talk about that. Well, going to what Don was saying, that besides these kinds of movies carrying so much action
and entertainment and visual effects that really cater
to all of our senses, we wouldn’t be what we are,
I think, in the Marvel universe, if it wasn’t for
those emotional beats that all of these
interrelationships carry. And, you know, that thread involves a relationship between
parent and child. And I will speak on behalf of, also,
Karen Gillan’s character, Nebula. We had so much fun with the arc
that the Russo brothers and, obviously, Kevin Feige,
you know, spearheading this, with the relationship that these
daughters have with their father, because they finally
get an opportunity to, sort of, address what it was like
to have a dad that’s so complicated. So, it was fantastic, it was great. Oh my gosh, so nobody foresaw this. I think this may be… Well, I don’t know. This is Zoe Saldana,
this is Zoe Saldana. (Applause) Zoe, Zoe. Oh. Ah. -Zoe, my question is,
we got to see you first, -and then you get to see everybody,
as Black Panther has happened, -people of colour
joining in these superhero roles, -and you were just so trend-setting
and so ground-setting for me -to see somebody like you on screen. -And so, when I saw
the Black Panther universe added in, -I was overwhelmed. -How do you feel, knowing that we,
as people of colour, -are receiving more and more
representation -in this Marvel universe? I’m happy. I’m super, super happy
to be an American right now, to be in the entertainment industry,
to be considered a public figure, and to also be given
the opportunities by leaders such as our studio heads, when they take on the task of broadening the narrative
for our stories. It’s plain and simple, I think that as actors, regardless
of our race and our gender, we just wanna be given
an equal opportunity to be able to be chameleons and continue growing
and connect with our audiences. So, when directors
and writers and producers understand that change
needs to come from within, and as public figures, we have the responsibility to take the lead
in broadening that narrative, it just makes someone like me, who would be
nothing but a positive recipient, Super happy. Because I know what that means
for our future generations. I have three sons,
and nothing is making me happier… I keep saying ‘happy’,
but it’s true… to know that they are going
to inherit an influx of storytelling through media that represents them
and makes them feel seen and heard, and that their lives
and their heritage matters, but only through their merits. I’m just really happy about that. Benedict Cumberbatch. (Applause) -Mr Cumberbatch, -you have said in a few interviews
that you have read the script, -but the Russo Brothers also said -that no actor
has read the real final script. -So, I just want
to get to the bottom of that. -Thank you so much. I read a script. Whether I read the script
is for them to know and me to find out
when I see the movie tomorrow. But whatever script you read,
it’s never the film, is it? So, it always changes,
and these guys plus it every day, sometimes after the day, sometimes will probably
be re-plussing this in December, even after the film is out. They never stop at the wheelhouse,
it’s a busy place to work. And so, whatever I read is not
necessarily what you’re gonna see. So, I could tell you stuff about it,
but it wouldn’t make any difference. I knew it,
I didn’t know how I knew it. Chadwick Boseman.
I knew it. (Applause) -Hi, Chadwick. -I know we have to wait a long time
for Black Panther 2, -but how much
of Avengers: Infinity War -is at least Black Panther 1.5? Err… (Laughter) Avengers: Infinity War
is Avengers: Infinity War. It’s not Black Panther 1.5
or Black Panther 2 or anything like that. I think we have a strong presence
within the movie. And it was great
to have some of these people, not gonna say who exactly, in Wakanda. But it is its own movie, and it was great to go
from what we did with Black Panther and bring some of that into Avengers. It was a relief, actually. But it’s its own thing. Anthony Russo. (Applause) -My question is, -will we see Agent Coulson
come back for the Avengers? All these unanswerable questions. When we began
developing this movie, you know, we sat in a room
with Kevin, Joe and I, Markus and McFeely, the writers, and we had a picture of every single character
that’s been in the MCU, and we hung it up
on a wall all around us. And we basically spent
months and months and months talking about where we could go
with each character, how we could draw them
through the story, thinking about the very… Every one of these characters,
everybody on this stage, has been on a very specific journey
through the MCU to arrive at this moment. And it was a very long creative
process that we went through, thinking about
where we could take the story, where we could take the characters, how we can combine the characters
in interesting ways. And it was about
the most fun creative exercise I think I’ve ever been through in
my life, because it was just us sitting in a room
for months and months telling each other
stories about these characters, 99% of which
didn’t make their way into the movie. But I will say that was our process. We thought about
everybody in the MCU, we thought about how they could play
a role in the story moving forward, and starting tomorrow,
you will see the movie. Who has a question
for Elizabeth Olsen? (Applause) -I recently heard -that you would love it
if Scarlet Witch got her own films. -So, what do you think Scarlet Witch
could bring to the table -if she did have her own solo film? I would feel thrilled. I mean, I’ve got Kevin Feige
sitting right in front of me. Paul and I joke a lot about how much we would love to do, like,
a House of M spin-off, and a really domesticated
indie version of it, and I think that would be
a lot of fun. That part of her story is the reason
why I love this character so much. And, I mean, I’m just happy
that I’m still included. So, I don’t need
my own movie, Feige. Please just bring me back
all the time. This is truly the greatest cast,
and we get to work with the best crew and we get to work with the people
who are the best at their jobs. And so, there’s nothing like
this experience anywhere else, and we’re all very lucky to be here and enjoy each other’s company
all the time. That’s it. (Applause) Thank you, Elizabeth.
Thank you. Danai. -I’ve heard rumours that some of
the women in the Marvel universe -have pitched Mr Feige
an all-female Marvel movie. -What can we talk about, about that? No, I know no details on that. I was just thinking how excited I am
about Brie Larson, who’s shooting Captain Marvel,
right now. (Applause) And how that’s gonna be
a pretty awesome venture. But, I mean, the awesome thing
that I think it happening that we see happening across many dimensions
in our entertainment industry is we’re seeing more women
take the helm in various realms. And that is not only about time, but it’ll make the world
a better place, I think. So, I’m looking forward
to the future. (Applause) Thank you so much,
Avengers: Infinity War cast. Thank you, press people. This is the best time
I’ve ever had in my whole life. Thank you, Robert Downey Jr,
for coming. Thank you, Jeff, amazing. Thank you. (Music)

Robin Kshlerin



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