November 14, 2019
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The officer who shot Atatiana was
served his written administrative complaint on Sunday. At that time he was also
placed on detach duty and stripped of his badge and firearm. My intent was to meet with him
today to terminate his employment with the Fort Worth Police Department. However, the officer tendered his
resignation this morning before we met. Even though he no longer works for
the city, we will continue the administrative
investigation as if he did. The case will be completed and
reviewed by the chain of command. Had the officer not resigned,
I would have fired him for violations of several policies,
including our use of force policy, our deescalation policy and
unprofessional conduct. A statement to that effect will be placed
within the investigation to serve as a written record of that determination. Additionally, the separation paperwork
that is sent to the state licensing agency, the Texas Commission on law
enforcement will reflect that he was dishonorably discharged from employment
with the Fort Worth Police Department. Now that the officer is resigned, he no longer has the protections
of state civil service law. Therefore, I can now release his name. Aaron Dean, ID 4598, was the officer
who responded to the call and fired the shot that killed the Atatiana. He was hired by the department
on August 21, 2017, and commissioned as a licensed peace
officer on April 13, 2018. Despite his resignation, the officer still faces criminal charges
from the major case investigation. I’ve personally checked on the progress
of that case repeatedly and I anticipate a substantial update to
provide you no later than tomorrow. Additionally, we have also presented
a preliminary case to the FBI to review the officer’s actions for
possible civil rights violations. None of this information can ease
the pain of Atatiana’s family. But I hope it shows the community that
we take these incidents seriously. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Robin Kshlerin