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Introduction to Using eCRV

If you’re purchasing real estate in Minnesota, you must file a Certificate of Real Estate
Value, CRV, for all transactions with a value of $1000 or more. We previously filed CRV information using
paper forms. Now, all certificates of real estate value
must be submitted electronically, using what we call, eCRV. To get started, go to
and enter eCRV in the search box. Click on the eCRV, Electronic Certificate
of Real Estate Value page at the top of the list. Under Submit an eCRV, click Create or Edit
an eCRV. New users will be asked to enter a code shown
on the screen. This is to protect our website from abuse. After accepting the terms, you’ll select
one of three options from the main menu page. Select Start a New eCRV. Enter the information on the first tab marked
Buyers and continue until you have entered information
under all six tabs. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Once you’ve entered and verified all required
fields in each tab, click Submit eCRV at the bottom of the page
for submission to the county. If you need to leave the system before submitting
your eCRV, click Save Partial eCRV on the bottom of the
page and follow instructions. When you return, click Resume a Saved Partial
eCRV on the Main Menu and follow instructions. The system will highlight any errors, so you
can fix them and resubmit the form. The error indicator will disappear when you
click Submit eCRV again. You can find help and answers to frequently
asked questions by clicking Help at the top of the page You can also contact us by email at [email protected] or call 651-556-eCRV, 3278.

Robin Kshlerin