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Jayne Latz presents strategies to “Improve Your Telephone Communication Skills!”

Welcome to Corporate Speech Solutions. My
name is Jayne Latz and today we’re going to discuss some telephone tips. Many
people contact us and they specifically say they need help on the telephone so
today I want you to have five simple tips that will really make a difference
when you’re speaking on the phone. Number one, always speak in a clear and
articulate manner. Don’t rush or mumble your words. How often have you received a
voicemail message that you needed to replay once or even twice before you got
the name of the person? So think about that and make sure that you speak in a
slow and clear manner. If you’re tired, my second tip is stand up and put energy
into your voice. We often have such important calls that come in at the end
of a day and the last thing we want to do is pick up that phone and get into a
conversation but stand up and you’ll have immediate energy in your voice and
the person on the other end won’t know that you’re as tired as you feel. Three-
always be sure to say your number two times. We can’t be responsible for the
noise around us, or with a cell phone, if the sound goes in or out. How would you
feel if the reason you didn’t get that call returned is simply because they
couldn’t. They lost one digit and couldn’t call you back. By simply saying
your number two times it helps make sure that you’ll get that call returned. For
example please call Jayne Latz at Corporate Speech Solutions. Our number
is 917 841 2965, again that number is Jayne Latz 917 841 2965. The fourth tip is
to speak each letter in a clear way. The telephone has a way of cutting out some
high frequency sounds and making it very difficult for the listener to discern
which letter you’re really saying so give an example such as my name is Jayne
Latz. L, A, T as in tiger and Z as in zebra. And last number 5, don’t be in such a rush that you want to
give a quick fix such as call me back at triple 9 6. The number is 9996. Might be
easier for you to say it the first way but it’s easier for the listener to take
down each digit. Same thing with 2956. Don’t say 2956 take your time and say
all the numbers. So those are 5 telephone tips that I hope will help you to gain
confidence every time you pick up that phone and if you have additional
questions please be sure to visit our website at www.corporatespeechsolutions.com or
simply call us at 917 841 2965 and again
that number is 917 841 2965 have a great day.

Robin Kshlerin



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