November 22, 2019
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Many people talked about me training with heavier guys,
or training with no protection. I laugh at this sometimes. Chris Weidman pulled out from the Vitor fight three
times, with rib injuries and other things. Cain Velasquez was also out with injuries. It’s funny. They say we have to protect ourselves, but they have
all this protection, so how do they get injured? We train in a full-contact sport and there’s a risk, it doesn’t
matter if the other guy is light or heavy. You can’t escape from this. We try to get the closest possible of the reality.
Every time I fight, I won’t change anything. If I have to train, like some people said I knocked out
‘Cigano’ů F–k. If I have to train with ‘Cigano’, I will. I will train with whoever I have to keep this title.
It was an accident. He was helping me a lot. He’s a lightweight, so there was no welterweight like
some people said. This kid tried a kick, slipped and caught my rib. I kept training, did one more round, but couldn’t
continue with the pain. It’s part of the sport. I live with this and won’t run away from it.
I’ve trained out there, and I know how they train. They train like we do, so there’s no problem. I will continue
to train the same way, have the same contact. Every time I train I don’t want my partner to take it lightly,
but to get the closest possible to the reality. If I have to get hurt, I will. Sometimes it happens.
It was God’s will. God wanted this way. You say you’re injured. How do you feel when Dana White
says otherwise, that you didn’t suffer a fracture? We showed them everything, the MRI, x-ray and
the video of how it happened, but him to sayů Sometimes people mistranslate what he said, but he knows I was hurt. He’s not a doctor, he’s the president
of the UFC and promotes fights. Who has the right to say if I’m injured or not
is the doctor who understands about it. Several doctors saw what happened.
Everyone speaks what they want. What are your thoughts on McGregor’s
performance against Chad Mendes? What impressed you the most?
Were you expecting that already? It’s funny. When my teammates aren’t fighting,
I don’t even watch it. If I’m not fighting, I’m not interested. ‘Dede’ talked to me about it, said it’s cool, that it was a
good fight for us. That we might have seen other sides of him. He said Chad was winning while he had gas,
and that they shouldn’t have stopped the fight. But when I’m not fighting, I don’t read or
watch anything. I like to talk about soccer. You’re the only featherweight champion, going for your eighth
title defense, and beat anyone in the division besides McGregor. In a previous interview, you talked about retiring like Georges St-Pierre,
that many good fighters don’t know the right time to stop. Do you think about retiring after
this fight against McGregor? I think about retiring, but I don’t know if right after
this fight because I haven’t broken the record yet. I respect everybody, but I want to
break the record of most title defenses. When I do that, I’ll stop, it doesn’t matter who
I fought or not. I want to stop at the top. I’m a young guy, everybody will say
I still have a long road ahead of me, but as soon as I achieve this and get money
for me and my family, it’s time to stop. The UFC might do another world tour
for this next fight with McGregor. How do you face the possibility of being away from home
for so long, hearing to the things McGregor say? What would you do differently this time
since you know him better now? This is a pain in the a–. To travel a lot, doing this whole crap.
You sleep at one place and wake up in a different place, you don’t eat well. But we will do it differently, and he would become a different
person after this fight. We will change since the beginning. I was too calm the other time, and we
have to be more aggressive too. We know what’s up with him, so I don’t see any problem.
But it’s a pain in the a–. I know it’s important, but I will run away from it.
Sometimes we run away and nobody finds me. What does McGregor’s belt means to you? It means nothing to me. Of course, fans and media know they
shouldn’t have created this interim belt because I just defended it, but the business side affected the decision. To keep him in the main event,
they needed to have him fighting for a title, so that’s what happened. I don’t even care about it. If you go anywhere,
everybody knows who the real champion is. To me, interim or not, it doesn’t matter.
I couldn’t care less about him. What are your thoughts on the new UFC uniform? It sucks… But what can we do? We know it’s a private company, they can
make this decision, and everybody has their contracts. I don’t think it looks good, everyone has their own style.
I can’t do anything about it, just talk. We have to accept. We are the Power Rangers.
It even has the same colors. We’ll see. When I try it out, I can talk about it.
But apparently it’s cool, right? You haven’t lost in 10 years and are
the only featherweight champion. How do you see the UFC’s protection towards McGregor? Do you believe the UFC would create an interim title if
someone like Ronda got injured two weeks before a fight? I think that when an athlete doesn’t give
them much money, it changes completely. Ronda is a star, she does movies and has everything,
so her treatment is totally different. Same thing with Conor. He’s doing all this. If I had an employee
bring me that much money, I would put him on my lap. But when it’s over, you’re not good anymore.
So I don’t think about it, I just focus on myself and my career. Like you said, I’m the only champion,
and I want to keep it that way until I retire. The UFC president said that you will fight him in Las Vegas,
not in Dublin. Would it be special to beat him in Dublin? It would be great. I don’t see any problem with that.
Wherever they put this fight, I will win. They can say whatever they want. If they don’t say it in
Portuguese, I won’t understand a word so I don’t care. Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world,
so it’s special. I’m anxious to fight already. I was too frustrated I couldn’t fight now, the entire
country talked about it, I got messages from everybody. I was really sad. I know time flies,
and we will fight each other pretty soon. Are you bothered? Do you think
the UFC should treat you better? No way, I don’t care about it. I care about my people.
What they do in America, I couldn’t care less. Every time I fight, I represent myself and
my country, my fans and the Brazilian people. That’s why I never thought about training there.
I’m Brazilian, and I don’t leave this place for nothing. I don’t leave my neighborhood, my house,
my team for any place in the world. Not even if they offered me a truck full of money,
I wouldn’t be there. I love this. If I were there, I would be unhappy. I walk on slippers here, I know everybody, I go from door to door,
everybody knows me, and doormen talk to me. I’m a man of the people. I won’t put on a costume,
talk trash, this and that. That’s now who I am. I go to Maracana, stay there with the people, watch games
and celebrate. I hug everybody. That’s who I am. I wouldn’t do anything that would make me someone I’m not. I was raised
that way and I will continue like this until the end of my career. Do you believe that the fact that the UFC is way ahead
other promotions makes it easier to make unfair decisions, because athletes won’t go away because
there aren’t other promotions as big as the UFC? And when there are, they buy it. I have to defend my promotion, but if there was a PRIDE,
or if Bellator was as big as them, it wouldn’t be that way. If you have the dream of going there and fighting,
they offer you a candy and you have to accept it. It’s tough. But I can’t do anything about it.
They worked hard to get where they are today. If they do this now it’s because it was hard for them in
the beginning, and are collecting what they worked for. I would prefer that there was a bigger
promotion so we would negotiate differently. You got injured, but only pulled out of the fight a week before. The fact that you would make a fortune
with this fight made it tougher to pull out? We know fighters always have injuries, and knowing that a loss
for McGregor and a third fight with Chad wouldn’t sell that much. I would lose a lot of money, right? I would have to fight Chad again, a tough guy, but it wouldn’t
be that good financially (to fight him a third time). We considered fighting (McGregor) injured. It would be a historic
fight, and I like big events. I was training hard and feeling really good. We tried, we asked a deadline to try to recover and
continue in the fight despite the injury, but I didn’t recover. I couldn’t even get up. I still feel the pain.
The first three weeks, I couldn’t even get out of the couch. I couldn’t move for anything. I need help to get up.
That was a huge problem. The money was big, but there was no way. ‘Dede’ said
‘I won’t put you in a fight when you can’t fight’. If I could move around and fight, I would do it anyway.
I would be able to win. I was well trained. But when we realized I couldn’t do it,
‘Dede’ decided we had to pull out. What message would you send to Conor right now? Get ready, I’m coming. He can say whatever he wants,
but his weapons are nowhere near what I’m going to show him. USADA announced that IV rehydration will be banned in October. Is that going to be a big issue? Would you consider
moving up a weight class because of that? That’s an issue not only for me, but for every athlete,
especially those who cut a lot of weight. But there’s a study, they showed several techniques. Just say you’re feeling sick and go to the hospital and they will
rehydrate with an IV anyway. They can’t say ‘oh, come back later’. But I don’t know about that yet. As an athlete, it’s hard
to not use IV because that’s the best way to rehydrate. They came here saying oral rehydration is better,
but I don’t know how they came up with that. Any sick person that goes to a hospital, the first thing
they do is an IV. I will continue to do IV, I don’t care. I’ll tell them I’m going to eat and do it instead.
They won’t take me out of the f—ing fight, so I don’t care. They can say whatever they want, but it’s
scientifically proved the best way to rehydrate. Only if they put security guard with me 24 hours a day.
I don’t care. That’s what’s going to happen. I will do it anyway, or someone else will do it for me.
I will go to a friend’s house, to a different hotel room. I don’t f—ing care about them. They won’t
take me out of the fight anyway. They can’t take me from the fight. It’s not doping. They will say they will test me. How are they going
to get IV rehydration from my urine, brother? Only if they got new techniques.
They are ninjas. They are f—ing stupid.

Robin Kshlerin