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Jose Mourinho FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Tottenham v Liverpool – Premier League – SUBTITLES

You’re still smiling despite Harry Kane’s
injury? That’s life, that’s football. Of course, bad
news but we have to be positive and look to the good news. Good news is that before the
end of the month we have two new players, Hugo Lloris and Ben Davies. This is good news. Lloris never played a game for me, Ben played
one, and very, very well in a system we were trying to develop which was only possible
with him because he’s the one left-back that can play in that inside position because Danny
Rose is a pure left-back, Jan Vertonghen is not a left-back and Ryan Sessegnon is learning
how to be a left-back. So Ben is very important for our project. So it’s good news. Of course Harry is important, irreplaceable.
There’s no player who can replace Harry Kane, and Moussa is playing so, so well with us.
I think, since I arrived one of our best performers. It’s not a couple of weeks until they’re back.
It’s surgery, and a long, long time. I never spoke about Lloris in my first two
months here and if you allow me, I would like not to speak about Harry Kane and Moussa Sissoko
until they’re back. Let’s try to speak everything about them today because I know you’re desperate
to speak about them. How much of a boost will it be to have your
captain Lloris back, especially with Harry out? It’s very important. He’s the captain with
Harry. We lose one, it’s nice to recover one. The experience, the way he plays, speaking.
Because it’s very important for a goalkeeper to play and speak at the same time. We have a goalkeeper that’s doing his best
& we have confidence in him. For Hugo to be back after such an important injury is good
and it opens space in the medical department. Some people is leaving the medical room, some
people is coming. Is there an area in the medical dept with a plate saying Hugo Lloris,
because he’s there every day for past three months. I know you want to speak about Harry, I don’t
want to speak about Harry because if I speak too much I get depressed, and then you say
I’m miserable and in a bad mood. It’s better to speak about things that make me laugh. What about Tanguy Ndombele? He’s not playing tomorrow. The news is not
positive and we’re focused on the game tomorrow. I know football doesn’t end tomorrow, Tuesday
we have very important game for the cup, Saturday a very important game in Premier League. I know Champions League is coming in a couple
of months. But the focus is on tomorrow and tomorrow we don’t recover any player from
the injury list that we had. Does the Kane injury change things in the
transfer market? I knew the question was coming from you or
somebody else. You know, it’s not me, I think even the coaches without injuries, even the
coaches without problems the squad even the coaches with the best squads, even let’s say
Jurgen, even Jurgen with the best team, with amazing players, with amazing squads, he was
happy to do a new player. So we are all the same, but the reality is that when I came
here two months ago I know the situation. I didn’t know of course that I was going to
lose Harry and Moussa for so long, but I knew that the situation was about to try to get
the best out of the players that we have, and that doesn’t change. So I’m focused on
the work, I’m focused on the game tomorrow. If the boss arrives with a solution that can
help us to face this difficult months that we are going to have ahead of us then be it,
then welcome. But if we don’t find the right solution the
right opportunity then we are going to wait for the next summer to try to make the right
decisions for the evolution of the team. So let’s wait, calm, but in this moment my focus
is total on the players that we have available. That’s the way it is. Are games like tomorrow why you got into football? Of course it is, but this Liverpool situation
when we were colleagues, when I was working with you [at Sky Sports], I told you Liverpool
was going to be champion, and this was like three months ago and so the situation that
they are at is not a surprise for me, period. It’s the best team in our competition, just
to say that – I could say more than that. But they are the best team in our premier
league and of course it’s a big challenge for us to play against them. We would prefer
to play against them with everybody available. We would prefer of course to have much more
options to try and go in the direction of the more solid, more happy, more confident. But again that’s the way it is and we worked
hard in the week, and the boys that are available, of course they are happy to play and when
somebody doesn’t play you open the opportunity for somebody else, and we know the situation.
We know how good they are, we can imagine that in this room only two persons think that
we can win. Maybe only two, but we believe (puts his arm around Spurs’ press officer).
We have to believe. If you don’t believe, get out man [to press officer]. You said Liverpool at United wanted meat and
got fish. Are you going to serve up fish? You know in that moment I was not a football
coach, I was a pundit. And that’s a different situation, and I made my comment because I
thought in that moment that United did very well. I have been in similar positions of
Jurgen now, and I think when you are the best team, the strongest team and you are used
to win and win and win and win and win, the day you don’t come on praise the guys. I felt that in that match, again everybody
was expecting Liverpool to win the match, United was with some problems, United was
not getting good results, and I think in that match Solskjaer and the players did a very
very good job to almost win against Liverpool. So after the game I felt that as a pundit
I should be protective let’s say of the team that had an outstanding effort, and honestly
they could win. They were more close to win than to lose,
so I thought United did a very good performance according to their potential at the time,
and as a pundit I decided to be on their side, not on the strongest side. If anyone can stop Liverpool it’s you, you’ve
done it before? No, not me. Not me. I never stopped Liverpool.
My teams sometimes they did it, but not me. You mentioned only two people think you can
beat Liverpool tomorrow… Don’t tell me you are the third! You did it before famously at Anfield with
a lot of injuries and Gerrard slipped? No, we didn’t have lots of injuries – we
had a Champions League semi-final to play two days after and we had to play Liverpool
while Atletico Madrid played on Friday but that’s English football. That’s what it
is. We’ll have a couple of weeks without football but then
Leipzig will play on the Friday and we play Villa on the Sunday and that’s what happened
that day – not injuries. This time we have injuries but again if I
think about the injuries, who is not playing, I’m not as confident and motivated as I
am so I have to focus on what we did in the week, concentrate on the effort and enthusiasm
the boys put in this week and the motivation you must have to play against the best teams.
We are playing against the beat teams. You are confident or not confident. If you are
not confident it’s better to stay at home. If you’re confident it’s not going to be
easy but if you’re confident you’re going with everything that you have and that’s
what I want the boys to do, go with everything we have. Jurgen Klopp said this morning that his team
will be unpredictable, what do you think he’ll do? I think he has so much in his hands that he
can be what he wants. He can be what he wants. He can play with Firmino as a nine or a 10,
can play with Salah and Mane wide or as strikers with Firmino dropping back. He can play with
Shaqiri and decide to change a lot of things. He can play Origi. He has so many things he
can do so yes he can be unpredictable. It’s harder for people who play against them because
he has that potential of unpredictability. Have you given Daniel Levy a list of transfer
targets you would like? No, no, no, this isn’t about a list of players.
January is a strange market, it’s not an easy market to be in. It’s a market of opportunity
a market where an opportunity arise and you have the conditions to do it or you not to
do it. We have to be calm and not think about the market – let the market think about
us. Games like this are billed as Mourinho vs
Klopp, do you feel the cameras on you? I feel the cameras because they’ll be on
my face. I walk in the tunnel it’s on my face, even before the game finishes the camera will
be on my face. These guys (points to Amazon cameraman) these guys are 24 hours. Only when
I go to the toilet they’re not coming with me! Apart from that they’re always with me. Of course I feel it. But disturb me? No, only
Amazon disturb me, not the cameras on matchday. I don’t think about it. Of course it’s not me against Jurgen. Big match – Tottenham v Liverpool. Let’s enjoy it. How much influence can you have on the touchline? I think there is more on Monday to Friday,
I always think during the week I always win, I always feel that I win easy and I think
every manager feels the same because the way you work, think, what you project, exercises
you find, the way you project, you always feel that you are going to win. Then the match
has a different story. Can we have influence during the games? Sometimes yes, sometimes
no. Sometimes the match comes in your direction
and you have to do things and it works and sometimes you can affect the game. Since the
moment whistles for the first time I think it is unpredictable and the boys are the ones
responsible. Are you happy with how the players have put
into practice your methods in the first two months? It has not been two months working with them.
It is not two months, it is a few days. It is two months with them but not two months
with them on the pitch. I think it is the second week where we had the possibility to
work on the pitch, the second week in maybe eight weeks I am here. Basically we don’t
train. We did it this week and we did it a previous week, apart from that but no time
to work so it’s not about two months. Of course I’m not happy. I want to improve
so many things – has to be step by step. In the day I arrived in November, I think
Jurgen arrived at Liverpool in October five years ago. Step by step, calm. I have to be
calm. Roy Hodgson says Palace want to sign Kyle
Walker-Peters. What do you say? If Mr Roy told that I am not going to deny.
But I don’t know, of course I believe in him and if he believes that it is because Crystal
Palace are trying to do it, working on it and I will wait for news coming from my boss.
It is good to know that Mr Roy is open about it and doesn’t try to hide, so if they have
that objective of course I will be informed by my people. Would you have to replace him? Let me wait for news. In this moment it is
interest, nothing is done so we will wait. Spurs and you have history with spoiling a
party, is that a challenge this match? No. No. I don’t remember if I stopped any
unbeaten run. I remember one day Manchester United stopped by team’s unbeaten run of 12
or 13 months. I also remember I think it was Sunderland that stopped an unbeaten run of
years and years of not losing a match at home. I remember more the teams that stop my runs than stopping other teams. I don’t know anything about that. How different do Spurs need to attack without
Harry Kane? I think that is something I am not happy to
tell you. I like the question, I would also make that question, it is something that…..ask
the Amazon guys. It has to be different. We don’t have another one. There is not a striker
in the squad. We have only one, he is not fit, we don’t have another one. You know that you cannot play like we normally
play when Harry Kane is not in the team. The only thing I can tell you is that of course
we cannot do the same way as with Harry.

Robin Kshlerin



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  8. 1 Park Posted on January 10, 2020 at 3:11 pm

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