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Jürgen Klopp’s pre-match press conference | Brighton

Jürgen, it’s the first time in a while
that you’ve not had a midweek game, so having had that time with the players, do you now need to see
a top-level performance from them, not only to get the point
you need to guarantee a top-four finish, but also to take some momentum
into the Champions League final? Momentum, I’m not sure,
it’s about two weeks in between and a week was exactly
what we needed so far, we had a few players with some problems
and they needed the time to recover from that, and we still have
two days, today and tomorrow, to use the time,
but of course that should help us, there’s no doubt about that,
I said that before, after the last game, but it actually would have
been quite difficult to play during the week. How have you seen
Trent Alexander-Arnold develop this season, and do you think he could
go to the World Cup with England? I am obviously a fan of Trent,
so that’s why he played pretty often. Not because of that, but because
he performed on a really high level, matured quickly over the last year,
mentally he was always in a good place, physically he needed to improve – he did. So I’m not Gareth Southgate, but if needs
a good player who can play right full-back and maybe another position as well,
then I think he would be a good choice, but it’s not up to me to… I don’t think that whatever I say
would make it more or less likely. If Gareth thinks he needs him,
then I’m sure he will be ready. It is awards season, as you know, who do you
think has been the Manager of the Season? Pep Guardiola, obviously,
he was impressive, what a season. What a kind of football. But I’m pretty close… LAUGHTER Yeah, that’s always how it is,
it’s always what you are doing with the things you have around you, and I really think that Dave Wagner
and Chris Hughton should be quite close to Pep, but that’s it. Sean Dyche, fantastic job, obviously a lot
of managers did a really, really good job in a very tough league, but I think… Rafa – wow. At Newcastle. But all three teams who came up
from the Championship staying in the league,
that’s a massive achievement. I’m not sure that that happened
a lot of times in the last few years, so that’s obviously really big. I don’t know, one of these three probably. I thought you were going to go with
David Wagner myself, but there you go. I was just wondering, are you frustrated
that you haven’t managed to secure that Champions League place
for next season? Would that help? Before going into the last game. Would that help? No, not as such, because
you still have a chance this weekend, but I mean, would you have liked
to have done it beforehand? Would you have liked to have been there… Wow. Em, yes. Which answer would you have expected?!
Really, wow. Well, I thought you’d say yes,
but I thought… Maybe “yes, and…” What do you want to talk about, different
situations when we failed in a few games, or… ..kind of strange decisions for penalties, which at the time were only a moment,
but now if you would count up the points then we wouldn’t be talking today,
I’m not sure if you’d have a press conference. So now it’s still exciting, three or maybe
four games at the weekend where teams are
going for the big things, and we are part of that, you cannot avoid that
and think, “It would have been nice if…” So that’s why frustration makes no sense,
I’m not frustrated about that, there were a few moments where
I was frustrated about a few things, but that’s long ago and now we have
the chance to play against Brighton, and I mentioned Chris because I saw,
not only the last two or three games, but Brighton is a good team. They’re playing completely without pressure,
so that’s the situation, nothing to moan about, about the past or whatever, that’s the
situation, we have to take that like it is and make the best of it, like it always is. And obviously Mo’s picked up
quite a few more awards this week, I was just wondering if you could talk about the impact he’s had
not on the pitch, but off the pitch, with the fans, amongst the city
and sort of the give back that he does towards fan, people, communities,
the charitable side of it? I think he deserved all the awards he got, but I’m absolutely not in the mood to praise
anybody for the last few months, I’m really in the mood to think about Sunday. Everything he did was fantastic, otherwise
he couldn’t have scored that many goals, he couldn’t have played like he played,
but it’s all about Sunday. It’s quite difficult for a player,
there are so many challenges, and the next challenge was the journalists –
I know it’s a very important award – but bringing the boy again to London
on Thursday night before the last game, and celebrate a party,
and we are not partying. The journalists should
come here and give the award. That’s all the things you want,
you want to be really focused, the season is over for most of
the teams in the league, it’s a nice time, and for us it’s work. But all the awards around,
they’re deserved, really deserved, but now, the last one
hopefully was yesterday, and now it’s about
playing the game on Sunday. I was just thinking more the work
he does with communities and fans and underprivileged people, that we’ve obviously seen
throughout the season. I was not involved, I don’t know exactly
what he did, to be honest, where can I see that? It’s on social media and various… Ah, I’m not on social media,
so what a nice life that is! He just seems to give back a lot. Of course he does, he’s a nice guy,
I said it plenty of times, and the things he did,
they speak for themselves, again. So it’s not about me to say
how good it is. Who am I? So the things are good,
and if you like it, then write it. And if you don’t like it, then keep it… So that’s the situation, it’s not about
making the stories bigger because of things I could say, if he did nice things
and really worthwhile things and showed that he’s really thankful
for the situation in his life… Because that’s quite a special life
that he had so far, and now it’s probably
in the best moment it’s ever been, and not to forget where
you’re coming from, that’s how people should be, and I’m not in doubt that he is like that,
because I work together every day with him. But I’m not interested in the public response
on that, to be honest, because I’m interested in the human being, and I’m completely happy
with him as a human being. I get that. Good. Jürgen, you’ve got an excellent
home record this season, Brighton’s record I think is
the second poorest in the Premier League, but they are safe. It’s another occasion
for the players where you have to deliver, there’s an awful lot at stake, and at this stage of the season results
can be quite unexpected. Yes! We still play, that’s clear, that’s all clear, that’s why we are completely focused
on that game. Yesterday we had
our LFC awards – good timing – and a lot of people
wished me luck for the 26th. I’m not sure, maybe only two or three people
said, “Good luck on Sunday.” Again, next challenge, that’s it. The boys face so many challenges,
we face so many challenges, and we need to show it again. It’s the last
game of the Premier League season, so it’s a big one,
and I think there were plenty of moments where everybody
could be really happy, proud or whatever of this team,
being a supporter of the club, fantastic seconds, minutes, hours
around the team, and on Sunday we have to
deliver again, all of us. It’s not a farewell thing on Sunday,
it’s a proper competition against a strong football team,
and having no pressure… can be quite positive actually. That’s how it is,
and that’s the situation we face. Yes, a lot of things
can happen in football, but we are there as well and we will have
11 players and we will try everything to make sure that we play in
the Champions League again next year. It’s not just a good record at Anfield though,
in the really important games, it’s been absolutely fantastic – what is it about this group of players
that enables them to deliver on the big stage, the big games
at Anfield in particular? Character, mentality, togetherness,
we really enjoy working together, the boys enjoy working together,
the mood in the dressing room is really good and everything is how it should be. Like I said,
so far it’s not the most successful season in the history of football, but it’s
quite successful in a difficult league, with wonderful football involved,
that’s cool, that’s really cool, but it’s all about the boys,
how they pick up information, how they turn it into performance,
how they use the things we do in training and how they enjoy the work together,
that’s it. And on the pitch, the plan at least
most of the time is pretty clear, and they really believe
in that and try to deliver. That’s how it is, and it’s only
another big step to go, that’s all. You spoke about the awards last night
and Mo having to go to London as well, at this time of year does that
put an extra workload on him when he should be using the time to recover? Is it difficult for him or…? Problems are always problems
if you are surprised, it’s like, “Oh, I had no clue about that”,
but it’s always perfectly planned, Ray Haughan is doing a world-class job in organising everything
as smoothly as possible. But, yeah, it’s not perfect. As a manager
I would prefer he went home after the awards, like we all did, and relaxes on the sofa
watching a movie or going early to bed, but he was early enough in bed, so as I said,
we organised it as well as possible. And from the other side, yes,
that’s nice to win an award, but nobody wants
to get picked out of the group, and you say by yourself,
“Without the boys, I couldn’t have done it.” That’s true! You don’t want to say it
constantly, you want to be with your players. So it’s intense, but positively intense,
not to forget, because it’s for a really good,
really exceptional season, and so like I said, he deserved all of that
and he’s quite fine with that, he’s pretty cool in managing
all these requests, questions and all that, so that’s OK. Can I ask where we are with
Emre Can in terms of his injury and his contract situation? Nothing new, both parts. Still treatment, still rehab, and that’s it. In terms of his contract,
is that a concern now at this stage, that you don’t have anything agreed or…? No. But you would have known that if we
agreed anything. No, it’s all like it was before. Jürgen, I just wonder how close Adam Lallana
might be or might not be this weekend? Adam trains normally now,
for about a week or so. Yesterday normal, a long time
with no football, but Adam is Adam,
so he looks quite OK, to be honest. But the perfect thing now
would be start with minutes, we’ll see if we have
the opportunity to do that, but as fit as possible, I would say. Jürgen, how cruel is the injury on Joe Gomez, who’s gonna miss
the World Cup this summer? Yeah… That’s absolutely something nobody needs. I spoke about it a few times already, it’s like… ..he’s sacrificed himself a little bit. We didn’t
know, it happened early in the game, I think it was the Stoke game?
It was not his best game obviously, but after the game the explanation
came pretty soon. He got the injury early
in the game and carried on, wanted to help the team,
I told him already, it’s not the smartest decision
in his life but it’s a really… brave decision. So now he’s obviously out,
we are not sure, if he didn’t play on, nobody told me that would have
helped massively, it was what it was, and now he’s out for the rest of the season,
which is really hard for us. And for him, and exactly
the same for the World Cup, so that’s nothing you want. But something we have to accept
and he has to accept, and he’s good, he’s here
and he’s doing his rehab, so it’s already done, he can actually
count the days until he’s back, but it’s not early enough for
the World Cup, that’s the problem. Can I just ask, any other team new, Jürgen, any injury problems
or people coming back or…? Nothing… Eh, back? Hmm, who could come back? No. Nothing new, and on the other side, not sure, like I said, we need two more
days and then we have to make decisions.

Robin Kshlerin



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