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Kansas City Week in Review – December 20, 2019

Get ready it’s our annual year
in review of the program faithfully
discharge the duties of governor I will not be a
candidate in twenty twenty for a fifth senator term no interest
in being the senator from Kansas
I love doing what I’m doing today
many gathered at the Nelson Atkins museum to say goodbye to
a Kansas city legend Henry bloch this office has reviewed
all the evidence compiled and has declined to file charges
against Tyreek Hill we didn’t get the outcome we wanted
tonight what an amazing night in Kansas City an innocent
bystander dies as gunshots break
out during first Friday and I said it
before and I’ll say it again are city should not accept this
violence we want to start here
with some breaking news a shooting at a
Kansas city bar overnight leaving four people dead Kansas
governor Laura Kelly says the border war with Missouri is over
will be the first larger metropolitan city in the US
with free public transit Kansas city star headlines don’t
always go national a hundred and twenty year history of
being the Paseo That’s a lot of address changes
there is a mistake here there’s no real way to say
everything’s going to be accurate it’s a City at war it’s
a county at war with its own residents this is not the
County against our taxpayers
It’s a work of art it’s in the road
so this is what you’re holding the most instragramable moment
in Kansas city the Kansas City
Tbones are out Wyandotte county
unified government says it’s evicting the team for not
paying their bills a one billion dollar question hangs over
Kauffman stadium tonight the
team’s owner negotiating selling the
team for one billion dollars
Mahomes Magic I don’t know if
the cereal’s good but it’s got Patrick Mahomes on the box I
have to have a box
week in review is made possible through the generous support of
Dave and Jamie Cummings Bob and Marlese Gourley Smithfield
foods Haas and Wilkerson insurance the Courtney S.
Turner charitable trust John H. Mize and bank of America N.
A. co trustees and by viewers like
you thank you welcome everyone I’m Nick
Haines get ready for laughter
tears astonishing in sight as we
pour through the biggest the greatest the worst and most
painful moments of twenty nineteen and we gaze into our
crystal ball to take a look at what we can expect together in
twenty twenty in this place we call home with us on this
holiday edition of the program she’s fifty percent of Dana and
Parks on KMBZ Dana Wright across town Steve Kraske sits behind
another microphone keeping you up to date weekdays at eleven
on KCUR whenever important local news is happening you can
expect Kansas city star columnist and editorial writer
Dave Helling to be in the middle of the action and also
around the cozy confines of your yuletide table from
the call newspaper senior writer Eric Wesson and thank you
to Eric Wesson for our gifts
we’re all wearing our Eric Wesson
neck wear All wearing we didn’t think you’d want one
alrighty already I’m sorry
you’ve been left out where’s my tie
all right Steve Kraske we begin with a
multiple choice question for you of all the stories making
news in Kansas city over this past year what story had the
greatest impact on our metro and there’s lots of candidates this
has been one of the deadliest
years old record in Kansas city it’s
the year that saw Quinton Lucas become a new mayor MaHolmes
mania never stopped and the Jackson County property
assessment mess seems to take up an enormous amount of news
coverage and we can’t forget it
was the year that the Royals went
up for sale was one of those your pick or something
completely different it was one of those things Nick and could
it be anything other than MaHolmes mania he is on every TV
channel and every ad every time you look at the boob tube there
he is he had a great year last year he had a very good
year this year Mahomes mania
Nick It’s certainly one of few issues
that brings the community together right without a
question Dana Wright who did you
have one of the most impactful story of
the year you are right in that my cousin comes in from
Mississippi and the first thing she says to me is do you think
will run into Patrick Mahomes I don’t know I I don’t think
we’re going to run into him and
I would love to pick a happy
story but if you really look at what is impacting everyone in
the metro and not necessarily in a good way I think you have
to go with the homicide problem and the gun violence problem in
Kansas city I’m going to quote your reporting here Steve
Kraske the number of people in jail for non fatal shootings
though twenty seventeen twenty eighteen twenty nineteen look
that up it is astounding it is zero or close to zero we’ve got
to get a handle on that problem because even when my relatives
come in from other places they ask about Patrick Mahomes but
they also say are we safe here I’ve heard this is a dangerous
place Eric Wesson most impactful
story twenty nineteen the assessment the Jackson County
tax assessment it affects a lot of people the lawsuit that
was filed yesterday is I’ve I think it’s just symbolic but I
think it’s going to get down to the nuts and bolts of what the
real problems are in Jackson County assessments Dave I think
the most long term impactful store this year was free bus
transit which I think the city will implement next year not
because it will work necessarily or won’t work Nick
will find that out the reason by the way they’re thinking
about it so few people ride the bus today that’s why
they can do it but ultimately transit will be an
extraordinarily important thing in Kansas city and if this can
work it will transform I think our attitudes about getting
people from point A to point B Dana Wright complete this
sentence the news story Kansas city would most like to forget
in twenty nineteen was blank I chose the allegations against
Tyree Hill and the ongoing issue with domestic violence
and the NFL over all there was a ton of reporting on that I
think it brought out the worst in just about everybody the
focus somehow shifted between the safety of those children
and the situation at hand into a football conversation and I
think the NFL has to get a better handle how they’re going
to take care of those issues
Steve I said anything absolutely
anything that has to do with
Jackson County Missouri Nick they messed
up the jail they messed up
assements the former County
executive spent the year in prison Nick so
Jackson County take it off the map people want to rename it
nothing’s going right in Jackson County Eric what did
you put down I put down the city jail Kansas city
transferring their people into the County jail and then into
another facility it was a mess and now they’re figuring out
how to send some of those people back to the County jail
the story you most wanted to forget in twenty nineteen I
wrote down the first Friday
shooting the killing earlier this year
Erin LangHoffer who died so tragically I know a lot of
people suggest we pay too much attention because she was a
suburban woman she’d come down for first Friday but the
reality is that that incident ruined
two lives it took hers but it also ruined the shooter’s life
and the idea that someone would bring a gun to an event like
first friday’s is just appalling and it suggests that Dana is
right that’s a problem we really need to fix in the new
year Eric Wesson a multiple choice question for you time
magazine picked young climate activist Greta Thunberg as
its person of the year if you were picking the person of the
year for our area who would you
be choosing would it be the man no
one could stop talking about Chiefs quarterback Patrick
Mahomes was it our new mayor or the new owner of the Royals
John Sherman or the man who regardless of how many times he
was asked refused to ever say the word yes
Mike Pompeo or was it the head of one of our
metros was most potent grassroots movements Tara
Raghuveer the director of KC tenants or did you pick someone
completely different I picked the mayor I think he’s done a
job in marketing himself he takes a lot of pictures it
looks like he’s got a twin because he’s everywhere
so I I picked him he’s got a lot of energy and I just hope
that equates to something tangible Dave I picked David
glass the outgoing owner of the Kansas City Royals I
know we made a bjillion dollars in his investment with
the team and his stewardship was not perfect although we did
win of course a world series but baseball was really
in danger in Kansas city when he took control of that club
that’s not well of of greatly understood so his decision to
buy the team keep it here was really important and we should
honor him as he leaves the scene Steve in addition his decision
to make sure that local ownership remained here in town
yeah I picked somebody completely different Nick I
picked Dennis carpenter the former school superintendent in
Lee’s summit for his courageous stand on sticking with the idea
of teaching equity equity training in Lee’s summit this
idea of teaching teachers how to be more sensitive to
students of different colors in Lee’s summit he was run out
of town for that very courageous stand it was not
Lee’s summit it’s best moment in the spotlight Dana Wright
your news maker was who I picked a happy person with Patrick
Mahomes for that one but I want an honorable mention for Gary
woodland the PGA golfer who has represented the state of Kansas
brilliantly and lovely and what a fun guy to watch from my home
town Topeka Kansas which is now asking people giving fifteen
thousand dollars a year to move
there all right
Dave Helling fill in this blank
for us the biggest winner in Kansas city this year
is blank by the way that’s fifteen thousand dollars or an
autographed picture of Dana
Wright eiter one your choice okay no the biggest winner in
Kansas city this year was obviously the rich developer
community who are getting handouts at city hall like
there’s no tomorrow I’m going to name some of them John
Copaken Ron jury David Francais Jim Bowers John Stevens
Tim Cowden all of them surrounding this eco
development onslaught at city hall Kansas
city in the last four five months has handed out
and the state a hundred and eighty million dollars in
incentives to big downtown developers they’re obviously
the winners and they just would have by the way by the way they
won at the ballot box to with
the idea of limiting those incentives was
defeated Two big winners Wadell
and Reed to piggy back on
Dave thirty five million dollars in local incentives
sixty two million dollars in incentives from the state
that’s a lot of money they came out looking very good but I
also pick somebody else of tower Raghoveer who heads KC
tenants you know she has taken the issue of housing and
affordable housing from nowhere land to the top of the
heap in Kansas city Missouri a temendous effort on her part
in such a short
period of time Dana you know it’s interesting you
brought that up I had a girlfriend looking for a home
recently and she said the number one thing she needed it
needed to be on the bus line I chose anyone who needs transit
transit is huge as you mentioned I think if you live
out in the suburbs and we all drive everywhere you don’t
think about how important that is for so many people in our
community it’s a huge win for people who will use that
service Eric I had the KC tenants group they were able to
maneuver through the city council give one side of a
story told the side they wanted told I have them as the
biggest winner we’re lifting the
hood by the way on that whole issue of
housing on January second Thursday night at seven thirty
here on KCPT with an hour long special including folks from
KC tenants Steve Kraske complete this
sentence if you would with the name of an individual a group an
issue or an institution the biggest loser in Kansas city
twenty nineteen was blank Nick poor Missourians Missouri
took a hundred thousand people off the Medicaid rules a rolls
this year you have to be really Poor to
even qualify for Medicaid only twenty two percent of the
federal poverty rate that gets you qualify for
Medicaid one in seventeen states Missouri is that hasn’t
expanded Medicaid this year it’s tough damn tough to be
poor in Missouri Nick Dana you
know it breaks my heart to say the
Kansas City Missouri public school district they were
caught some employees falsifying attendance data it
is just one more mark against a school district that does
employ people who work very hard everyday for those
children the biggest loser Eric tenants even though the tenant
association won I think in the long run the big the slow
game is gonna be tenants I think you’re going to find that
you’re gonna have a lot of housing problems because
property owners will start
selling their properties or they’ll
start fighting back in other
ways raising the rent I think it’s going to
be a long game I think they’re going to be the biggest
loser We’re about forty percent of Kansas city Missouri
residents do rent which is actually much higher than the
national average it is a big issue there and hill top is
getting ready to close January to first five hundred people
are going to be homeless out of the housing project where they
gonna go Dave sly James was the biggest loser this year he lost
the pre K. election which he had put a
lot of a political capital in and he lost the mayoral
election his hand picked successor Jolie Justus was not
only defeated but crushed at the polls and the mayor wrote
a memoir with me in it that was
a loser dicision
from the beginning so for those three reasons sly James was the
big loser actually it’s gift wrapped up copies of that book
you see these boxes on our table Dana Wright fill in the
blank question for you the most
over reported story in our metro in
2019 was blank over reported story
I can come back to you Come back
to me I want to talk about my under reported Eric
the most under reported stories This is the most over reported
story Over reported story I would have to say was
crime okay so we reported on it is and is constantly a
conversation what are we doing about it was the vision what’s
the plan okay Dave well we can retire the over reported trophy
this year because the status of Mike Pompeo yeah as a Senate
candidate was over every time the guy yes blows his
nose suddenly is he running we’ll know we’ll know in twenty
twenty whether he’s a candidate and can react at that point
until then we ought to let him make his decision that was a
good one any story Nick that
talked about the very real possibility
supposed real possibility Missouri General Assembly will
consider and pass new gun legislation this year that is
not going to happen there were a lot of stories yes that’s a
legislatures too conservative the NRA is too
deep in Missouri it’s not gonna happen did something come to
your mind since then no I’m
going to my under reported because it
makes me so mad
I’m going to start okay it is under reported
this has been a slow drip the assault on women’s rights and
health rights in the state of Missouri but I’m also going to
throw into that conversation the overall health of women and
children in the state of Missouri if you look at almost
every list we’re not Mississippi but we’re knocking
at the door and that is something for everyone’s health
that we have to pay much more attention to and that was
Dana Wrights most under reported story Eric Wesson your
most under reported story twenty nineteen police shootings of
citizens there’s a lot of them they manipulate the system some
kind of way with taking it to the grand jury nobody ever gets
indicted or stands trial for it Steve Nick the sorry state of
mental health care in both our states just today the star
reported about problems at
Osawatomie state hospital in
Kansas big problems there I talked to too many people who
are suffering from one mental illness or another who can’t
get the help they need when they need it it’s a big issue
Dave I said the transformation of Overland Park Kansas I grew
up in Oveland Park used to
cruise Metcalf when I was a kid
which was I think back in the model T.
days as I recall but if you look at Metcalf today you know
high rise apartments retail people living in the downtown
area end Overland park handing out incentives like the
brookridge Country Club proposal just like Kansas city Missouri
so the transformation of that sleepy suburban community into
something else was probably not focused on enough in twenty
nineteen Steve Kraske our section is
called pick a gift it sounds simple enough you are
responsible for giving a gift one metro area public figure
this holiday season but who would receive the gift and when
he or she hastily breaks open that wrapping paper what would
the gift be
I’m gonna gift to mayor Quinton Lucas is going to
be a trip to the Bahamas for three weeks Nick to give the
man some time think as it’s been reported here and
mentioned he is everywhere all the time in this town he needs
to slow down really smart guy need to think about steps the
steps ahead and figure that out Dana Wright I would like to
give the gift of a better Justus system to everyone in
our metropolitan area we would be remiss if we did not mention
that Ricky kid was freed this year after twenty three years
wrongfully convicted when those men and women get back out they
are given nothing yes they get much much more as far as
services meals education when they are locked up when they
shouldn’t be locked up than they are once they are released
yes excellent Eric Patrick
Mahomes I would like to give him an
offense line before he just killed I didn’t think he needed
any more gifts okay Dave Helling by the way
let me mention quickly Ricky Kid had a public defender and
we did a series of stories on the problems in that office
that deserves some mention to no I wrote down this is self
serving as hell but what the hell
digital subscription to the Kansas city star for everyone in
the community and I say that
because twenty twenty will bring a bring big changes to
your local newspaper we’re going to stop Saturday
publication the nature of journalism is changing so
dramatically we’re doing our best but we are going to need
some help and we’re going to need people who pay for it so
that’s my gift to everyone by the way we have viewers we
asked these exact same questions and you’ve answered
everyone except for Valerie who when she said the
top newsmaker of the year was Troy Schulte and his name never
was mentioned at any point in time is on my list came in
third okay so Valerie we try to answer it for you a lot about
this thank you for contributing to that and most of those being
answered by our panelists let’s look now to this brand start of
a brand spanking new year Dana Wright complete this sentence I
don’t own a crystal ball but if I did this is what I see
happening in our metro in twenty twenty man I wanna
downtown ballpark and I know that’s not a popular answer but
bulid it baby build it I go to cities all over the country
they all have these great cool places right where the action
is I want that here and I know that is an extraordinarily
unpopular opinion but there you have it not that unpopular look
at him roll his eyes at me
that there’s not going to be a ballpark downtown in Kansas
city Boo until they get through with the
Jackson County contract I believe the some twenty thirty
they got to do something with that contract there so that
probably is not going to happen Dave two predictions first the
presidential race will exhaust all of us there will be
accusations Chargers lies dramatic developments it’s
going to be the most un up lifting campaign maybe in my
lifetime and then also there will be an attempt to repeal
clean Missouri that’s the ethics reform package the
voters approved in the last general election Republicans
really don’t like it they’ll put something else on the
ballot in twenty twenty and by the way I think Missourians will
reject it and keep clean
Missouri in place I think so too Steve the federal
government will give Kansas city money to extend the street
car line Nick from Union Station out to UMKC
it’ll be a huge benefit to the community it’s going to happen
in twenty twenty these are the predictions about panelist how
much of these predictions worth by the way we took a look back
here we go at what they said on last years show were they
right you be the judge
construction at the airport will begin a twenty ninteen I
think this Kansas city streetcar system will in fact get the
federal money it needs on the extension out to
the country club plaza True or
False Jolie Justus is elected the new
mayor of Kansas city True Kansas senator Roberts
announces he will not seek reelection false I think he’ll
wander out a couple weeks and go
you know what I’ve got another 6
years in me True or False the chiefs win the Superbowl
True don’t say True
okay so there you have it how much weight should we place on
our panelists crystal ball gazing than for twenty twenty
it’s always redeeming to start with the presumption of good
faith so let’s head next to a lightning fast true or false
round before the buzzer blows true or false in twenty twenty
new Royals owner John Sherman agrees to consider a
downtown ballpark False won’t happen intwenty twenty
that’s what you wanted to say next year it’s false in fact
I’ve been told he’s really lukewarm about this idea
because people want him to help pay for it and he just spent a
billion dollars to buy the team doesn’t have a lot of cash
radio yeah yeah I did not see it does not a twenty twenty
well I don’t think he’ll make a decision twenty twenty but I
think he’s willing to look at the idea we got to make Kraske
come back until they get the money for the street car every
year okay twenty eight I Sprint Center is renamed
following the wireless companies merge with T.
mobile true has to happen it used to be a
merger twenty twenty I think it’s going to have money yeah I
think it’s probably he’s probably right that there will
be some change if the merger is completed because there are
still legal challenges to it we’ll see what happens what
would it be renamed there’s already a T.
mobile arena it’s going to be renamed no
longer the sprint center arena yeah
the arena formerly known as
Sprint True or False Alissia Canady is named
KCMOs new city manager false okay
how is named then you know nobody mentioned that earlier
in the show no I think the mayor is intent on hiring a
woman if possible and an African American woman if possible but I
don’t think Alissia Canady is it that’s
based on some information thank you have to have some financial
background to be able to do that and I don’t think that she
has it even though she has the educational requirements think
you have to have some type of management and administrative
degree and financial background
by the way the reason Troy Schulte
was a winner in twenty nineteen is not just because he left but
because he got a job at the
county that paid him exactly the same amount of money
we just came out of the year will be a Jolie Justus Alissia
Canady both losing that election what what is their
future in twenty twenty Alissia has got a law firm she’s
doing that she’s on TIF so she’ll probably parlay that
into some other things to out think she’s a TIF chairmen I
think it’s been surprising to me
that Jolie Justus is really not
has really gone a bit into hiding she’s a lawyer as well I
think she has a political future she was very very upset
with the outcome of the election based on conversations
with her friends and very surprised by it too but I think
she has a future here I agree you get beat
that badly you got to go hid for
awhile True or False on February second
the Chiefs win the Superbowl at hard rock stadium in Miami
true true true true False We do go back on these
predictions you know that coming back Baltimore has way
too many weapon they got Lamar’s number
that was early in the season
True or False Mike Pompeo is
elected United States senator for Kansas false true false
true okay but he hasn’t got in the race yes correct well but
he looks like he’s going to get in the race he’s going to be
the best known Republican in a state that always elects
Republicans the U. S.
Senate Nick we haven’t elected a Democrat to the Senate since
1932 even even though Barbara Bollier is now that
candidate and everyone is coalescing around her Mike
Pompeo will win Mike Pompeo’s role in the Ukrainian disaster
has not been fully reported yet when it is he’ll be in trouble
it’s not going to stop him in
Kansas True or False Sharice Davids
loses reelection bid for Kansas third congressional
district false all over again yeah and particularly in
a trump year when I think turnout will be higher
particularly in Johnson County where she did well I think
she’s going to get reelected she is most vulnerable now
but the fact that you voted for impeachment suggests he’s
pretty confident in her position
Donald Trump is not popular in the 3rd
districk in kansas a lot can
happen of course who would be the
Republican nominee who I don’t know no no we Dana
Wright I guess I estimate well
I mean I think we haven’t seen the campaign there are quality
candidates on the Republican side of the field Adrian foster
I think is correct Amanda Adkins is a former party chair in
kansas she could be tough
but we don’t know how they’re going to
separate themselves yet we do know they’re all women which is
fascinating because Republicans think they need
women to win in the suburbs is
it conceivable that somebody else
can still get in that race I remember when Sharice Davids was
running she didn’t get into the race until almost but
Valentines day of that year we could still have somebody else
come up was a huge name including Kevin Yoder
potentially right no I think we don’t know the entire field yet
I do think the Republican Party thinks that the way to prevail
in the suburbs is to nominate women there may be some other
folks step forward well their running against a woman so the
want to nominate one Dana Wright
has name recognition True or False
bill self departs KU for the NBA
False true true
the program in our trouble than we think it is and I think
he’ll say who needs this the NCAA is to Jacked up I’m
out of here I didn’t hear Dave Helling’s response to that I
think that’s true I do think
that the Jayhawk program is going to
face some real scrutiny that will make it difficult for them
to appear in the post season and subsequent years and I
think at that point Bill Self
will go heck I can make more money why any college
coach would want to put up with
the NCAA anymore I don’t know NBA
is a lot different than college college you get to
recruit you get to mold things in the NBA you’re
dealing with a bunch of grown multi millionaires that don’t
care all right we are out of
time that’s my buzzer look yeah
thank you for being such terrific guests she is fifty
percent of Dana and Parks
weekdays from two to six on ninety one
KMBZ Dana Wright thank you so much from the Kansas city
star Dave Helling always on call from the Kansas city call
Eric Wesson Mr update weekdays on eleven on KCUR FM Steve
Kraske I’m Nick Haines your host from all of us here KCPT
where where decking the halls with boughs of Holly merry
Christmas happy Hanukkah we’ll see you in the new year and
because some people get upset if I don’t say it thanks for
spending part of your weekend with us

Robin Kshlerin



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