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Well good afternoon it’s good to be back
we are excited to get back into plane mode and had the guys back yesterday had
more than a typical Monday workout and we’ll go in pads today again and excited
about the challenge it’s gonna be a great challenge on Saturday against a
great Oklahoma State team in a tough environment but we’ll put together game
plans and and keep iron and things out and hopefully guys play really well so I
know they’re excited about the opportunity so open it up questions On Monday’s practice being more than typical… well we usually we were just in t-shirts and shorts on Monday coming off of a game on
Saturday but with us not playing on Saturday we put pads on yesterday and
had much more in-depth practice just because we’d been off a couple days On being excited to open Big 12 play… welI I know that they’re excited about if you know it’s it’s gonna be a tough
venue going on the road but I think we need once again another measuring stick
for us to see where we are I’m excited just like the guys are just have another
opportunity you know you only have so many opportunities and we’re excited to
play On Oklahoma State’s offense being different than the three previous opponents… Oh quite a bit different because they can beat you in in all phases you
know they’re gonna beat you just running the football with a dynamic running back
and an exceptional offensive line and they’re gonna throw the ball I know
Wallace is a tremendous tremendous player and they have other pieces around
him that are really exceptional as well and then you throw in the the
quarterback that is so explosive and can hit a home run on every play so I mean
in all three phases of offensive football with the ability for for the
quarterback to run and throw wide receivers to beat him and running back
it’s a it’s a formidable offense On if he faced spread offenses while at North Dakota State… you see it quite a bit I mean it’s it’s
what college football’s becoming so you see it all the time with with tempo you
know trying to get plays off as quickly as you can
and that’s everybody in college football is doing that or everybody in in
different leagues you know there’s a handful of teams and so we faced it
quite often On the importance of the bye week… yeah it was good for us from a staffs point of view to just evaluate
where we are what we feel we can do with the group of guys we have where – where
do we see our strengths where do we see our weaknesses try to work on all those
weaknesses emphasize the strengths try to see you know where we’re thin at
positionally and you know just each day were you know we’re once again I know we
really this is gonna be Game four but we’re still pretty new with with our
program and so every opportunity we have we had a good week of practice last week
we practice Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so we were able to get a lot of
work done as much on Oklahoma State is we were doing working on ourselves and
going against each other quite a bit just to continue to refine we’re at
offensively and defensively On having analysts… yeah I think it’ll come into play as we
continue to move forward you know it’s we have all that stuff okay now how much
are you going to take of Bowling Green how much are you taking of nickels you
know so although we took it all into account you still have to separate some
of that some parts of that game and so moving forward it’s gonna be a big piece
for us On players experimenting with different positions during the bye week… yeah we always do that in places I’ve been
you know we had maybe 15 guys just doing a different individual from a position
not changed we didn’t change any people but just position switch just for an
individual period to get some more eyes on guys the other thing and I think it
did and what we wanted to do was try to get some running backs and receivers
into more tackling situations you know take a Tyler burns or a Jordan brown or
a Harry trot or a Youngblood or something like that that’s Landry that’s
a good special teams player that doesn’t get an opportunity to get into a
tackling circuit or to do some of those things that’s a chance for us to
emphasize that On Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard compared to Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill… he in my opinion he’s he’s faster without question and it’s a different offensive scheme and he’s exceptional as far as you know once he
once he gets north and south he’s tough to catch and and he hits the hole so
it’s so well and then yeah if you give him the edge and he had the edge a few
times against Texas he can outrun everybody and he’s a physical back to he
runs through arm tackles and very very impressed with him but you know both
backs you know Hill is obviously a great player as well On what he sees in his team… see and our guys are all that we’re just
continuing to grow and try to get getting better every day I don’t pay
attention to if we’re ranked or not ranked or what I pay attention obviously
to our record cuz that’s that’s what you’re judged by but we’re a long ways
away from being a finished product we have to continue to improve over the
next two months because I know as you get into big 12 play if you don’t have
your a-game every Saturday you’re gonna get beat there’s no no bones about at home away doesn’t matter you better come prepared
with a great preparation throughout the week to give yourself an opportunity to
be successful On linebacker Daniel Green… Daniel Green he’s been he’s he’s getting better he’s playing more and I think each time he gets on the field he’s gaining more
confidence it gives us you know a third linebacker right now that we can rotate
and rotate often especially with the games you know like two weeks ago when
it was so hot and this week it would probably be warm again even though it’s
an evening game so he’ll play an awful lot for us On preparing for Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard… well we have all of our it’s
hard to replicate him but you know whether it’s know CJ price or jacquard
ei we’re using all those guys I mean that that’s the hard thing is you have
to practice some tempo where you’re going quickly and so everybody has to
play running back that’s a running back you’re in for a play and then you’re
quickly lining up and running a play again so you can’t just focus on one guy
from a scout team standpoint or you won’t get enough plays off On time of possession being important for this weekend’s game… yeah it’s really important for us when
you have a team that wants to get you know between 90 and 100 plays and if
we’re not able to to move the fault move the ball and move the chains and have
some some effective drives and take some clock up then we’re gonna be out there
all day on defense and we can’t afford to do that we need to try to keep the
plate play counting down and that’s obviously some of the offense that we
can do and then us getting off the field when we have the opportunities on third
down but something that we’re talking about as a staff without question On running back James Gilbert having significantly more carries than the other backs… too early in the season once again those first two weeks you can say some of our
freshmen had a lot of carries which moving forward they probably won’t get
as many as the veteran guys so let’s see how the big 12 plays out we need all
those guys without question all of them are quality backs and the older guys are
obviously gonna get the lion’s share of those reps now just because you know
it’s their time and they’re experienced On if there is any concern about Oklahoma State offensive line coach Charlie Dickey knowing K-State’s linemen… know I think from a personnel standpoint
it probably is very advantageous you know all the calls are different so you
know some of the line stunts and line things you talk about it that the line
of scrimmage all that’s changed so that’s that’s not anything to that we
can concern ourselves with but obviously personnel he knows he knows the
strengths and weaknesses of other guys you bet On if they have an advantage of knowing what Oklahoma’s State blocking schemes might be… you know a call or a term doesn’t give
you great advantage if you can’t beat the guy in front of you and obviously
people change things and it’s a different system that they’re in that
he’s going to now so now it still comes down to who the better player is you
know that you’re going across from and so that’s still gonna come down to who’s
who’s best in the trenches On Skylar Thompson’s past success at OSU being a positive… yeah well I hope so and you know it gives you confidence going in that you can have success at a
place if you’ve been there before and to be successful but you still have to
still have to execute you know he still has to have a tremendous week of
preparation because obviously it’s a different offense and it’s a different
style of defense so to speak and so we’ve got to continue to prepare on a
daily basis and you know we had a good practice yesterday today is going to be
critical for us to make sure that we keep you know moving forward in the game plans On if they still value recruiting in Oklahoma… you you bet Thomas Grayson we took there this year and it’s not far
and Jay ray is from the area and so coach Ray’s done a nice job and we’ll
continue you know to find guys in in in that region but it it’s big 12 country
and so you want to try to make sure and give yourself a chance to recruit some
of those guys On if the focus of the team has improved heading into Big 12 play… now our focus has been good since we got
here you know that’s the thing I don’t want a roller coaster I want our guys to
have great focus and they’ve had tremendous focus from the spring their
winter to spring the summer to fall and you know that’s that’s what we’re
striving for is to have guys prepared to practice every day prepared for meetings
every day prepared for walkthrough prepared to make sure that they’re
understanding the game plans and watching film and and that’s I think a
credit again to our older guys and our leadership that they challenge everybody
to be great every day On the status of defensive end Wyatt Hubert and cornerback Walter Neil Jr.… yes they both are they both have practiced the last three practices they’ll be ready to go On the status of linebacker Cody Fletcher… I would say Cody’s out this week On what has impressed him about the running game so far… the fact that we’ve been able to do it out of a variety of formations we’ve been able to
do it under center we’ve been able to do it out of gun it’s been some quarterback
run we haven’t done much quarterback run we haven’t needed to a ton but we’ve
gotten the jet game going with our receivers we’ve used them multiple backs
multiple tight ends that’s the thing that for us to be successful we have to
be able to make it difficult to prepare for for our offense simply because
you’re not lining everybody said we were on power yeah we do but we have a lot of
different schemes off of that and the more the more our guys get comfortable
with all those different schemes the better we’re going to be and there’s
some schemes that we’re not running very well that we tried to emphasize last
week so that we can have you know more diversity in our run game On starting Big 12 play away from home for the 19th time in 24 years… it you know control what you can control
is what I would say and so you know that’s it’s going to even out or close
to even out in the big 12 obviously it doesn’t totally even out but that is
this is what it is you’re on the road and you have to you have to be able to
prepare and play well on the road and you know that the once again it’s
another great challenge for us to be able to try to see if we can continue to
improve continue to to get better in all three phases that’s what that’s where
our goal is this week On playing at home down the stretch… you know if you look that far ahead you’re gonna get beat period and so we’re not focusing on whatever’s after this game this is our
only focus and just like you know Nichols and Bowling Green and people
like aren’t you excited about playing Mississippi State no we were excited
about attacking Bowling Green and continuing to improve and you know it’s
easy to say we have 12 one-week seasons but that’s the way you have to approach
it and and the opportunities nobody’s guaranteed a game after this one
somebody could get hurt and stuff so you try to you know put your best foot
forward every Saturday On the environment at Oklahoma State being tougher than Mississippi State… yeah mainly because they’re closer you
know they’re right on top you and I’ve been down there once but the the guys
have told me as well about you know how tight it is the sidelines obviously are
really tight and and it’ll be exceptionally loud just because it is
their big 12 home opener as well and so you know we work the noise last week we
worked it yesterday we’ll work it again today and hope that we have enough
different variety of snap counts and stuff that we’re able to execute On if he has crossed paths with Mike Gundy during his career… just that no just at the last cut the last big 12 meeting I sat with him and
spent a little time with him and bounce some ideas off of him and I was really
appreciate appreciative of him of him of willing to sit and visit with me and
answer my questions and so much respect for him because he’s a ball coach and he
didn’t care that I was a rival i was another coach and he’d just say I’ll
help you out however I can and that meant a ton to me On what he talked about on his visit with Mike Gundy… no but the first thing
he said to me is I how cool was what a run you guys had at North Dakota State
what you guys did was there was remarkable he appreciated and knew of
what the past was were where we came from and appreciated good football and
said sure that was fun to watch you guys you guys had one heck of a run On handling Oklahoma State wide receiver Tylan Wallace… well he have to know where he’s aligned
you know is he gonna be outside is he gonna be in the slot is he gonna be on a
single receiver side he’s gonna be part of a three-man bunch to me we’re gonna
try to identify where he’s at because he’s a big-time playmaker and then just
like everybody else is probably done and gonna continue to do to him you hope you
don’t get exposed when you got to play man coverage because you have to play
some single coverage on him whether it’s single man or single zone you’re gonna
you’re gonna get over the top of him couple times you’re gonna try to jam him
have somebody over the top you’re gonna do all sorts of different things so you
keep showing different pictures but the first and most important thing is to
recognize where he’s aligned all the time which is difficult when you’re
going that fast On if Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders’ athleticism outweigh his youthfulness… oh yeah
oh he yeah he doesn’t look like a freshman out there tremendous speed
really tough he got hit a number of times last week and he kept bouncing up
bouncing back didn’t get rattled when he when he threw an interception
competitive yeah just love the way the guy competes
and in place so hard all the time and he’s a fun guy to watch on television
I’ll let you know how how funny is when when it’s live On preparing for Oklahoma State’s offensive tempo… yeah it’s it’s really different we’re
always going to like yesterday we did some ones versus ones we’re always gonna
do that during the week at some point just because I think it’s really
important to get the speed of the game not only it wideout in skilled positions
but up front as well but you know we have some unique ways to work on temple
that will keep it to ourselves we have a lot of unique ways to work on the temple
to try to get multiple plays off you know in a realistic look not something
that’s not realistic it’s really pretty good football and our scout team and our
grad assistants that run our scout team do a phenomenal job and we were able to
work a little bit of that last week which I think helped to your point get
the kinks out of coming out of a huddle and yesterday I thought our recall was
really really good with the scout team guys of playing fast and we need to do
that for the next three days On Oklahoma State’s defense… they’re doing a lot of different things very
multi multiple they’re gonna be in a three down.look they can get to a four
down look they’re gonna play some some cover to with with squat corners they’re
gonna play some man coverage they’re gonna pressure you out of there three
down stuff you know they were pretty unique against you know against Texas
which it’s kind of difficult because we’re at different offense than Texas
and so it’ll be interesting to see how they do try to defend all the things
that we do but extremely talented group of guys really been impressed with the
corners in general both our physical guys that run well and cover extremely
well and you know we’ll ever Hanceville trying to find different ways to be able
to try to manipulate some drives we can keep the ball On what has surprised him about defensive tackle Jordan Mittie… he’s it’s it’s not surprising to me
because he’s a competitor but how smart he is
how the game comes to him and when I say that is a defensive attack I think well
how hard can it be well we just changed everything on a on a young man from
spring to fall with every new different terminology every different technique
everything different and he’s grasps everything exceptionally
well he’s playing at a really high level and the thing that’s fun to see is how
confident he’s playing and when you’re playing with confidence you’re making
more plays and he’s gonna make trade to shun that much better
because right now you look at people that are double in tre and mid he’s
making a ton of plays well that’s gonna have to even out
and because Jordans just been an unbelievable playmaker flew through
three weeks On who coaches where in the double-rep system… oh well we’re not doing that now but
during fall camp you know it would be a grad assistant there or coach mess would
handle maybe they’d be on opposite fields a great example would be coach
Malone and coach klandermann ones coaching corners ones its safeties
they’re always on separate ends so they could coach all four and then obviously
that’s what you you know you you film all of it and then you sit and watch all
of it you you’re watching a lot more tape but the same respect even though
that’s not full speed tempo I know that if we had a 40 play set
Denzel ghouls bees getting 33 or 34 of those plays that’s the conditioning
you’re getting 34 plays out of 40 plays and it’s it’s pretty good pace that’s
the conditioning part great thanks guys

Robin Kshlerin