April 3, 2020
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  • 5:53 pm Temple University Student’s Viral Tik Tok Video Calling North Philadelphia ‘The Ghetto’ Causes Outra
  • 4:52 pm @TorontoPolice News Conference Re: Homicide #54/2016 Jarryl Hagley, 17 | Fri Oct 21st, 1pm

Today we were facing a tough opponent that in recent games performed pretty well away from home, for example the match they played here and won against Roma. During the week we prepared this game very carefully because we knew that they have two or three players up front that could have been a threat to us. These amazing group of players has been giving me a lot of gratification and positive emotions for four years now, I always tell what this means to me them especially now that we are fighting for the first place. We’ve been playing in Europe for four years in a row, we won three trophies and we lost a final. The last four years have been incredible for me as a manager and for the club because every year we are better than the previous one, now we must keep our feet on the ground and keep playing the way we know. We haven’t spoken yet but I want to congratulate myself with my brother Pippo because he’s doing an amazing job in Serie B with Benevento, something that not even Juventus during their year in the second division were able to do. He completely deserves these kind of results because he is very passionate and fond about his job. About the games suspension I already answered before. We didn’t have time even to think if this was good to us or not because everything happened rapidly this morning around noon and we were all concentrated on the game we had to play against Bologna. Yes, I think your reading of the game is correct. We cannot allow ourself to start such a tight and difficult match in this way because against a top team like Lazio you risk to jeopardize the entire game. Nonetheless after the starting minutes we switched mentality and started playing better football. We became dangerous near their penalty box, we had some important chances like the one with Soriano or the two disallowed goals and also from a defensive point we were sharper and on point. Unfortunately I think that our approach towards this game for one reason or another wasn’t as positive as it should have been and surely not as good as was the one from the first leg match. We wanted to have an aggressive attitude towards the game with the three strikers and Soriano. We tried to replicate the first leg game against Lazio where we efficently closed gaps in defence and were able to hurt them on the break. This allowed us to be short and helped us at containing the runs from Milinkovic-Savic, Luis Alberto, Immobile and Correa. We should have been better at closing central gaps to be more solid as a team going forward. On one hand we weren’t as determined as we should have and our approach to the game surely wasn’t the right one, but on the other hand their qualities kept us from applying our game plan. They are a great team so inevitably their runs exposed us, a couple of times we lost the marking on Milinkovic and Luis Alberto and they were able to score two goals in few minutes. After we went down two nil we tried to change something by putting Barrow on the left wing and lining up with a 3-4-1-2 formation because we needed something more from the wings in defensive situations. We tried to do so already in the last minutes of the first half but it was difficult for Barrow to switch position so quickly during the game. During the break we defined what we wanted from each individual player so in the second half we were defending tighter, we didn’t allow them many runs in behind the defence and started to move the ball as we wanted. By moving the ball we were making better runs towards their goal but unfortunately it was too late.

Robin Kshlerin